How to Monetize Adult Sites?

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While it is easy to bring traffic to adult websites, monetizing them isn’t a simple task. One must skim through a series of ad networks to find the best options that can monetize adult or semi adult blogs and websites. In today’s post, we will discuss about the ad networks which provides the maximum revenue potential for adult or semi-adult blogs. These recommendations can help you better monetize adult sites.

How to Monetize Adult Sites- Things to Keep in Mind

You need to have a vigorous ad placement to make the maximum revenue from your adult sites. However, it needs to be ensured that your don’t sabotage the interest of your visitors. Keep the following things in mind while monetizing an adult site.

  • Avoid using mobile redirects which some pop-under networks offer, although you can see good CPMs with them, you sabotage the interest of your visitors.
  • Try using more than one pop-under network, but cap the frequency of all networks to 1 ad impression per hour except one.
  • Try using interstitials, shadow box and other interactive formats for desktop.
  • Try using notification bar, sticky footer, message box and other interactive formats for mobile
  • Add banners to supplement your overall revenue.
  • Optimize user experience and your ad settings. Don’t overdo your ad settings since it may negatively hurt your traffic.

Looking for the best ad networks? Here are the top performing ad networks that can monetize adult sites.

How to Monetize Adult Sites- Our List of Recommended Ad  Networks

Listed below are the best performing ad networks for adult sites. You can use the ad networks which work best on your site. Typically, we recommend you to keep the ads for at least a week so that the system can come to an optimization threshold.

#1 Adnow- Monetize Adult Traffic with Native Ads

Adnow is one of the fastest growing native ad network for small and mid sized publishers. Adnow offers monetization opportunity for both adult and non-adult traffic. Once, you place the widget on your site, the approval process takes around 24-48 hours. CPC for adnow traffic will be around 1 cent, but depends on the source of traffic.

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CPM rates for Adnow

Adnow reports RPM and the widget RPM will vary based on your CTR and CPC. For some sites the RPM is well above USD 0.50.

Minimum Traffic Requirement for Adnow

There is no minimum traffic requirement for Adnow.

Payment Cycle for Adnow

Adnow pays its publishers twice a month on a minimum earning of $20.

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#2 Poptm- Monetize Adult Traffic with Popunders

We’ve been amazed with Poptm’s performance and continued it on some of our sites. Poptm ads are served on desktop traffic and are capped to 1 impression per 24 hours. This it doesn’t annoy the visitors and help publishers make good revenue. Poptm is not exclusively an adult popunder network but they do support adult websites. We have seen good rates for Asian traffic with Poptm and recommend publishers to try this pop-under ad network along with other networks.

CPM rates for Poptm

CPM rates for Poptm is somewhat close to Popads. They offer a CPM of around $1 for Asian traffic and a CPM of $2-$3 for US, UK traffic. Although a lot varies based on the niche and availability of the advertisers.

Minimum Traffic Requirement for Poptm

There isn’t any minimum traffic requirement to get an approval from Poptm.

Payment Cycle for Poptm

Poptm has a minimum balance threshold of USD 50 which once reached can be requested for a payout.

#3 The Most Popular Ad Network for Monetizing Adult Traffic

Popads has been in business for quite a long time and has some of the biggest brands advertising under its platform. Being one of the oldest Pop-under network, Popads claims to pay better rates than any other pop-under ad network in the industry. They also have their own anti-adblock solution to bypass adblocking. Additionally, you can control the settings of their pop-unders, making it one of the most flexible ad network in the industry. Major publishers around the globe use as their primary source of monetization.

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CPM rates for Popads

For adult traffic, the CPM rates typically vary between $0.5-$1 depending on the source of the traffic, the conversions and the traffic quality. On one of my adult blog, I am getting around $1 for Indian traffic which is a decent rate.

Minimum Traffic Requirement for Popads

Popads doesn’t have a minimum traffic requirement. You can get approved if the site has a few posts and navigable. Also, the approvals are very fast and takes a few hours.

Payment Cycle for Popads

You need to head to auto withdraw settings under your account to manage your payment cycle. Popads offers Paypal, Payoneer, Payza and Wire as payment methods. Choose your preferred payment method, update the threshold amount and the frequency. You can set the frequency to daily if you want the payment to be processed daily by Popads. A feature which most ad networks don’t provide.

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#4. Promoter

Promoter is a CPA ad network with multiple ad formats which publishers can try on their sites.  However, the pop-unders and pop-ups are certainly one of their best paying ad units. You have the option to test their various other ad units! So, go ahead and test them out. It should be one of your preferred ad network to monetize adult sites. 

#5. Adsterra

I haven’t used adsterra network but heard good reviews about them. With an Alexa rank of 19,000 they are legit. However, few publishers have reported low earnings with Adsterra too. So it is completely upto you to test this ad network. They are a Russia based network had have good demand for Asian traffic. Adsterra has grown to be one of the top ad networks in terms of traffic buying and has multiple ad formats available for publishers. Also, they provide a dedicated account manager who can help you out with the integration part.

#6. Infinity Ads

I used infinity ads on one of my blog back in 2011. They provide decent rates for their pop-unders and interstitials. Though they are not a very popular ad network like but the pay rate is good and can be recommended. They have a minimum payout of $3 and the payment is processed weekly, so you can always give a try!

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#7. Exoclick

Exoclick is one of the fastest growing adult ad network monetizing billions of ad impressions each month. Their state-of-art data learning algorithms provide publishers higher CPMs and better ROI for advertisers. Exoclick offers various ad formats, both banner and popunders. Their banner ads do perform well on adult sites. Exoclick doesn’t accept sites hosted on blogger platform. Exoclick also offers video and interstitials ads which perform well on quite a number of blogs. There are a lot of adult networks running on Exoclick and thus, they seem to provide more potential for publishers that other banner networks for adult sites.

We hope these 7 ad networks will help you monetize your adult site and will bring better revenue from you. If you’ve any further recommendation, feel free to share it on the comments. We’ll be happy to include them on the list.

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