Mobidea CPM Rates 2020

Affiliate marketing is a sure way to increase your revenue from blogging. Nowadays there are many networks which focus on this. They directly connect the product/service to the users through the content of the blog or website. In this post, we will focus on one such network. This discussion on Mobidea CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its ad units, payment proof, and earnings report will help you to decide if this network is suitable for you or not.


Brief of the Company

The company was founded in the year 2011 by Antoine Moreau and Florencia, his wife. It is a well-known affiliate network which is based on mobile. Mobidea basically focuses on affiliate marketing. Their specializations are pin submits, sweepstakes, app install offers, and mobile subscriptions. It is a good alternative to Google AdSense.  The main office of the company is located in Luxembourg and they are spread across 5 different global offices. As of now, the company has over 70,000 affiliates and runs over 10,000 mobile offers. The company shares 80% of the revenue with the affiliates. The rest 20% is kept by the company in lieu of the services provided. 

Ad Unit Types

(Source – Mobidea Academy)

Mobidea has Google compliant ad formats like pop-unders and overlays.

  • Pop-under – When a user views a certain page or clicks on a certain link, a new window opens up. This remains hidden under the active window and will not be noticed by the user unless the main browser window is closed or minimized. These type of ads are a lot less annoying to the users and are known to perform better.
  • Overlays – These are the semi-transparent ads which show up over the main text. They may be in the form of 10-second videos or banner advertisements.

Earning Model

Mobidea uses two earning models on its network – Cost per Action (CPA) and Cost per Install (CPI).

  • CPA – This model is directly related to subscription services. Every time a user signs up for a service or a newsletter, you’ll end up earning money. This model is considered to be safe by advertisers because they end up paying for the exact action that they desired.
  • CPI – An advertisement to install a certain app or game is shown and every time that the user installs it, you’ll earn revenue.

The network also has a referral program where you can earn a 5% commission from your referrals.

Mobidea CPM Rates 2017

The CPM rates for Mobidea would actually vary based on the conversions which are brought by your traffic. So, you need to have proper tracking tools in place to understand the best converting offers and more. Choosing the right offers for your traffic is extremely crucial. The data here shows the revenue and the signups made on Mobidea via referral traffic. 

Payment Proof and Earnings Report

(Source –

Mobidea offers six payment methods to its publishers. They are PayPal, Payza, FirstChoicePay, Paxum, ePayments, and Bank Transfers. There is an associated payment fee of 2% for PayPal and USD 1 for Paxum. For non-EU countries, the fee for bank transfers is €4 and it is €0.99 for EU countries. The VIP affiliates of this network don’t have to pay any payment fees. You can change your payment methods every day. The network uses the currencies of dollars and euros for all purposes. The currency can be changed from the Basic Info page. The exchange rate gets updated every 24 hours. Payment is done for all banks – except the ones in Cuba, Iran, or North Korea. The minimum payout threshold is €50 or $50.

Mobidea has a platform called the Mobidea Tracker which is basically a software with tracking capabilities. It helps affiliate marketers to achieve better performance with their campaigns. There are a number of tabs in the dashboard which can be used to analyze your performance. The Campaign tab can be used to check up on your running campaigns. The Date tab can be used to see the statistics by Date. You can also check your data using country, IP, operator, OS, browser, device type, referral, or dayparting.


Mobidea has carved a niche for itself in mobile affiliate marketing. It is extremely suitable to be used by mobile affiliates who are looking to monetize their mobile traffic. We hope that you found this discussion on Mobidea CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its ad units,  earning model, payment proof, and earnings report helpful. If you have used this network then do share your experience with us!

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