eDomz CPM Rates 2017

eDomz has been in the digital advertising sector for more than a decade now and is considered to be one of the best CPM networks by a large number of publishers. In this post, we are going to discuss the eDomz CPM Rates 2017 – its ad units, earning model, and payment proof and earnings report. This will help you decide if this the right fit to monetize your blog or not.


Brief of the Company

The ad network eDomz (now known as GlobalAdMedia) was founded back in the year 2005 and is one of the oldest ad networks. They display ads based on the content of your site or blog and thus, maintain the relevancy of ads which are shown to the users. These type of ads help to generate more clicks and also helps to increase the conversion rate. Their revenue sharing percentage with the publisher is 70%. The rest of the 30% is kept with the network in lieu of the services provided. The network has no minimum traffic requirement.

It is easy to sign up with the network. You need to choose the account type (Pop-up/under or CPM/CPC ad banner) and provide a few other information like the username, contact, and website details. The website gets reviewed by the company and on approval, an email is sent. Then you can sign-in to your network, generate the ad code and paste it to your site. Each ad banner takes up to 1-2 days to get approved. Web sites with messy layout or floating ads are not given approval. 


Ad Unit Types

The eDomz network offers only two of ad formats to its publishers  – Pop-up/Pop-Under and CPM/CPC ad banner. The Pop-up ads are the ones which open up in a new browser window while the pop-under ads are the ones which open up automatically when a user enters into the site or clicks somewhere. The pop-under ads window opens up below the active window. Thus, they are noticed by the user only when the main active window is closed or minimized. This ad unit causes less annoyance to the user. The CPM/CPC ad banner can be put anywhere on the website – sidebar, header, footer, or in between the content. These ads can be placed through widgets.


Earning Model

The Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPM) earning model is used by the eDomz ad network to pay its publishers. The banner ads promote a product/service and are displayed on the website along with the embedded advertisement. With the use of these, traffic is guaranteed and drive a large number of leads. The CTR can increase by up to 40%. A maximum of 2 banners is allowed to be included in a single page. They also offer Cost per View (CPV) and Cost per Click (CPC) earning models to publishers.

There is also a referral program. If any new publisher joins the eDomz ad network using your referral link then you will get 10% of whatever amount is earned by him/her.


CPM Rates for 2017

(Source – forums.digitalpoint.com)

The eDomz network is preferred by a large number of publishers because they offer high CPM rates. For music, streaming, and game sites which use pop-under ad codes, the rates can go as high as USD 3-4. The rates are also high for any general purpose or educational blog. The Cost per View (CPV) model of the ad network is also very good. With this model, the publisher is paid for all visits to the sites. Web sites with only 1000 visits a day can also earn as much as USD 4 to 10 in a day. Web sites which have a traffic volume of more than 10,000 can make huge profits with this network.


Payment Proof and Earnings Report

(Source – www.ramandeepsinghlongia.in)

eDomz ad network uses a NET 15 method to pay its publishers who have accounts using pop-under ads. For the ones who use banner ads, the NET 45 method is used. The minimum payout threshold is USD 10. This means that the publishers need to at least have that amount before they would be allowed to make any withdrawal. The network offers three payment options – PayPal, Webmoney, and Skrill.

The statistics reporting system of eDomz is well-maintained and easy to use. Various information like the number of impressions, revenue earned and click through rate percentage are displayed. The statistics can be viewed for any particular date range with the details like ad format, ad units, earnings, and referral earnings. These data can also be viewed on a daily basis.



If you have not been approved by Google AdSense then you should definitely try out eDomz ad network. This network works well irrespective of the traffic volume – high or low. All types of publishers can earn good amount of revenue. The referral program also acts as a supplementary source of income. It’s high CPM rates, fill rate and good ad inventory are a few of the reasons why this network has survived for so long in such a dynamic network. We hope that you have found this discussion on eDomz CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its ad units, earning model, and payment proof and earnings report helpful. If you have used this network, then do share your experience with us.

Edomz- High Paying Popup Network

Edomz is a high paying CPM and popunder ad network which particularly works well with Indian traffic.

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