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At some point or the other, every publisher has faced the challenge of having to balance profitability with the user experience. This is where native advertising comes in. They promote engaging content with stories that users want to read without having to change the form and function of a website. Recent studies have shown that these ads attract up to 60% more attention. In this post, AdNow CPM Rates 2017 we will discuss one such ad network – AdNow with respect to its earning model and payment and earnings report to help you decide whether this network will be a right fit to monetize your blog or website.

Brief of the Company

AdNow is a widget based native advertisement network which allows publishers to monetize their sites. It has a network of over 150,000 publishers. The network was established in 2014 and was made by a collaboration between digital marketers who had experience in RTB and Big Data. They made a hybrid ad format which combined advertisements and other engaging website content to enhance user engagement. In three years, AdNow has become one of the most efficient native ad tools. It serves over 4 billion impressions per month in 107 countries.

There is no minimum traffic requirement to join the AdNow ad network but there needs to be quality content present. All websites get manually approved. It is necessary to verify the ownership of the website during the submission process. It is done by uploading a file sent by them to the root directory of the website. It can also be done by pasting the HTML tag sent by them above the closing head tag. Approval can be obtained within three hours of submission.

Ad Unit Types

The AdNow widgets are extremely customizable. Publishers should create separate widgets for desktop and mobile traffic. Different aspects such as image size, rows, columns, and fonts can be changed from the widget settings. The network uses two types of codes. The first one is used for widget placement which shows where the widget will appear. The second one is the ad loading javascript. Publishers are at a liberty to use both codes to make the widget appear exactly where they want it to. The different types of widget placement include – sidebar widgets which are ideal for desktop traffic, widgets placed within the content which works well with mobile traffic, and standard widgets which are placed at the end of the content. It is advisable,  in the beginning, to start with two to three widgets.  For desktop traffic, sidebar widgets provide a better traffic while for mobile traffic, widgets which are placed within the content work better. Standard widgets always get placed at the end of the content. In case a publisher faces any difficulty in setting up a widget, account managers are provided to help.        

Earning Model

AdNow pays publishers on the basis of impressions. You will also be given an option of generating more revenue through referrals. This can simply be done by referring others to join the network through your own unique link. After the network evaluates and accepts their websites, you will receive 5% of their total revenue on a weekly basis for a complete calendar year. This extra revenue gets added to the normal billing.

CPM Rates for 2017

The CTR of a publisher depends on the theme, niche, and content of the website. It can be expected to be in the range of 2 to 3%. The eCPM obtained is around 40 cents. If two of their widgets are run on the website, RPM of USD 1 can be reached.

Payment Proof and Earnings Report

AdNow has a minimum payout threshold of USD 20, that is, you need to have that amount in your account before you will be allowed to make any withdrawal. The payment is given out on a NET 7 basis with different payment options available are PayPal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, and e-payments. But there are many publishers who have to face a lot of problems while attempting to withdraw their payment.

With AdNow, publishers get highly detailed statistics reports of their performance in real time. The network uses an efficient reporting system that shows the number of clicks and views, sources of clicks, income earned, Click-Through-Rate (CTR), and eCPM on a daily basis. Reports from different time zones can be generated using statistics from the network’s reporting system and the number of widgets which are placed on the website. The system also provided hourly statistics.


AdNow is a content ad network and can be used by publishers to monetize their website or blog traffic. The network uses various kinds of widgets which are used to display sponsored content to the traffic coming to your website. In this article, we discussed AdNow CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its earning model and payment and earnings report. Revenue is generated every time that a visitor clicks or views the sponsored content. Publishers get advantages like multilingual support, clean and safe advertisements, and account management support which is not provided by that many networks. But, please do keep in mind that many publishers have faced problems while withdrawing their revenue. We hope this post will help you in deciding whether or not to use this network for monetizing your website or blog.

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  1. I just applied for Adnow and ads set up and currently running. My account manager also suggested I ad more than one widget for better conversion which I have done. I also get good number of traffic from USA, Europe. I am hopeful. Thanks for sharing

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