Appnext CPM Rates 2020

The Appnext network provides solutions for publishers and advertisers who want to manage their global coverage from one platform. They provide clients with the information about how to install the needed applications.  The company focuses on finding the right solutions for each particular case and meets all the transformations and new market trends successfully. Their unique approach has made them well established within a few years of launching. In this post, we will discuss the AppNext CPM Rates 2017 keeping in mind its earning model, ad unit types, and payment proof and earnings report.

Brief of the Company

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Appnext is a monetization and distribution platform which operates on a Cost per Installment (CPI) bidding basis. This is completely a self-serve platform where publishers and app advertisers are given greater control and transparency over their mobile businesses. Through this, publishers can maximize their mobile revenue and use it to promote hundreds of global apps. Appnext technology is used to deliver superior results for each ad impression. The Appnext Community has over 15,000 developers. Top app brands and fellow developers can bid directly on your sources. Also, your apps get direct global publishers and have over 350 million high-quality users.

Ad Unit Types

The following are the main examples of Appnext ad units:

  • Appnext SDK

The Appnext Interstitial SDK has been designed to present users with a broad selection of offers. It serves appealing, informative, video, and static ads. This tool is highly effective during app launch, and when users are exiting the app.

  • Mobile Web Ad Widget

The Appnext mobile widgets have been designed to be integrated within content websites. They are customized to have a look and feel that is native to the publisher’s site and are less intrusive than other ad units.

  • API

The publishers are provided with raw app data, which they can use to create native apps and customized ad units/integrations. Additional data is also provided on every promoted app, beyond that which gets added in the campaign creation process. This gives publishers more options to for creating native integrations.

Earning Model

The Appnext platform is a Cost per Install (CPI) platform. Thus, publishers get paid only when their users install their app ads. This self-serve enables advertisers to add their apps and create several campaigns that target all of the network’s publishers or set a direct CPI bid for specific publisher’s apps. The earnings are based on a number of categories like the country, platform (iOS/Android), iOS device type (iPad, iPhone), Placement (location of the ad format within the app), number daily active users or the volume that the publishers generate, and quality of the traffic. Every install has a different bid to it. With a great quality of users, the CPI bid of a publisher can even double or triple.

CPM Rates in 2017

Appnext calculates the revenue based on eCPM. It is a good but not the perfect way for app developers and media companies to evaluate and compare revenue. There is an eCPM for each segment and it depends upon the placement, date, geo, and campaign. The average eCPM in India is much lesser than the US. It can be anywhere in the range of USD 2 to 4. In order to increase the overall performance, a new placement ID has to be created for each one of the Appnext ads that are placed within the app or site. According to them, best results get generated when their interstitial is shown at the launch of their app.

Payment Proof and Earnings Report

The payment methods available for publishers are PayPal or Wire Transfer. Payment is made on a monthly basis. For PayPal, the minimum payout threshold is USD 20. If at the time of payment, the account balance is less than the specified amount, then the earnings get rolled over to the next month and will continue to do so until the amount is reached. For new publishers, for the first time, the minimum payout threshold is USD 100. The standard PayPal transaction fee of 2% is applied. For Wire Transfer method, the threshold is USD 200. The publisher has to cover the wire transfer fee of USD 35. The payments get processed within the first 10 days of each month.

With careful targeting and selection of the segment with the desired users, the percent of potential customers and conversions remain quite high. Appnext has provisions for full tracking and reporting of advertising campaign results which can be used to retrieve and process necessary data in real time mode.


Appnext has developed its own API and SDK to help advertisers and developers manage their campaigns. Their services are also compatible with popular frameworks and development kits like Unity, Marmalade, and Corona. Advertisers can directly bid on the CPI to developers and can closely follow the performance of the app that they selected as a venue. Developers and other publishers can reach out to advertisers themselves using the Self-serving Platform (SSP).  This allows the developers to plan their own individual campaign and select advertisers according to their purpose. The direct bidding facility helps to keep the transactions simple and provides transparency. Web sites can also integrate their app display and install options into their code. We hope that this discussion post on Appnext CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its earning model, ad unit types, and payment proof and earnings report helpful.

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