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Pinvert Review- Adult Pop-Under Ad Network

What is Pinvert Ad Network?

One of the advertising networks that are trending right now is Pinvert.com. Launched in January 2017 – Pinvert.com is one of the greatest Adult Advertising Networks that I’ve tested. With over 100 active websites and 1M daily impressions – Pinvert is one of the most promising networks that will surely make a name for itself and become one of the biggest adult advertising networks in the short future.    

Minimum Traffic Requirement for Publishers

To become a publisher at Pinvert you must have under 2M Alexa Rank and your website must be in the adult niche. They do not accept other websites as their advertisers and partners are interested only in purchasing adult traffic only. You may also have this both and be rejected by Pinvert because your website doesn’t have enough content – but this can be solved easily by adding more content to your website.

You may think this is pretty strict, but actually, they want to deliver only quality traffic to their advertisers in order for the publisher to have high rates. That actually sounds like a great idea to me, as their rates are above the other networks I tested on this niche.

Best Performing Demographics 

So you’re probably asking what are the best performing demographics on Pinvert. Is it tier 1 traffic? No, not at all. The fact that makes Pinvert unique is that you can make a lot of money even with tier2 or tier3 traffic. How so? Well, even if the network is on the CPM model –  the traffic quality matters the most in influencing the rates. So, with traffic quality above average, you can get a CPM of $1 and even more for tier2 and tier3 countries. Here’s an example of what can Pinvert.com do for tier2 and tier3 countries:

Average/Median CPM Rates for Pinvert Ad Network

As I’ve said before, Pinvert works on the CPM model but the growth or the decline of the rate it is influenced by the quality of the traffic. So, if you’re traffic is coming mostly from search engine and referring websites, I don’t think you’ll ever have a low rate with Pinvert. Let me present to you two examples:

This is one of the websites with a great quality of traffic and therefore, advertisers are bidding higher on it. As you can see, the rates are above average for most countries and the CPM of $0.96 is indeed a great one – being given that the traffic is more than 80% from the tier2 and tier3 countries.

In this second example, you can notice that the rate is much lower, mostly because the second website has a lot of traffic coming from social networks and that type of traffic is not wanted by everyone and also its 100% desktop traffic.  Even like that, the CPM looks good for me too – $0.58 CPM is still a decent CPM for this type of traffic and a $25 daily doesn’t sound that bad, right?

Screenshots of CPM rates, Dashboard, Earnings report, Payment proof

As you’ve seen before, their rates depend a lot on your traffic. You can easily have a rate of $1 with tier2 and tier3 countries. Another example of a great rate is in the picture below, where Bangladesh has a $2.08 CPM. The point is, you may never know how much you will earn with Pinvert – but you can try them and see how it goes.

As you can see, Pinvert is a stable Advertising Network which wants to make their name known. They pay daily and there are a lot of people earnings huge money with them. You may not have a lot of traffic, but I think they would be a great way to monetize your adult traffic if you respect their rules and don’t try fraudulent methods to get rich fast.

The front page of the website looks clean and professional, just like one for a great company should look like and their interface is really easy to use for a webmaster, focusing on the impressions delivered and the money generated – basically, everything a webmaster needs to know and presented simply so anyone would understand the statistics displayed.

Pros and Cons of Pinvert.com

  • Daily payments on request
  • Minimum of $10 withdraw request
  • Payment via Paxum, PayPal, Bitcoin Wallet
  • Easy to use platform, clean website with a unique design
  • Over 90% fill rate
  • Monetize up to 5 visits from the same IP per 24h
  • Friendly support via ticket system or skype
  • Referral system of 5% for the first 5 publishers referred, 10% afterward.
  • 85% referral share
  • CPM rates above average
  • Managed by people with experience in the adult niche


  • Have only popunders for the moment, banners will be available since June.
  • Don’t have Skrill, Payoneer and other known payment processors.
  • Strict regarding publisher acceptance
  • Only on the adult niche
  • Don’t have advanced stats for the experienced webmasters

Publisher Sign-Up Guide

  1. Go to Pinvert.com
  2. Click on the Publishers button from the menu
  3. Click on Create Your Account Now button
  4. Put your domain there and validate it by uploading a verification file to your website.
  5. Create the account
  6. Get the code from My websites and put it on your website
  7. Look at your earnings

Notice: Don’t forget that you need to have under 2M Alexa Rank, the website must be in the adult niche with content and also to have more than 3 months. Otherwise, you won’t be accepted unless your website is truly a great one.

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8.5 Total Score
Overall Review: Good

A growing pop-under network for adult traffic that offers better revenue rates when compared with other pop-under networks.

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