Is Adnow Scamming Publishers?

There have been a few concerns by publishers stating that their accounts are frozen and earnings write-off on account of breaking the TOS, including sending fake traffic or in fact non-converting traffic.

Yes, I have been paid by Adnow multiple times

I wouldn’t deny the fact that Adnow paid me multiple times and most of the times, it was well on time. However, for the last few months, the payment cycle was going monthly despite the fact I was reaching the $20 threshold by every 15 days. But things changed January onwards. The last time I drew money from Adnow was on December 2nd. I couldn’t recall a payment on January and neither on February. It’s been more than 80 days.

There should be around $200 in referral earnings after deducting the write-offs as mentioned by Adnow. Also, there is some money from a blog where Adnow ads are running. I tried contacting the Adnow support on 31st January 2016 and after than, I kept on sending a series of messges until today when I am forced to write this post.

I kept asking my support manager as to when can I expect the payment. His reply started with the indication that my referral earnings are written-off.

Despite this, I informed that I have sufficient balance that could trigger an auto withdraw request, so why there is a delay in the payment.

He replied to me, “Whatever is due will be paid to you and payout time” and the story continues. Even after 80 long days, I have to ask for the payment and wait for the representative to reply me back.

If there is some delay, I should get to know this before hand? Isn’t it?

Does this make me Depressed?

Yes. This makes me feel sad. The greater part of the sadness and depression is not because of the payout, but to think what if the same issue is experienced by other small publishers. I have referred 100s of publishers to Adnow and I will be held guilty for reviewing “all the good” about a service that is “not so good”.

Is Adnow Scamming Publishers? Is Adnow a Scam?

I don’t think that Adnow is a scam. It still pays some of the largest publishers with 10s of thousands of dollars, but what if they write-off the earnings of the small publishers.

A Message to Adnow-

When you’re accepting a site and approving it after review, make sure you take the necessary steps there. If you feel that the site is not valuable to your advertisers, don’t approve it. Approving a site and later to write-off the earnings accrued by the publisher because of non-converting traffic (when then is termed as fake traffic) actually doesn’t make any sense. The product itself may not appeal to the visitors of a particular site. So, I request you guys to be due diligent while approving each site.  

A message to Publishers-

I would request you to focus on building your traffic foundation and write quality content that can be monetized through sponsored posts and other means too, apart from display and native advertising. This would keep you independent from the very beginning and help you better monetize your blog.

What next?

If any of the Adnow representatives is reading this post, I expect them to review my account and come with an explanation to as why a payment was not processed even after repeated requests.

I shall update the course of events here to keep my readers informed.

[Updated] I have been paid the pending amount of $280  by Adnow recently on 8th of March and there aren’t any pending dues with Adnow.

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  1. I already try adnow and already reach the minimum payout $20, But until now its almost 2 month, i dont get any payment. I submitted ticket and ask the adnow team, they just reply ” I have processed your payment to financial section”. 3 times i ask same question. In the end, the delete my ticket. ADNOW TOTALLY SCAM, not only me, but also my blogger friend dont get their payment.

  2. I want to join adnow.
    Suggest me …

  3. very infomative article..keep it up good work..

  4. Nicely written review Abhishek Dey. I hope adnow will be less strict with smaller publishers in future.

  5. Hello
    Thanks for updating.

  6. I tried adnow too, and I’m waiting for payment. I suggest you to not make reviews of companies that are not so well trusted. As u said in your post, many publishers applied to Adnow after your review because we trust you.

    • Cilla,

      There have been cases of non-payment from Adnow, but that is mostly with Asian publishers where the traffic doesn’t really convert well for there advertisers. Adnow do pay publishers $1000 every month but that is mostly for EU publishers. While it is completely wrong from Adnow’s point of view to claim publishers are sending bot traffic when their advertiser offers don’t convert. However, the case with Adnow is they do pay publishers. You can raise a ticket and wait for their reply!

      • They are FAKE!!! They were supposed to pay me tomorrow and they just sent me an email saying they blocked my account. Actually I’m not surprised, people on forums share this kind of experience, but because of trusted blogs like yours we tend to believe in your review. BIG SCAM! !! Don’t believe in this review guys.

  7. Thanks for such a great information.

  8. Hello Abhishek, I suggest you stop reffering people to this FAKE network. I was supposed to receive my payment and just one day before they sent me an email saying account blocked. I cant say I was surprised because a lot of people on forums said they went through the same, but since I read your review I decided to give you a try. So what do I do now?

    • Hello Cilla,

      Adnow has processed payments of $1000 per month to publishers. However, they have been blocking accounts of publishers which I have already mentioned in the post, which to certain extent happens as their campaigns don’t convert for the advertisers.. I suggest you get in touch with Adnow team and discuss more on this!

  9. Adnow is a scam.
    They contacted me to have their ads in my website. After a long negotiation, I agreed to put their ads in some of my blogs instead of my main website. I wanted to test them.
    Today they were supposed to pay me, but instead they blocked my account and claimed that the clicks were not valid !!
    It’s good that it was just for testing and the amount of money was not so much considerable.
    My advice: Stay Away from Adnow.

  10. Adnow is 100% fake… It did with me also, here is some proofs:

  11. I want delete my adnow account. can i get my amount which is not complete $20 threshold.

  12. Yes, they are scamming publishers. They Scam my 530$ and now they are not replying to my Messages and tickets.

  13. Hello, i just got contacted by them this morning. They want to replace my current advertiser. Sure the weekly paiements are attractives but i think i’ll stay with the one i already use, they have been very good and always paid on time. Very informative article, thanks!

  14. Adnow is a scam site! Paid me twice and since December 5 I was expecting the third payment. On December 25 I removed their ads because of no payment. Every week I sent a message that my automatic payment was not formed and every week my country moderator answered that he request a payment for me. Three times he said that he request the payment. Today they deleted my site and balance is 0 without paying. The traffic was legit 98% from search engines and 2% from social sharings. Stay away from Adnow!

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