Criteo CPM Rates 2022

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Criteo is a relatively newer ad network with a, particularly impressive ad serving technique. It is a CPM based network that uses AdSense as a fall-back to increase overall revenue for a publisher. Their ad serving engine is made of machine learning algorithms which continuously incorporate and learn from new data. In this article, we will discuss the Criteo CPM Rates 2022, its earning model and payments proof . This will help you to decide if the network is suitable to monetize your website or blog.

Brief of the Company

Criteo is a personalized retargeting company which works with retailers on the Internet to serve personalized online display advertisements to consumers who have previously visited the advertiser’s website. The platform enables online businesses to follow up on visitors who have left their website without making a purchase. This is done using personalized banners which aim to drive potential customers back to the website of the advertiser. The company understands the essence of good service delivery and in this regard, they use sophisticated technology which helps them to deliver customized products for every marketer. Criteo uses an ad serving engine which is incorporated with premium machine learning products.It continuously keeps on learning from all the new data obtained. The accuracy of the prediction and recommendation in serving an ad keeps on improving with every ad that they deliver.

Ad Unit Types

Criteo creates banners for each viewer in real-time and features the most relevant product recommendations based on the viewer’s products browsing. In addition to standard banners, the network supports a number of different ad units and formats across mobile and desktop.

  1. Native Ads

Native ads uniquely blend in with the website or blog by taking into consideration your content. Due to their unique layout, these ads show great results. They can be integrated using a customizable Application Programming Interface (API) or standard Javascript tags.

  1. Sticky Footer

A Sticky Footer is a Leaderboard format at the bottom of the page that scrolls down when the user scrolls down. It is not intrusive and the allows the user to close it anytime.

  1. Scrolling Banner

A Scrolling Banner is a Skyscraper advertisement which is usually found on the side of a page. It is similar to the Sticky Banner and is always visible as the user scrolls down.

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Earning Model

Criteo helps advertisers to generate more sales through personalized performance advertising at a global scale. The network combines technology, data, science and insight with a transparent Cost-Per-Click (CPC) model to deliver easy to measure Return on Investments (ROI). The minimum traffic requirement depends on the niche, quality, and demographics of the site. Their ads also run on publisher sites which have low traffic. All websites are manually approved before joining the network.

Average CPM Rates

Criteo continuously monitors the quality of the traffic of the publisher. For each impression, they dynamically calculate the price based on the user’s history. They individually value each user based on their shopping history – more engaged shoppers are worth a higher CPM. For every impression, the network purchases the impression at or above the minimum CPM that has been set by the publisher. It transparently passes this impression back to the advertising partner. This is the process of dynamic allocation of CPM. On an average, CPM for different publishers varies from USD 2.8 to 5. CPC for highly motivated traffic is in the range of USD 1.5 to 1.6. If the CTR is higher than 1%, Criteo is able to achieve more than 300% of ROI.

CPM Rates for 2022

Criteo pays CPMs which are almost 2-3 times that of AdSense. However, the fill rate is low as it is in the range of 10-40%. The CPM can be anywhere between USD 1 to 5 for every 1000 ad impressions. The network is very suitable for blogs or websites which are focused on shopping, travel, and lifestyle. It is very useful to monetize the traffic which is generated from North America and Europe. Additional retargeting solutions are operated on a cost per thousand (CPM) or cost per engagement (CPE) basis.

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On setting Criteo on your website, make sure that it is set up with DFP passback ad units behind it. Check the pass back ad impression discrepancies on a daily basis. Once you start with this setup, you can slowly begin opening up the frequency cap if their fill rates get better and optimally place them in your stack as you see what kind of consistent CPM you get from them over the next while.

Payment Proof and  Earnings Report

Criteo follows a monthly payment schedule, via ACH. The network has a minimum payout threshold of 50€/£/$/ or 150R$, or 5,000¥. Amount withdrawal is supported using PayPal, Cheque and Bank Transfer. The network supports a quite simple report because of which you cannot analyze in more detail about the traffic that you are receiving and the revenue that you are generating.


In this article Criteo CPM Rates for 2022, we have discussed that the Criteo network provides a good pass back mechanism and has a favorable CTR and eCPM. If a website gets more than 10,000 page views per day then it is worth setting up. The best alternative is to run it in conjugation with the Google AdSense network. This combination will help the website generate the maximum revenue as AdSense will take over whenever the estimated CPM will not be able to cross the already set minimum CPM by the user.

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