PopAds CPM Rates 2020

PopAds is an advertising network which specializes in the pop-under ads. There is no minimum traffic requirement to join the network thus, publishers of all size can use this network to make money from their website. The rates are good and functional in all the countries. Popads is one of the oldest pop-under ad networks with negligible traffic requirement and good rates across all geographies. In this post, we will discuss the PopAds CPM Rates 2018 with respect to the earning model, ad unit types, and payment proof and earnings report to help you decide if it is the right fit to monetize your blog.

Brief of the Company

PopAds is a popular self-serve pop under network. The network is owned by Tomksoft S.A. which is a joint stock company located in Costa Rica. However, support is located in Poland (GMT+1 timezone) while the tech team is located in the US. Their traffic is generated when a visitor goes to a website that has the PopAds ad script enabled. When the visitor clicks on the link to the website, a popunder display will occur which displays the URL that the advertiser is advertising. Advertisers bid on the traffic using a self-serving RTB. There are many good targeting options available and this, it is a popular choice for several affiliate marketers. Their support team is very responsive and dedicated.

Popads Ad Unit Types

The advertisements which appear unexpectedly and open up in a new tab or browser window on some websites are the pop-up ads. This leads to highly visible and effective ad units which diminish the user experience. These ad units effectively attract the attraction and generate clicks. Pop-up ads increase the focus on display ads and can be used to boost overall revenue. Pop under ads is also there which open, in a new tab or window, in the background of a screen. On a mobile device, these ad units appear to be like interstitial and are generally associated with CPI offers which advertisers tend to promote on these pop-under networks. The ads can be virtually anything but mostly app install anti-virus install types. 

Popads Payout Rates 2018

Publishers can choose the minimum bid, that is, the minimum price of a single popunder, that they accept. The number of popunders which can be shown to a single visitor to a day can also be limited. In case of low earnings, you’ll have to increase your traffic and number of daily impressions. Publisher benefit from the high-quality traffic that gets diverted to their sites. The Popads payout rate is $10 and once a publisher reaches this threshold, the amount is automatically transferred to the Paypal email id of the publisher. The low Popads payout rates actually help a number of publishers and webmasters sign up with them and start making good money from the network. 

Popads CPM Rates 2018

The PopAds network provides a CPM Rate in the range of USD 2. It is a good rate for the publishers involved. The CPM rates change dynamically and depend on a few factors like visitor’s country, quality of the website, niche, and time of day. PopAds is a very popular pop-under advertising network and has a large number of advertisers worldwide. Thus, the network also provides a 100% fill rate which leads no wastage of ad space on your website. However, at times, it may happen that the network is not performing well for all geos which are now the case for many pop-under ad networks. This is because affiliate marketers and advertisers are getting smarter and they are testing the same campaign across a network of pop-under under ad network to see analyze the best-performing ones. This is particularly, evident and noticeable if you’re having more than 100k pageviews per day and pop-under networks are one of the primary sources of traffic monetization. Then, you need to refer to our article on “How to Increase Earnings from Pop-under Networks.”

How to Increase Popads CPM Rate?

If you’re looking to maximize Popads CPM rate, it is important that you following the recommendations listed here.

  • Enable Anti-Adblock pop-under code to monetize your Adblock traffic.
  • Limit the pop-under to 2 per user every 24 hours.
  • Set a minimum pop-under bid.

Additionally, I would recommend you to use other pop-under networks along with Popads to increase the chances of your overall ad revenue. You may take a look at the list of pop-under ad networks here. Also, you can add as many websites you want in the Popads dashboard, so if not added, make sure you add the relevant websites to maximize revenue.

Popads Payment Proof and Earnings Report

PopAds uses a secure connection (SSL) just like a bank account. All the data that gets exchanged between the publisher’s computer and the PopAds panel is encrypted. But, all withdrawals and deposits are monitored. The payment methods that are available are PayPal, AlertPay, and Wire Transfer payments. There is a minimum deposit of USD 10 that is required for PayPal and AlertPay. The minimum payout threshold for the same two methods is USD 5 while it is USD 500 for Wire Transfer.

Payment can be requested anytime that you want as long as the threshold limit has been reached. Requests get processed daily. In case you try to use PopAds as a money exchanger, your withdrawal requests will be blocked by the network. There is also a referral system which is provided by the network. When existing publishers refer new ones to join the PopAds network, they gain 10% of the revenue share of the earnings of the referral. Also, when advertisers are referred, 10% commission is offered for every advertising purchase by the referrals.

The reporting tool which the PopAds network employs can be used to provide a lot of information like which countries are the most competitive. Using the traffic report, specific statistics can be broken down on to the individual countries. This provides a lot of useful data which can be used to research for campaigns.  


PopAds is one of the best pop ad networks which are present in the advertising sector today. They also use pop-under advertisement. They provide a good CPM rate and are open to all traffic, irrespective of where they are coming from. They can lead to a boost in revenue but it can prove to be annoying to the visitors. Also, it is important to keep in mind that Google AdSense is not compatible with PopAds as the usage of pop-up ads violates the policies of the former. We hope that you’ve found this discussion on PopAds CPM Rates 2018 with respect to its earning model, ad unit types, and payment proof and earnings report helpful.  Let’s get started with Popads.

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