Epom CPM Rates 2020

Epom Market is a comparatively newer ad network. It works with traffic from all places and shows good results from them. The network has over 28 branded campaigns with around 2400 monthly affiliate offers. In-app traffic counts to about 1.5 billion. In this post, we will discuss on the Epom Market CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its ad units, earning model, and payment proof and earnings report.

Brief of the Company

Epom Market is an international advertising network. It was launched in the year 2011 as a flagship of Epom Ltd Solutions. This platform connects the premium set of advertisers to top publishers, across all verticals. The network functions in over 180 countries. It is basically a cross-platform advertising network as it works with mobile web, mobile app, and video ad formats. The ad exchange is completely transparent. The network sells the ad inventory for the best rates, using precise targeting features. The eCPM campaign is automatic and all the ad placements are highly optimized.  The network provides the advertisers with a global audience reach, helps them to increase Return on Investment (ROI), and increases the overall ad revenue. In order to become a publisher in Epom network, you need to have a minimum number of 40 monthly impressions and 25,000 Monthly Uniques. It must be kept in mind that websites with adult content are not accepted. 


Ad Unit Types

Ad units are provided according to the ad serving pricing plan. The available plans are basic, standard, advanced, and enterprise. The various ad units are:

  • Simple Banner – It is a basic static block of any size which is placed inside of page content.
  • Push-down – When an ad unit of this form is displayed on a web page, the main content is pushed down.
  • Tab-under – This ad type appears in a new inactive browser tab. These ads are supported by desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Corner Pop-up – These ads are displayed on top of the content of a web page. It is ad format limited for desktop users only and cannot be resized.
  • Standard – This displays the standard png or gif ad units.
  • Pre-roll  – These are the ad videos which get played before the main video stream. These have increasingly become common.
  • Mid-roll – These are the ad videos which appear in the middle of the main video stream.
  • Post-roll – These ad videos appear after the main video stream.
  • Overlay – These are the image or flash banners which appear in the lower third of the video player.
  • Rich media banner – This ad format encompasses the highly customizable in-content banner ads. Advanced features, such as video playback, are also supported.
  • Interstitial ad – This is a full-screen ad format that covers the page content. The customized size of the interstitial can be set.


Earning Model

The various earning models used by Epom Market are CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA.

  • Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPM) –  A flat rate is charged for 1000 displays, by publishers, for the displaying of an advertisement to your audience. The revenue earned from this is more predictable. This also puts lower requirements on the published content.
  • Cost per Click (CPC) – It is a performance-based online ad model. Money is earned whenever a user clicks on the displayed ad. This model draws in more advertisers. But, the revenue earned is usually less than that earned from CPM.
  • Cost per Lead (CPL) and Cost per Acquisition (CPA) – CPL allows advertisers to compensate publishers when a user views an ad on their website, clicks that ad and takes a further action which enable him/her to become a potential customer. CPA is similar in approach but has a higher bar. Payment is received only when a particular action is completed.

Epom Market also has a referral program for all its publishers. They are rewarded with 5% of the revenue generated by the referred users for a period of 12 months. Referred users are approved by the network. Once this happens, referrers gain additional  revenue. The earnings generated through this program are paid with the regular billing cycle.


CPM Rates 2017

(Source – forums.digitalpoint.com)

The Epom ad network provides its publishers with good eCPM rates across all countries and verticals. They fully optimize the inventory. Thus, only the banners which pay the highest are displayed on the website. Publishers can use the Real-Time Bidding Platform of Epom to increase their revenue. 100% fill rate is guaranteed along with access to thousands of advertisers. The eCPM rates tend to be between 5 cents to USD 3.70. Publishers are also given the option of viewing all the real-time reporting on their dashboard. They also have access to filter ads.

Initially, on joining the network, the inventory remains filled with banners of high relevance. After your impressions rate has been analyzed priority is automatically given to those campaigns and banners which have shown better results with your placements. This system ensures that the publishers are provided with the best eCPM rates available. This optimization is heavily dependent on the amount and quality of your traffic.


Payment Proof and Earnings Report

(Source – vermarketercheck.de)

Epom Market has a system of delivering payouts every 45 days. All payments which are under USD 500 are delivered via PayPal. Payments consisting of more than that amount are delivered by Cheque or by Wire Transfer. The minimum payout threshold for publishers is USD 100.

There is an Analytics tab present in the Epom ad server where all the reports, regarding the ad serving on your website, can be generated. The various types of reports that can be generated are:

  • General – This report contains a default set of columns.
  • Browser and OS – This is a General report containing separate fields for Browser and OS fields.
  • Targeting Cookie – This report is used for the purpose of targeting the cookies.
  • Third party fill rate – This contains the reports for conversion log.

The statistics can be broken down to the site, zone, placement size/type, channel, country, action, browser, and os. The reports can also be filtered using constraints like country, placement type, placement label, banner label, and any certain action. The data can also be broken down to XLX, CSV, PDF, HTML, and JSON formats. This can be used to save the data for a later analysis.



The Epom Market ad network provides its publishers with a variety of options and features. These help to generate more income and also provides for a higher reachability. All in all, they have an extremely well-maintained system which guarantees good results. We hope this discussion post on Epom Market CPM Rates 2017 – with respect to its ad units, earning model, and payment proof and earnings report helpful. If you have used this network then do share your experience with us.

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