Adnow vs AdSense- CPM Rates, Earnings and Payment Proof

The adtech industry has seen a lot of networks, with many of them shutting down after a few years of operation. With a handful of networks still dominating this marketing, it becomes very difficult for new players to establish themselves. However, the rise of native advertising has led to the growth of a series of ad networks along with AdSense, the most prominent being Taboola. There are quite a few other networks which are riding the growth, and Adnow is one of them. In this post, we are doing a comparative study of AdSense and Adnow.

About: Adnow vs AdSense

AdSense is world’s no. 1 contextual network powering more than 4 million websites with an almost 100% fill rate for global traffic. While Adnow is one of the fastest growing native ad networks with over 150,000 publishers in a span of 2 years. This comparative study talks about the approval process, traffic minimum etc, to get through these two networks.

Approval: Adnow vs AdSense

While AdSense can be very stringent in the approval process, requiring you to have content that is strictly in compliance with their policies and content niche that would align with their advertiser requirements; the case with Adnow is not so. They accept websites with a minimum daily traffic and don’t impose a lot of restrictions. The approval process of both these ad networks typically takes 1-2 days of time.

Traffic Requirements: Adnow vs AdSense

In order to be approved by AdSense, you are required to have a website which is a few months old (6 months for Asian publishers) and a number of insightful articles. Also, there is needs to be a proper disclaimer and privacy policy in place. With Adnow, even a new website can be approved with little content. For both the networks, there is no mention of the traffic, but you’re expected to have some search before applying for AdSense.

CPC Rates: About: Adnow vs AdSense

AdSense works like a charm for niche sites. You can get CPCs as high as $3. However, the case is not so for native ads. With Adsense, there is smart pricing implementation at account level to determine the quality of the clicks, and thereby, websites which bring quality traffic are most likely to convert. AdSense CPC rates are high for finance and consultation niche. Native ads have an optimized CPC which varies between 1 cent to 10 cents depending on the traffic sources, niche and conversions.

Page RPM: Adnow vs AdSense

Generally, native ad networks pay around 1/3 to 1/4 of AdSense if you’re running two of their widget ads. However, native ads perform quite well for social publishers who drive traffic from Facebook. In fact, for social publishers, AdSense is not very lucrative, and thus they rely on other sources for monetization. We have seen page RPM to be around $0.30 to $0.50 for native ads for general niche and international traffic.

Ad Types: Adnow vs AdSense

Currently, Adnow offers one ad type which is native ad widget containing a series of ad teasers. You can customize the look and feel of the widget, along with the number of elements you want to display. They are responsive and works well on Mobile and desktop. AdSense has a number of ad formats like text ads, image rich ads, matched content ads, video ads etc.

Ad Quality: Adnow vs AdSense

The reason that I am not running Adnow ads on my blog is because of the poor quality of their ads. Most and in fact, all of their ads are product based and from health niche. There is hardly any variety in the creatives and the nature of the ads, and also it doesn’t add to user value.

Dashboard:  Adnow vs AdSense

AdSense constantly works on improving its dashboard to ensure that publishers keep an eye on the crucial metrics. With an extremely detailed reporting, publishers are aware of what type of ads are working and across which screens, and more.

Payment Cycle: About: Adnow vs AdSense

Adnow makes bi-weekly payments once you reach the minimum threshold of $20. AdSense, on the other hand, makes NET 21 day payment once you reach a minimum of $100. Both the networks have a lot of options for sending payment.

Final Words

While AdSense is a clear winner in terms of revenue, CPC rates, and myriad other factors, we much acknowledge that Adnow is a sweet alternative for publishers who want to increase their overall ad revenue by putting native ads along with their content. For a number of niches, Adnow performs well too. We look forward to both these ad networks and hope they keep improvising their products to make it more awesome. High Paying Contextual Ad Network

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Adnow is good for viral sites which have high volume of EU traffic. AdSense works well for global sites.

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  1. yup.adsense is clear winner.. why would we find another ads, if we got adsense.

  2. Adnow is good but if you got high ctr 30% up its possible fraud you… and get banned… that is base in my expirence i earn in adnow 2$k plus in 3 weeks its sad to say not pay me because they banned me…

  3. yuppp bro you are right adsense is king of all addnwtwork but this time adsense give me a very low cpc arround .02$ r u have any idea for this and can i run both ads in my web adsense+adnow

  4. Adsense is the best and will be the best. what’s your thoughts ?

  5. Adsense is too risky for a large traffic sites and also for viral sites. These days even popunders from propellerads, popads etc pays max upto $0.30 per impression. So it is better to go with native ads network like taboola, mgid, adnow etc.

  6. Guys please don’t use adnow it is completely scam fake website they didn’t pay my 145 dollars and written off my money. They are really cheaters I really hate them as soon as I will get the time I am going to write a complete review about adnow on my blog.

  7. Not showing adsense ads on my site

  8. Using adnow on my blog now. Lets see how it works

  9. Adnow is a scam.
    They contacted me to have their ads in my website. After a long negotiation, I agreed to put their ads in some of my blogs instead of my main website. I wanted to test them.
    Today they were supposed to pay me, but instead they blocked my account and claimed that the clicks were not valid !!
    It’s good that it was just for testing and the amount of money was not so much considerable : $50
    My advice: Stay Away from Adnow.

  10. Hello,
    I need to know this vid ads you have so dat I add it to my work please , does propeller pay , adnow is real or fake . My site is

  11. Stay away from Mediavenus. They did not pay me almost 200$ of the offical balance. Mediavenus are cheaters

  12. My website URL is and make used of their payment is OK, I guess You too can check them out.

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