AdBlade CPM Rates 2017

AdBlade is one of the largest content-style ad platforms on the Internet. They require a high amount of monthly page views from publishers to maintain a high level of inventory. Their paid content is relatively new and as of yet, have an untapped distribution channel. In this post, we will discuss AdBlade CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its earning model, payment proof, and earnings report to help you decide if it is the right fit to monetize your site or blog.

Brief of the Company


AdBlade is a content-style advertising network which displays brand content in the form of News Bullets. The placements are designed in such a way so as to look more like news blurbs than ads. This is said to deliver thrice the number of clicks than regular display or banner ads. An approval is needed to join the network. They are very selective about the publishers that they work with and approve only a small percentage of websites that apply. The minimum traffic requirement for publishers is 500,00 monthly page views. The entire approval process takes about 1-2 business days. AdBlade works with top online publishers like Fox News, Yahoo, McClatchy, Hearst, and Daily News.

Ad Unit Types

The ad units of the AdBlade advertising network are all compatible with Google AdSense. Mobile ad units are available but WordPress plugins are not. Display ad units of the following sizes are available – 298×224 (NewsBullet), 300×600, 728×90, 300X250, 160X600, 600×250, 500×300, 300×50 (mobile), and 120×90 (mobile NewsBullet). The ad units which are kept below the article can be placed just after the content on the website. If any sort of promotions, author bios, or widgets get placed above the ad unit, then there is a significant reduction of CPMs. This happens because most of the users don’t even get to see the unit. Right rail units should be placed in such a way that the ad unit appears as close to the middle of the page/content as possible. The “in article” ad units can be placed after the second paragraph.

Earning Model

AdBlade allows publishers to generate money based on Cost per 1000 Impressions or CPM, Cost per Click or CPC, and Cost per Action or CPA. It is a highly sought after ad network for publishers. In order to generate more revenue, the website impression would have to be increased.

CPM Rates for 2017

The AdBlade ad network uses geo-targeting, interest targeting, and retargeting its ad units. The technology is used to place content in publications where it would be likely to get the most success. This success is gauged by the publisher’s eCPM and ROI goals. The niche of the product makes it a lucrative market to get into and provides with a high CPM rate. The ad network provides the best paying CPM ad network and the most innovative content-style ad platform on the web. The ad sites can reach around 300 million users. They provide the best CPM formula. The CPM calculator makes you know the earning for the impressions made. It’s a good idea to get the better conversion rates without any errors or mistakes.

Payment Proof and Earnings Report

AdBlade pays the publishers every 30 days, that is, they follow a monthly payment cycle. January earnings get paid on March 1st, February earnings get paid on April, etc. The withdrawal options available are cheque and ACH direct deposit. The minimum payment threshold is USD 100 for withdrawal through ACH, that is, the publishers need to have at least that amount in their AdBlade account before they’d be allowed to make any withdrawal. If the payment is being processed through an international (non-US) bank wire, then the minimum threshold increases to USD 250. The profile section of the online dashboard contains information for both payment options.

An ad network cannot be complete until there is a detailed analytics report center how the advertisements are performing. Adblade’s analytics include the number of impressions, click-through rates, cost per action, and cost per click. These metrics get refreshed every 15 minutes. There are different colored icons which are available on the dashboard. These icons open new pages to reports which provide access to a more detailed report. If you don’t see any colored icons in your account, it means that they have not been enabled for your account. In that case, you should contact your account representative.  


AdBlade can be used along with Google AdSense. This helps publishers and advertisers to keep track of traffic through their native analytics. It is always helpful to have firsthand verification of secondhand statistics. If your website meets the traffic requirements, then this ad network is definitely worth a try. We hope that you’ve found this discussion on AdBlade CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its earning model, payment proof, and earnings report helpful.

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