ExoClick vs RevenueHits- CPM Rates, Payments, and Earnings Report

It is safe to say that the Internet has taken over the world and the world of advertising has not escaped its reach either. Traditional forms of advertising like billboards, newspaper ads, TV and radio ads are fast going out of the advertisers’ purview, while online advertising is becoming the new normal. This is chiefly because of the online version’s ability to achieve higher conversion rate in a much more cost-effective way. With ads literally being one click away, different advertising technologies and ad units have made their way into the industry. ExoClick is a performance based ad network and has earned the tag of the fourth largest advertising company. RevenueHits is a premium pop-under CPA network that guarantees efficient services and high revenues.

In this article, we will do a relative study of the two premium ad networks and try to figure out their pros and cons.

ExoClick vs RevenueHits : Minimum Traffic Requirement

To become a member in the ExoClick network, the publisher has to fill up a registration form which contains demographic-related information. Once the publisher submits the form, the website gets instant access. Websites do not need to meet a minimum traffic criterion to become a publisher.

RevenueHits does not have any minimum traffic requirement. The network imposes no conditions on the publisher’s website.

ExoClick vs RevenueHits : Revenue Share Percentage

The ExoClick advertising network has not made its revenue split figures public. The network has a referral program through which publishers earn 5% of the referred publisher’s earnings for a lifetime.

RevenueHits has a dynamic revenue split percentage. However, the network has not disclosed the exact figures. We’ll update this part as and when more information is available. The network has a referral program. For every referred publisher with revenues up to $1500, a publisher receives 5% of his earnings for a year. If the revenues are over $1500, a publisher earns 10% of his earnings for a year. There is also a standard affiliate commission of 5-10%.

ExoClick vs RevenueHits : Ad Quality

ExoClick works extremely well on all digital platforms – be it mobile devices or others. Since they can adapt to all devices, they are able to offer top-level advertisements to all advertisers. The available ad units are text ads, direct links, interstitial ads, banner ads, pop-under ads, in-video ads etc.

RevenueHits generally displays low-quality advertisements. But there are some niches like hacking and video where it performs quite well. Two types of advertisements are showcased on their platform – display and mobile. They offer text Ads, pop-Ups/Unders, Apps, Widgets and XML Feeds. The network does not support video ads.

ExoClick vs RevenueHits : Publisher List

ExoClick has a number of premium publishers like Together Networks, Ladbrokes, BirdView, and Be Mobiz among others.

RevenueHits has many quality publishers around the globe like Footysteam.

ExoClick vs RevenueHits : CPM and RPM Rates

For tier 1 countries such as UK, USA, Canada and Australia, the CPM rate offered by ExoClick is around $2 for every 1000 impressions and the CPC rates are a little more than $0.10 per click. The rates are lowered for Asian countries.

RevenueHits has an average CPM rate of USD 1.90 in the USA, 30 cents in the Philippines, USD 2.80 in UAE and USD 1.70 in Canada. In general, the publisher earnings vary from a few cents up to USD 30 eCPM. This is effective Cost per Thousand Impressions which is the total earnings divided by the total number of impressions, in thousands. eCPM is one of the best performance metrics available. RevenueHits uses the eCPM model, which is why so many publishers have seen positive results.

ExoClick vs RevenueHits : Payments and Earnings Report

Exoclick offers two payment options –

  • For weekly payments which get paid every Monday, the minimum amount has to be reached by the start of the previous week. The minimum payout threshold for PayPal, Paxum and Payoneer users is 20 Euros/Dollars and 200 Euros/Dollars for WebMoney users.
  • For monthly payments which get paid on every 20th of the month, the minimum amount has to be reached by the end of the previous month. The minimum payable earnings for PayPal, Paxum and Payoneer users is 20 Euros/Dollars,  200 Euros/Dollars for WebMoney users and 500 Euros/Dollars for Wire Transfer.

A publisher needs to attain a minimum amount of USD 20 in payable earnings to withdraw payment. Payment is done every 30 days. The available payments modes are PayPal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer.


Not all ad units work in all niches.The more the ad options, the better the target audience can be reached and engaged with. Keeping that in mind, ExoClick and RevenueHits have a great advantage of having various ad units. It is easy to get approval from both these networks and they provide fast and secure services. These ad networks can turn out to be great alternatives to some of the bigger networks in the industry. Thus publishers and advertisers should try out these two networks once according to their requirements.

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