Taboola vs Disqus- CPM Rates, Payments, and Earnings Report

Native advertising has seen a surge in growth ever since its inception owing to its guaranteed returns for publishers and brand advertisers. The major factor behind the success of this advertising technology has been its ability to seamlessly incorporate ads that are similar to the natural form and function of a particular website. It has thus managed to restructure the look and feel of websites without hampering user experience, generating revenue all the while. Taboola is a frontrunner ad network in this native advertising domain and enjoys an impressive market share. Disqus, although a comment plugin available for websites and blogs, places native ads tagged with the comments and revenue is generated when visitors click on those ads.

In this article, we will do a relative analysis of Taboola and Disqus and try to figure out which one is more favorable according to the features of a particular website or blog.

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Taboola vs Disqus : Minimum Traffic Requirement

Publishers require at least 1 million page views per month to get approval from Taboola. The publisher registration is reviewed after sign up and the publisher may be asked to sign an NDA if a minimum traffic threshold is required. Once all this gets over, the ad codes are set up.

Getting started with Disqus is very easy. Users simply have to sign up for a new account and add the sites for which they prefer to get comments. Disqus has an all-inclusive monetization solution called Reveal for publishers of the network. Publishers in the Disqus network can apply for Reveal and they are evaluated on the basis of several factors like content, region, traffic etc.

Taboola vs Disqus : Revenue Share Percentage

Taboola provides a 50% revenue share to publishers which is a quite hefty cut considering industry standards.

Disqus makes sure that publishers get optimal revenue and traffic benefit. Revenue share percentages vary according to content and performance . 

Taboola vs Disqus : Ad Quality

Taboola ads are of good quality and the creatives and nature of the ads are pretty diverse due to its strong regional advertiser base across the globe.

The native ads placed by Disqus are of poor quality and often resemble the click-bait style of advertising.

Taboola vs Disqus : Publisher List

Forbes, NY Times, TMZ, USA Today are some of the elite publishers of Taboola.

Fox News is an eminent publisher on the Disqus publisher list.

Taboola vs Disqus : CPM and RPM  rates

Taboola is a pay-per-click network where publishers get paid for each click. The CPC rates vary from 2 cents to 5 cents on an average. Taboola ad RPM can go up to $2 depending on the quality and location of content. Taboola has an almost 100% fill rate.

Disqus CPM rates aren’t impressive. Other native ad networks such as Taboola offer much higher rates. The Disqus ads report an RPM of $0.30.

Taboola vs Disqus : Payments and Earnings Report

Taboola pays publishers on a NET 30 basis once they have managed to obtain USD 100 in payable earnings. There is only one mode of payment for Indian publishers and that is direct deposit through Payoneer, after the account and PAN details of the publishers are verified.

Disqus pays publishers on quarterly on a NET 90 basis after they attain USD 100 in their accounts through PayPal, Wire Transfer, eCheque, Cheque, and ACH. Earnings and payments from multiple forums are not consolidated into one single payment and are paid separately for each forum. 


Native advertising is here to stay and will probably gain even more momentum in the near future. All major publishers and brand marketers are taking native advertising seriously in order to draw more and more attention and it seems to be working to a great extent. Taboola is one of the oldest and largest native ad networks with very good ad quality and impressive returns for both publishers and advertisers. The same can’t be said for Disqus. It is the most popular comment plugin network and can see huge bursts of traffic, but as a native ad network, it lags behind many of the others in the industry. The CPM rates offered by Disqus are lower than that of Taboola and other networks and the viewership percentage is also not great due to its poor quality ads. Thus it can be said that Taboola is a pretty safe bet when it comes to monetizing a website or blog through sponsored content. For sites with less than 1-2 million page views per month, we recommend

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