AdSense vs RevenueHits – CPM Rates, Payments and Earning Reports

Google AdSense is a tried and tested advertising network while RevenueHits is a relatively newer network. Unlike other advertising networks, it is a performance based network. Their network helps publishers to monetize a variety of online assets including websites, search, widgets, toolbars, IM applications and more.

In this post, we’ll do a comparative study of AdSense vs RevenueHits with respect to their CPM rates, payments and earnings reports and try to figure out the better option.

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AdSense vs RevenueHits : Minimum Traffic Requirement

There is no minimum traffic requirement for becoming an AdSense publisher. The only condition is that substantial content related to the advertisements has to be frequently posted on your website.

Propeller Ads- High CPM Ad Network

A perfect ad network for sites which are not monetized by AdSense.

RevenueHits does not have any minimum traffic requirement. It is very easy to get an approval because the network imposes no conditions on the publisher’s website. The ad serving technology delivers more than two billion impressions daily. They’re able to scan millions of online ads and analyze publisher performance. Expert, accurate conclusions are then reached about how to best approach your marketing efforts.

AdSense vs RevenueHits : Revenue Share Percentage

If AdSense is used to display content advertisements, the publishers get 68% of the revenue. If it is used for search, the revenue shared with the publishers is 51%. The rest of the share is kept by Google in connection to the service provided. The percentages do not change with demographics.

The revenue share percentage of RevenueHits is variable and it has not been made public by the network. We’ll update this section as and when the information is made public.

AdSense vs RevenueHits : Ad Quality

Google AdSense has a global reachability and therefore it monetizes the ad revenue using high quality advertisements. It showcases display as well as video ads on a CPC offer.

RevenueHits generally displays low quality advertisements. But there are some niches like hacking and video where it performs quite well. Two types of advertisements are showcased on their platform – display and mobile. They offer CPA, CPM, Display & Rich Media, Text Ads, Pop-Ups/Unders, Apps, Widgets and XML Feeds.

AdSense vs RevenueHits : Publisher List

AdSense is used by a large number of companies all throughout the globe. The top ones using its services are Mashable, HubPages, eBay, and Times Network among many more.

RevenueHits has many quality publishers around the globe like Footysteam.

AdSense vs RevenueHits : CPM and RPM Rates

The CPM rates for Google AdSense is quite high. It can be anywhere in the range of USD 1 to 3. The average RPM is about USD 5 to 10 for broad niches and upto USD 100 for competitive niches with high CPC.

RevenueHits has an average CPM rate of USD 1.90 in USA, 30 cents in Philippines, USD 2.80 in UAE and USD 1.70 in Canada. In general, the publisher earnings vary from a few cents up to USD 30 eCPM. This is effective Cost per Thousand Impressions which is the total earnings divided by the total number of impressions, in thousands. eCPM is one of the best performance metrics available. That’s why it’s the most common metric measured when comparing results across different advertising formats and types. By measuring eCPM, you can find the right path even if you have a small website with limited traffic changes. RevenueHits uses the eCPM model, which is why so many publishers have seen positive results.

AdSense vs RevenueHits : Payments and Earnings Report

AdSense follows a monthly payment cycle where the earnings are collected over the course of a month. At the beginning of the following month, the earnings get finalized and are posted to the balance. The minimum Payout threshold is USD 10. There are various payment options available which include transfer through check, EFT, Western Union, and Rapida. 

You need to have a minimum amount of USD 20 in your RevenueHits account before your withdrawal. Payment is done every 30 days through the channels of PayPal, PaYoneer and Wire Transfer.


AdSense has its place, but many publishers prefer an alternative.  RevenueHits has more ad options available including pop ups, pop unders, banners, sliders, footers, site-under ads, interstitial and more. The more the ad options, the better the target audience can be reached and engaged with. As we have seen from this comparative discussion of AdSense vs RevenueHits, the latter is one of the few serious competitors to the former and should definitely be tried out by publishers. High Paying Contextual Ad Network is perfect for websites having US, UK and Canadian traffic. Enjoy high RPM close to AdSense.Use this link to get a bonus of 10% on top of your regular earnings for 3 months.

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