admitad Review- A Leading CPA Affiliate Network You Must Try

With online shopping gaining momentum over the past few years, affiliate marketing seems to be on its rise. An industrial estimate suggests that it is further expected to grow in leaps and bounds within the next couple of years. Not quite sure of what is Affiliate marketing? Well, it is one of the oldest yet promising marketing tools where you refer consumers to any online product or service and when that consumer buys that on basis of your reference, you receive a commission in return. In fact, it is expected to play a crucial role in the next-gen growth of e-commerce.

While there are several available affiliate marketing solutions, CPA (Cost per Action) emerges as the most favorable model. This is an advertising model that allows getting paid for an action that happens as a direct result of their marketing. You need not make a sale to earn revenue within a CPA network. It is essentially dependent on lead generation. For instance, submitting an email address or a phone number to get some free information or product.

Imagine getting paid without having to make a single sale! This is what makes CPA very attractive and hence, a major source of income for publishers. However, this also means that these networks happen to be a little stricter than the typical affiliate networks when allowing people get into their network.

So if you are interested in earning big, join the global network of CPA affiliate programs which earns 4,000,000 click-throughs every 24 hours.

admitad is one of the world’s largest Cost-Per-Action networks providing its advertisers with technical and organizational tools to attract a large number of publishers and ultimately, monetize your traffic.  

Trusted by 550,000 publishers owning over 470,000 ad spaces, we strive to deliver a decent ROI for each of our clients.

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Headquartered in Heilbronn and founded in 2010, the Germany-based network already managed to claim seven offices globally, with a mission to expand in the global market. admitad has the strongest geo by volume in Russia, USA, India, Western Europe, and UK. Focused and innovative practices have secured it more than 1300 widely recognized international brands. The globally scaling network has driven it to six consecutive periods of year-over-year revenue growth beyond 100%. Some of the collaborators include the leading giants such as Aliexpress,, Citibank, eBay, Target Microsoft, Nike, Adidas, and others.

Why You Should join admitad?

Here are the perks you enjoy for joining admitad –

  1. A result driven platform for affiliate marketers helps in getting an access to the global market, boost their revenues and help in optimizing their marketing strategies using various tools to maintain a clear system of analytics and anti-fraud. The network strictly bans dishonest publishers and also gives you the option to choose which the partners and platforms you want to work with.
  1. The user-friendly Interface gets you going faster without having to face tons of terms and conditions. It is very easy to sign up and you can pick your necessary options arranged in a simple manner on the on the navigation bar. Just log in to your admitad account and get a glimpse of the entire statistics on click-throughs, total clicks, detailed user information as well as user-targeted actions executed on your website.
  1. The categorisation of different products and services help to get the most matching advertisements on your site. Here are some of the categories, under which admitad gets regular campaigns:
  • Mobiles
  • Online games
  • E-commerce (electronics, household items, clothing, accessories, children goods, sports, etc.)
  • Services (Finance, Coupon Services, Travel, Food delivery and much more)
  1. The fair and transparent reports make sure the data is in a useful form. Since affiliate marketing is driven by statistics, admitad aims to provide clear, comprehensive and logical data to the users. It can also be exported to XLS and XML formats as convenient to the user. Dashboards, graphs, charts, and metrics – they have got it all. The major innovative tools that assist the advertisers and publishers comprise fingerprint tracking, anti-cookie technologies, cross-device tracking, deep linking options, advertiser toolbox, and powerful anti fraud technologies, and much more.
  1. The weekly pattern of payments is very handy unlike monthly payment schedules in most of the affiliate networks. Also, there are several payment modes available like PayPal, E-payments, and Wire Transfer available in all major currencies. The payment threshold is $ 10 or in any other currency.
  1. And, there are no additional costs involved at all. You have to pay only if the user performs targeted actions on the website such as a loan application or a purchase at an e-store. All these actions can be easily tracked by our system. You can utilize a certain period of time to process each action for verification before you make the payment.  

Signing Up with admitad 

Signing up with admitad is super easy! Go to and click on “Signup to be a publisher“. You will be redirected to a publisher registration form where you need to add all your details and click on the “Continue Signup” button. Upon successfully filling up all the fields, you will be asked to verify your email id and then you can access the Admidad dashboard.

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Upon successfully filling up all the fields, you will be asked to verify your email id and then you can access the admitad dashboard.

Here below, you can check out the admitad dashboard. The dashboard contains a list of latest offers and also you enroll on programs by clicking on the Program link on top right. Some programs are auto-approved while some require individual approval from the advertisers. To get started with admitad, you first need to create/define an Ad Space which advertisers will be taking into consideration while approving you for the programs.

Summing Up

Hence, it is quite evident by now, relying on admitad will bring you nothing but growth and success in your affiliate marketing campaigns. Operating since 2009, admitad is intimately acquainted with the growth and establishment of CPA markets. Whether you are an existing corporation or a startup, you can utilize the expertise and effective tools of the network to help you walk through the entire process. 

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