Poptm CPM Rates 2020

Pop-under advertising is a very popular form of online advertising as it is very useful to attract web traffic. It is also used to capture email addresses. These ads open in a new browser window which remains hidden under the main active window. These ads do not disturb the user because they are viewable to them only when the main browser window is closed or minimized. These ads are very useful to promote products or different services. This post is a discussion on one such ad network – Poptm CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its ad unit types, earning model, and payment proof and earnings report to help you decide if it is the right ad network to monetize your website or blog with.

Brief of the Company

Poptm is a pop-under advertising network. It brings to the front a much less annoying form of pop-up advertising. Since a new window, containing the advertisement opens up from under the active window, it is much effective than the standard pop-up ads. A major portion of the pop-under ads is not affected by Adblock. Using this ad network, publishers can boost up their revenue by 100% while the advertisers have a better targeting percentage. The advertisements that are shown are of a good quality. There are multiple checks done every day to prevent spam, as much as possible.  The network is open to almost all types of niche websites.


Ad Unit Types

The selling point of Poptm is that it is a “specialized” pop-under advertising network. Therefore, it only offers a single ad type to publishers – pop-under ads. The codes that they provide are Rotating code and Simple code. The former can bypass any kind of Adblock and is also very easy to install It also guarantees that 99.9% of the Adblock will be bypassed. The network uses an encrypted PHP script to link the dummy sub-domains which are generated by the Poptm server. These dummy sub-domains are changed on an hourly basis. The advertisements that are delivered to the users are highly advanced and can bypass about 90% of the plugins that are used for Adblock.

Earning Model

CPM Rates in 2017

Poptm is a CPM network. All revenues get generated based on the number of impressions. The CPM rates provided by the network is quite good. It can be anywhere from 5 cents to USD 5. These rates provide quite a good place to start with ad networks, especially for various small publishers and new blogger. 10% extra eCPM is given if your visitors have Alexa Toolbar installed.

Payment Proof and Earnings Report

Poptm shares 95% of the generated revenue with the publisher. The rest is kept by the company in lieu of the services offered. The only payment method available is PayPal with the minimum payout threshold being USD 10. In one single day, payment can be requested up to five times. It is usually processed within 3 hours of the request but, at times, it can take up to 24 to 48 hours.There is also a referral program by which you’ll be given 10% of the revenue that the new publisher referred to by you makes.

Poptm has a real-time statistics reporting system for its publishers. All the live stats from the ads can be seen. The entire reporting system is quite well developed and all the necessary details are provided. A real-time world map shows where all your ads are opened. 


They have a low minimum payout, offer fast payment with the real-time statistics reporting system. They also have a 24×7 support system. They connect to publishers using different instant messengers and email. The minimum payout for Poptm is $50. Once you reach the threshold, you can request for a withdrawal. Let’s get started with Poptm. 

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