Native Ads vs AdSense- Which is Better?

The year 2016 has seen the rise of native ads. AdSense no longer holds the monopoly and in fact, there are a lot of adtech startups who are doing pretty well in their niche markets. The programmatic video has been the hottest trend with the supply end rising. Also, in-app videos are becoming more popular. The monetization streams for publishers are increasing, with Facebook Audience Network- social publishers are breathing a relief. What next? Are we seeing a shift from traditional banner advertising?

With data tariffs getting lower and more mobile devices are getting connected to the internet, Asia at large is becoming mobile-first. Standard banner ads are known not to perform well on mobile devices. While native ads are still in a fancy stage, the inclination seems to be more towards native. Brands are realizing the effect of native video ads and getting pickier on creating native ads which provide a seamless viewing experience. As a publisher, we are sometimes confused

Native Ads or AdSense?

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If fact AdSense has its own way of serving native ads through matched content. However, the greater question here is about the context of the publisher’s sites. Is a site more suited for native ads or AdSense banner ads? To discuss more on this topic, let us take a deep dive on understanding the ROI game.

Advertising is all about ROI. Although there are different metrics like CPC, CPM, CPE and others, the end motive is to ensure that the advertisers make better ROI. While a video ad play can create a brand awareness, a banner ad brings a conversion and both are equally crucial for businesses.

When Native Ads Work Best?

It needs to be understood that native ads work best when the advertisement is broader and contextually less appealing. Native ads appeal to the masses. So, this works great with videos, products where the audience at large is targeted, promotions etc.

When AdSense works best?

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AdSense is known to be contextually targeted and works like a charm for so sites. It delivers high ROI for niche sites and there are myriad businesses which have grown just because of AdSense.

Native Ads vs AdSense- A Comparative Study

What I personally believe is- Native ads is the future of advertising. With programmatic native ads, marketers will be able to further tap into the ecosystem and contextually target their ads as well. Over the next few years, AdSense can be seemed to be in tough competition with other ad networks, especially in the native ad segment.  

Native Ads vs AdSense: CPM Rates

If we discuss the CPM rates of native ads and AdSense, the story is a bit different. AdSense still pays higher CPM and in fact, the RPM for native ads only constitute to around 30-40% of what AdSense if paying if you’re using 2 native ad unit widgets. The page CTR tends to be around 1.5 to 2%.

Recommended Native ad Platforms for Publishers to Monetize their Sites

There is a number of native ad platforms and in fact, the list is growing every year. What has started with a handful of native ad companies, today, there are more than 20 popular native ad networks that a publisher can choose from based on his traffic and audience? Here are the few networks we can vouch on

1) Taboola

A network with an unparalleled fill rate across all demographics and quality ads. This makes Taboola one of the best native ad network and in fact the preferred choice of many leading publishers. Just their revenue share is a bit on the higher side, otherwise, all fine with Taboola.

2) Outbrain

Outbrain is another popular native ad network which only accepts selected publishers. You need to have more than 3 million page views to be eligible to run Outbrain ad units.

3) Gravity

Acquired by AOL, Gravity is personalizing the web, and with a base of premium advertisers, this native ad network can exclusively target the US audience.

4) Spoutable

This network offers a lot of customization to its publishers. Their ads are targeted to provide the highest CTR and ensure better ROI for publishers. Spoutable is effective in driving additional revenue to your site provided you navigate through their ad formats effectively to ensure user experience.

5) Connatix

A relatively new network and recently caught under my radar. Connatix is a programmatic native ad network with good potential of revenue increase for publishers. They serve in-stream video ads which are programmatically served to ensure high returns.

6) Mgid

Initially frowned upon, this network has shown great promise and has quickly grown as one of the most significant native ad networks for news and viral sites. There are thousands of publishers who are using Mgid to monetize their ad spaces.

If you’re looking to explore more opportunities for native ads, feel free to take a look at our top 20 native ad networks that can give you an elaborate idea of these networks.

To conclude, AdSense is meant for niche content sites where it is capable of serving highly targeted ads which can provide high RPMs to publishers. On the other hand, native ads are best suited for broad marketing campaigns where the audience segment is much broad and thus can be suited to run on news websites and other platforms which attract millions of users every month. Even for viral sites, native ads tend to perform better than AdSense. However, with the offspring of programmatic technologies, banner ads are becoming less dependent on Adsense and are served through other exchanges as well.

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