PopAds vs PopCash – CPM Rates, Payments, and Earnings Report

User experience is one of the most important parts of online advertising that can either make or break the deal for publishers and brand advertisers. Users should not find online ads to be invasive and they should not take away users from the publisher sites. Pop-under ad networks seem to have come up with a way to offer uncompromised user experience on publisher sites while marketing the service or product provided by the advertiser. When a user visits a website or blog with pop-under advertisements, the pop-under will open in a new browser window under the current active window of the user. The user will get to view the ad once he closes the active window. This way pop-unders make sure that they do not interrupt the user experience and also provide optimal brand information to the user. It has been seen that many users find pop-under ads to be less intrusive as they do not disrupt their function on a particular site. PopAds and PopCash are two premium pop-under advertising networks that offer efficient services and good revenue.

In this article, we’ll do a relative study of these two pop-under ad networks and try to figure out the pros and cons of the networks.

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PopAds vs PopCash : Minimum Traffic Requirement

PopAds does not have any minimum traffic requirement. It takes the network only a few hours to grant approval to a website or blog. PopAds accepts sites from all niches and with both adult and normal content.

PopCash does not have a minimum traffic criterion for publishers. It accepts all kinds of websites and also those with adult content. PopCash takes only an hour during working hours to grant approval; at other times the process might take up to 12 hours.

PopAds vs PopCash : Revenue Share Percentage

PopAds has not disclosed its revenue share percentage.We’ll update this page once more information is available. The network has an excellent referral program, through which publishers earn 10% of the revenue generated by a referred publisher for a lifetime. 

PopCash offers a generous 80% revenue share to publishers and keeps the rest in acknowledgement of the services provided. This ad network also has a referral program in which a publisher stands to gain 10% of the revenue generated by a referred publisher.

PopAds vs PopCash : Ad Quality

PopAds is a premium ad network by virtue of its content driven advertisements that are of top-notch quality. As they result in an impressive conversion rate, publishers can earn a lot from this network. Publishers have complete freedom to choose the category of pop ads they want on their site. So if a publisher wants to stop displaying ads of a specific category, he can turn it off immediately and those ads will be replaced by ads of other categories.

PopCash delivers content driven ads of high quality. Although they come in a lot of sizes, the basic format is not customizable. This is the reason why many advertisers feel that PopCash has a limited scope.

PopAds vs PopCash : Publisher List

PopAds is one of the largest and most popular pop-under ad networks and has many publishers across the world, mostly from the entertainment sector.

PopCash is a specialized pop-under network that accepts publishers from all countries and with all sorts of content. So, PopCash has a crowded publisher list.

PopAds vs PopCash : CPM and RPM Rates

PopAds offers high CPM around $2 which is a good rate for streaming, music, movies and download websites. However, the rate is not fixed and varies in accordance with a lot of factors such as country, quality of content, niche and even time and day. It is a very popular network with advertisers from across the globe. Thus publishers can earn a lot by partnering with this network. PopAds has a 100% fill rate.

The PopCash CPM rates are not fixed either and are dependent on the country, niche, quality of traffic etc. The CPM rates, on an average, are in the range of USD 1.5 to 4. Rates are higher for traffic from tier 1 countries like USA, UK and Canada. This network also has a 100% fill rate. Publishers can get to know the average CPM rates for their websites by contacting PopCash through this link.

PopAds vs PopCash : Payments and Earnings Report

PopAds does not impose a specific time frame on publishers for withdrawal of payment. It is the only network in the market that requests payments daily for its publishers. The minimum payout threshold of the Network is USD 10. The network offers a number of payment modes such as PayPal, Payza, Payoneer and Wire Transfers. 

The PopCash network takes 1-2 days to accept any withdrawal request. The modes of payment offered are PayPal, Payza, Paxum for which the minimum payout threshold is USD 10. For payment through Wire Transfers, publishers need to attain at least USD 1000 in payable earnings. The network has a security team to verify the traffic before approving the payment request.


Pop-under advertisements can be quite tricky. While some users find such ads to be non-intrusive, many users find them very annoying. Pop-unders can end up creating quite a negative impression in the wrong niche. So while pop-under ad networks are growing at a great pace and have a bright future, it is up to publishers to figure out if pop-unders are suitable for the particular niche they operate in. Pop-unders can be very lucrative for both publishers and advertisers in the correct niche. PopAds and PopCash are two of the most popular, fast, secure and efficient pop-under networks and have global advertiser bases. PopAds does not accept publishers from certain countries, but such is not the case for PopCash. Both the networks are very good and publishers need to choose wisely according to their specific needs.

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  1. Hi. I am also a Popcash publisher. Well its a good ad network for publishers. I get traffic form india, the rate was not wery high for indian traffic, but very high for US/UK Traffic. So overall i earned more than 150$ with a new site. Give it a try.

  2. Very useful article, best of luck

  3. This is informative post for me specialy cz, right now i am use popads on my website. But my earning takes time !!!

    ~ Is this possible to use both site on my website/blog???

  4. Yes Popcash and popads are good ad network for beginners like me ;).


    Let me tell you the story.

    I activated on my site metrosaga.com and de-activated or disabled within a span of a few minutes. The ads never stopped. The re-routing process remained the same, but they are not ready to take ownership because this helps them to make money.

    The support team is not ready to accept the problem at all. They claim that the ads are not from their network despite showing the SCREENSHOT.

    My SUGGESTION TO PEOPLE is not to go with this add network at all.

    DO NOT TAKE RISK because it will not pay much anyway and you have chances of getting hacked or cheated.

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