AdClerks Review- Monetize Your Unsold Inventory

Google AdSense is definitely one of the primary source to monetize your unsold inventory with a base of global advertisers. However, quality inventory are paid premium price and fixed CPMs which are much higher than AdSense. However, your traffic and niche should be relevant to the advertiser for fixed deals. Today, we introduce AdClerks, a platform similar to BuySellAds that help publishers monetize their unsold inventory at premium rates. AdClerks is one of the largest self-serve ad platforms, allowing users to buy & sell online ads on an open marketplace featuring hundreds of vetted sites.

AdClerks for Advertisers

We do all the due-diligence for you with all of our publishers being hand-picked. We only allow premium websites into our network, which means a higher ROI for you. It’s fast and easy – your campaign can be launched on a website of your choosing in as little as 60 seconds.

Advertiser USPs

1) Our marketplace of approved independent publishers is growing every day. Have a look through and find the best fit for your needs, or use our search tools to help you find the most relevant websites. Our publishers are from all over the world in every industry and sector. We make it simple to buy directly with no Emails, phone calls or negotiations.

2) Our Ad Bundles are the easiest way to get maximum exposure with the least effort. We hand pick the best zones from the best publishers to bring you great niche relevant collections of ads you can bulk buy. Better yet, to keep you in control we let you pick and choose – you don’t have to buy the entire bundle.

3) Once you have purchased your advert space it’s simply a case of uploading your creative and setting the title and destination URL. You may adjust your Advert during the campaign, too. Advert pricing is simple – what you see is what you pay. We accept major credit/debit cards and PayPal.

4) Once your campaigns are live you can log in and analyse the advert performance data live from your dashboard to help you see how well it is performing. You can use this to refine your ad to improve your campaign, if needed.

AdClerks for Publishers

We make it easy to start earning revenue from your website. Sign-up free, add your website and create some advert zones. Place our asynchronous JavaScript code on your website and watch the money come in. To bring you this service, serve the adverts, and provide detailed analytics we take a small commission from your ad sales.

1) It’s very simple to sign up and just takes a minute. No sign up fee, no monthly fees, and no contracts. Once registered, add your website and we’ll check it and approve it.

2) You decide what type of adverts you want, and how you wish to be paid. You can create a selection of pre-set industry standard sizes, or create a custom size. Place our asynchronous JavaScript code for your zones on your website and your advert slots will be available to purchase in our marketplace. Then sit back and watch the money come in.

3) Sit back and let us do the rest. You’ll be connected with advertisers from all over the world without ever having to answer the phone or reply to Emails. No haggling and no hoops to jump through. Advertisers have to follow your prices, and your terms. When you’re ready, cash out your earnings to your PayPal account. To deliver this service, provide analytics, and serve ads we take a small cut from every sale.

The MarketPlace Concept- Does it Work?

In the world of programmatic, one may question the credibility of marketplace models, but in fact, for niche markets, the marketplace model and direct deals work better than programmatic. Programmatic is essential for heavy buying, where context somewhat becomes redundant to analyse the potential of an advertisement. However, for many businesses, the audience is defined and the context as well, and coming across the most relevant website that matches the advertiser’s sales pitch/product becomes crucial. The AdClerks marketplace lists such websites across major niche and connects the right audience to the advertiser. OneClerk further automates the entire process.

Introducing OneClerk from AdClerks

OneClerk easily bolts on to your existing ad zones with just one click. Once activated, OneClerk instantly and automatically monetizes any unsold space while still making them available to purchase on our self-service advertising platform. It really couldn’t be easier!

  • One click set up
  • Instantly monetizes unsold ad space
  • CPM revenue model
  • Family-friendly ads from quality advertisers

Why Should your Choose OneClerk?

1) Earnings on Autopilot

Instantly monetizes unsold ad space. You don’t need to do a thing – we manage everything. Your monthly and CPM ad space can still be bought from our marketplace. OneClerk maximises your earning potential.

2) Quality Advertisers

OneClerk will automatically fill your unsold ad space with top advertisers including leading brands. Ads include programmatic display family-friendly ads generating CPM revenue .

3) One Click Setup

Create a valid ad zone (or edit an existing zone) on AdClerks and click the OneClerk opt in button. That’s all you need to do. Once we’ve approved your zone, OneClerk will automatically monetize your unsold ad zone.

Join AdClerks and reap the benefits on OneClerk. To know more about OneClerk , click here.

Publisher Dashboard

You need to signup with AdClerks and submit your website for approval. The AdClerks teams takes less than 24 hours to approve each website once it meets the family friendly criteria. Following this, you can manage to login to your website.  Advertisers can target individual placements on websites or they can opt in for a ad-bundle.

Publishers can list their site on the marketplace and get started with OneClick to easily monetize their ad zones. You can fix the price of the ad zone and use Google adsense as a back-up. In this way, you’re not losing revenue for your ad space but get an increased chance to maximize your revenue through direct deals.

Publisher Payments- You can cash out once you’ve USD 25 in your account. Payments are processed once a month and publishers are paid via paypal. You can update your paypal id once you’re logged in to the system.

About AdClerks- AdClerks is a UK based business with a hand-picked team of digital professionals. You can know more about AdClerks by viewing their About Us page.


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