A List of High Impact Ad Networks for Publishers

Advertisers want their ads to be seen, however, at the same time they don’t want to spam publisher sites with too many ad units. Publishers too want ads since that’s the only source of revenue in the digital world. Traditional banner ads may not be the exclusive choice for a lot of advertisers. We’re seeing a rise in native video ads, interstitials and other ad formats. Today, we are going to talk about “high impact ad formats” and ad networks which do have good inventory for such high impact ad units.

What are High Impact Ad Formats?

Basically high impact ad formats are those which bring an ad in front of the visitor at intermediate breakpoints. We also classify them as ads will appear distinctly before an user and requires an user initiation to close them. So, a user is left with two options- either video the ad or close the ad. You simply cannot ignore the ad unit. So, if you find the ad to be relevant, you end up visiting the advertiser site. High impact ads have higher click through rates than traditional banner ads.

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A List of Top High Impact Ad Networks for Publishers



Zinc ads by Zedo are native video ads which appear on screen based on users interaction. These ads have settings which can be customized. Zinc ads are only approved on publisher websites with high volume of page views. These are typically streaming ads which run for less than a minute. From a brand perspective, these ads are crucial and takes off when a new product is launched in the market.

UnderDog Media

Underdog Media is driven by a team of Digital Media and technology experts. They leverage best in class technology and industry partnerships to create ad placements that drive engagement with analytics that inform and guide intelligent business decisions for their partners. Publishers can make use of their header bidding platform, Edge and IAB ad formats. Underdog Media’s ads are sticky in native, thus delivering a 100% viewability. Publishers can increase their revenue by 20-30% using UnderDog Media’s ad formats.

UnderDog media works with top profile publishers and advertisers, ensuring both publishers and advertisers make good profit.

Just Premium

Just Premium is the first ad exchange for programmatic buying of high impact ad formats.

“Our High Impact Rich Media ad formats offer advertisers more creative possibilities, such as video and rich media. They are 100% visible and with CTRs ranging from 1 to 5%, they are much more effective than standard display formats.”

Just Premium has over 2,500 publishers and a very strong presence in Europe, especially, in countries like Germany, Belgium, Portugal, UK, Turkey etc. It has more than 16 high impact ad formats which publishers can monetize from. Also, Just Premium ads are suitable for general or viral sites where the adsense cpc and ctr is low. So, if you’re a publisher with good volume of viral or social EU traffic, don’t miss out Just Premium’s high impact ad units to make more revenue.  


ADSUPPLY is a top ad network with world class ad tech. They deliver viewable, high impact ads for brands, agencies, and publishers looking to maximize ROI. The AdSupply ad platform was developed to create, curate, and optimize high performance ad inventory. For both buy and sell side clients, our ad technology maximizes the effectiveness of each ad engagement.

“WE CONTINUE TO INVEST in developing unique ad formats that deliver high performance for advertisers and publishers. In our mission to create the most valuable ads on the web, we use real-time analytics to optimize viewability, attention, and interaction for every ad served.”

AdSupply support a number of ad formats like standard banners, interstitial, overlay, content blockers, before you go and leave behind. You can take a look at their ad formats here.


Working with Undertone gives brands access to the best and brightest minds in the digital ad industry, and a team fully dedicated to the success of their business. Backed by Perion Capital, and with offices in more than 10 cities across the globe, Undertone is a big native in the online ad marketplace.

Their diverse array of ad formats provide high value solutions for your digital properties and drive incremental revenue on every screen. Expect high CPMs and consistent ad delivery – without difficult implementations or encroaching on existing revenue streams. High impact cross-screen, high impact mobile, rising stars and standard ad units fit to any screen, device and guarantee a good CPM rate.

Division D

Division D is another popular ad network that provide innovative and effective ad units to help advertisers to thrive in online advertising marketplace. Division D provides standard and expandable ad formats, number of video ad formats like pre-roll and in-banner video, native list, sponsored content, interstitial, overlay and rising ad formats. They also have good inventory of custom leave behind ads. Division D can buy 100% of your US traffic at good rates. So, if you’ve substantial volume of US traffic, you may use their ad formats for additional revenue.


Spoutable is a native ad network that displays advertisements which are triggered on exit intent. They provide good CPMs (around USD 0.50) for worldwide traffic. If you’ve US traffic, you can earn more from them. They typically perform well with other native ad networks like Taboola and Outbrain. Thus, you can increase your overall revenue with Spoutable ads.

To conclude, these high impact ad formats might be just the one that you’re looking for if you want to monetize beyond adsense. All these high impact ad networks have a reputation of working with big brands and have strong geographic presence. You need to run these networks in combination since they’re mostly incapable of monetizing worldwide traffic at high CPM rates. So, get in touch with their pub-ops team and get the best from these ad networks. Happy monetizing! Keep visiting Blognife to read more articles related to high impact ad formats!

Spoutable- Premium Native Ad Network

One of the top performing native ad network which can make you additional revenue. Earn high CPMs with Spoutable. Highly Recommended

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