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27 WordPress Monetization Plugins to Make Money

Thanks to the huge repository of WordPress plugins. Monetizing a WordPress blog is much easier than any other CMS. However, it is not easy for new publishers or even experienced bloggers to have an access to the entire monetization suite. Today monetizing a blog goes beyond adsense ads, as more ad networks and innovative formats are in place. Thus, we decided to analysed several plugins and make a comprehensive list of WordPress plugins that can help you monetize your blog. In this article, we are going to talk about 27 WordPress monetization plugins that can help you make good revenue from your WordPress blog.

We are dividing the list of WordPress monetization plugins to

  1. Ad Placement Plugins
  2. Other Ad Networks apart from AdSense
  1. Native ad plugins

WordPress Ad Placement Plugins List 2017

The following are a list of ad placement plugins which can help you increase your overall AdSense revenue. The basic features of the plugins are free and if you’re looking for advanced features, the plugins come with some $$. Also, there are several plugins in the list which are completely free!

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#1 AdPushup

AdPushup help publishers increase their overall revenue through ad layout optimization. The product analyses the best performing ad locations and ad variations and shows them to users to increase overall click through rates. AdPushup is recommended to publishers who have a good CPC and have niche blogs which pay good rates on AdSense. Since, the average increase in CTR with AdPushup cross to 70-100% and ever more, publishers can see an overall increase in page RPM as high as 50-70%. AdPushup works with some of the big publisher networks, helping them optimize their ad CTR and provide high returns.

Install the AdPushup WordPress plugin and sign up with AdPushup.com. A representative will activate your account and setup ads on behalf of you and you’re typically ready to go live. AdPushup has the most cost effective pricing model and can help you increase your ad revenue.

#2 Advanced Ads

Advanced ads is one of the best WordPress ad placement plugin available in the repository. The free version allows you to place ads at various locations and group them. The premium version has much more functionality and is highly recommended for affiliate marketers who want to show interstitials, popups and ads specific to certain geos. With advanced ads, you can even use a sticky ad code, all just on a click. Another interesting feature of Advanced ads is that it allows you to do custom ad setup for desktop and mobile separately. This is available in the free version and can help publishers increase their overall advertising revenue.

You can go to wpadvancedads website to check more on the premium features of the plugin and also the add-ons. I recommend you go with the add-ons since they are extremely useful for ad placement and affiliate product promotions.

Advanced Ads- Must have WordPress Plugin

Use Advanced ads WordPress plugin to increase your ad revenue by showing interstitial ads, floating ads, affiliate ads, sticky ads and target specific locations etc

#3 AmpedSense

AmpedSense allows you to inject and split test various AdSense configurations into your WordPress blog until you find the best AdSense ads to use on your site. You can download the AmpedSense plugin directly from the official WordPress plugin repository. What AdPushup does it through advanced machine learning, AmpedSense does it by monitoring click-throughs. This is a good tool for bloggers and publishers who have just started monetizing their blog and has around 3000-5000 page views a day.

#4 AdRotate

With AdRotate you can easily place advertising banners pretty much anywhere on your site while managing almost everything from the easy to use dashboard. No fussing with your theme’s code if you don’t want to. Create your own adverts with basic HTML/Javascript code or use adverts from your favorite Ad Server such as DFP, AdSense, Chitika, Doubleclick, JuiceAds and many similar services. Manage your advertising campaigns with ease, right in your dashboard. Check up on how many impressions adverts have. Monitor ad groups and see which are most effective. Make the most of advertising with the many features AdRotate has to offer. The AdRotate plugin is free and comes with a premium version which you may try if you find it relevant and useful.

#5 Ad Inserter

Ad inserter is also an ad placement plugin that allows you to place any script. The plugin has features that allow you to place AdSense ads within the post content to let you make good money. Apart from Ad Inserter I would recommend Quick AdSense WordPress ad placement plugin and Ad Injection. The Quick AdSense plugin is one of the simplest ad placement plugin available and can help you get started.

#6 Marfeel

With more users engaging to mobile devices, the advertising industry is trying hard to monetize the mobile vertical. Even for publishers, maintaining a good mobile page RPM is a challenge mainly because of the website UX, low CTR of banner ads for mobile traffic. It has become imperative for publishers to achieve success on mobile traffic since a majority of the traffic(if the publisher is Asian) comes from mobile these days. Quite a few emerging companies are venturing into the mobile eco-space and ad optimization to help online publishers increase their advertising revenue. Marfeel– a company that optimizes your mobile web page layout, engage your visitors and help you monetize your mobile traffic in a better way. Additionally, Marfeel produces Google AMP pages when using WordPress. With Marfeel, you site will load in a fraction of a second, thereby increasing overall site speed, performance, and page views. Marfeel is one of our recommended WordPress monetization plugin, however, you need to have a minimum of 3,00,000 mobile page views to get started.

#7 Adngin

Another ad optimization WordPress plugin which you can try is Adngin! AdNgin is the industry leading solution built to maximize ad revenue through continuous ad layout optimization. Adngin uses a unique algorithm to continuously A/B test AdSense ad units and improves AdSense revenues. The easy to use dashboard provides easy drag-and-drop capabilities so no coding necessary, just magic. The WordPress plugin offers simple installation and setup. Its dashboard is created using customer feedback to provide a seamless user experience. You can add new ads, customize sizes & color, behavior, exclude pages, and many more exclusive features.

Adngin has integration capabilities with ADX, RevContent, Imonomy and others. Thus, they can increase your overall advertising revenue by increasing the CTR. Adngin also allows you to setup different ad layouts based on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

#8 Q2W3 Fixed Widget

The Q2W3 Fixed Sidebar Widget comes handy when you want to want to fix a sidebar widget including AdSense ads or affiliate ads. However, this is only applicable for your desktop traffic since it is a sticky sidebar. The WordPress plugin repository has this plugin which you need to install first. After activating the plugin, go to Appearance » Widgets and click on the widget that you want to make sticky. The plugin automatically adds a Fixed Widget option in all of your widgets. All you need to do is check the Fixed widget box and click on the Save button. Now, you can go to your live site and scroll down. Your fixed widget will now be a sticky floating widget. You can show fixed sidebar widgets with this plugin- it can be a simple ad banner or a Facebook widget or subscriber form!

These plugins will help you in WordPress blog monetization, letting you increase your AdSense revenue by over 50%.

Making Money WordPress Plugins

The following are a list of WordPress plugins that can help you make money by showing link ads, pop-unders, CPM ads and contextual ads.

#9 Viglink

Viglink is content monetization plugin that works like a charm for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and mommy bloggers. The system analyzes the content of a site and place monetizable links across the content. Visitors click on these links and are redirected to advertiser sites. As a publisher, you simply need to integrate Viglink ad code on your site, and their system will automatically choose the most relevant links. Viglink product suite contains tools like Viglink Anywhere, Trends and others. The Trends feature shows the best-performing links across your site and also shows the global trend.

Viglink- Monetize your content

Viglink offers additional source of monetization for your blog. Add the Viglink anywhere code and your keywords will turn to affiliate links

#10 The Moneytizer

The Moneytizer is an advertising platform which allows you monetize your website in a very easy way. Manage your ad slots and start displaying the most famous brand advertising campaigns. Moneytizer has partnered with AdExchanges, premium networks, SSPs and affiliate platforms to help provide the highest CPC/CPM to publishers. Also, Moneytizer has standard, high impact and video ad formats. This provide publishers the ability to choose the ad formats that work best for them.

#11 Infolinks

Infolinks help publishers earn revenue by showing contextual links along the content, additionally monetizing sites through native and rail ads. While infolink may not be a good fit for a lot of sites and geographies, some publishers still continue to earn good rates from Infolinks. This is one of the oldest ad network with Chitika and AdSense being the other two. If you’ve good tier one traffic, you may try Infolink. The WordPress Infolink official plugin helps you with the ad code setup, color customization and more.

Infolinks- AdSense Alternative

Use Infolink's in-text ad solutions and native ads to boost your overall revenue.

#12 Skimlinks

Skimlinks takes away all the effort usually associated with affiliate marketing, working behind-the-scenes and earning you commissions from the valuable links you include in your posts. Building on our years of experience of working with all types of blogs, our patent-pending technology converts existing product links in content into their equivalent affiliate link on-the-fly:

#13 AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal owns the unique Virtual Reality Ad form for mobile apps and websites, which requires no additional installation. This high impact ad unit enables publisher to make more revenue on mobile app and mobile web traffic. Established in the latter half of 2012, AdsOptimal claims to be the best solution for monetizing your content on mobile platforms. The plan of action is simple yet realistic. It optimizes your traditional banner to look more suitable on the mobile platform and serve a great visual quality to the accelerating number of users. The AdsOptimal WordPress plugin enables a quick setup of the ads.

#14 Propeller Ads

Propeller ads started as a performance based pop-under ad network and have been successful in driving good rates to the publishers. Propeller ads have several ad formats for both mobile and desktop. They do drive good revenue; however, their ads often hijack the browser and force the users to install the ad. Thus, they are not to be run along with Adsense. You may try Propeller ads on music, download type sites which don’t have recurring visits since their ads might end up annoying the users. For mobile traffic, I recommend you their interstitial ads. You can download the Propeller ads WordPress plugin from the repository and start making money.

Propeller Ads- High CPM Ad Network

A perfect ad network for sites which are not monetized by AdSense.

#15 MageNet

MageNet is a contextual ad network that helps publishers make revenue through placing direct ad units across its pages. The plugin has over 20,000 installs. This ad network is new to me and I am still exploring its features. It has several case studies showcasing publishers who are earning well with MageNet. This WordPress blog monetization plugin acts as the authentication to show MageNet ads on your blog.

#16 Video Player

Playwire is a comprehensive video hosting platform that offers everything your business needs for online video publishing. With Playwire, publishers have an all-in-one solution to encode, host, syndicate, stream, and monetize their video content. The Video Player plugin is an easy way for you to integrate with your Playwire account to manage your video inventory and posting without leaving your WordPress admin CMS. The Playwire platform handles SD and HD FLV & H.264 encoded video formats like MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, MP4V etc… HTML 5 video support enables cross browser and cross platform (desktop, tablet, mobile) playback.

In order to stream ads, you require a paid Playwire account that comes with some cost to incur the expenses for the video player and the hosting. This is one of the very few WordPress monetization plugin that deals with video ads.

WordPress Monetization Plugins for Affiliate Sales

The following are a list of affiliate marketing plugins that can help you directly or indirectly to monetize your WordPress blog. These WordPress plugins will help you track your affiliate sales, or generate more leads.

#17 Thirsty Affiliate

Thirsty Affiliates empowers website owners with the tools they need to monetize their WordPress website with affiliate marketing. It lets you administer your affiliate links, assists you with inserting them into your posts, pages and comments and gives you a central location in WordPress to manage all of your affiliate links. Thirsty Affiliates will create pretty links from ugly affiliate links (aka link redirection or link cloaking) all the while giving you the double benefit of protecting your commissions from theft. You can download the free plugin from WordPress repository and if you’re looking for advanced features, you might have a look at the available add-ons. Try Thirsty Affiliates– an affiliate WordPress plugin

#18 Amazon Link Engine

The Amazon Link Engine plugin is the easiest way to convert all Amazon links on your WordPress site into globalized links that work across all Amazon storefronts. This means that all clicks from your international audience are sent to the appropriate item in their own local storefront, improving conversions. The Amazon Link Engine is a tool by Geniuslink. By signing up for Geniuslink and syncing the Amazon Link Engine to your Geniuslink account, you can also get access to advanced reporting metrics and attach your Associates IDs to ensure that you earn the international affiliate commissions that you deserve.

#19 AddThis

AddThis isn’t a monetization plugin, but this free service allows you to promote affiliate links on your blog. AddThis is primarily a social share plugin which has come up with engagement tools. The feature allows you to promote any link and in fact more than one, additionally letting you A/B the content. The free version has some cool features!

#20 Content Egg

Content Egg plugin can create sites on autopilot! Everything you need – it’s just setup once autoblogging, type keywords and plugin will find products, images, videos and other content based on your schedule. The Pro version of the plugin can fetch product links from Amazon, CJ, Linkshare, Admitads, ShareaSale and others. Along with that, you can get Youtube videos, Google images and much more. Content Egg is an effective plugin if you’re willing to monetize your fashion, tech or lifestyle blog with targeted products.

# 21 Amazon Auto Links

Still manually searching products and pasting affiliate links? What happens if the products get outdated? With this plugin, you do not have to worry about it nor trouble to do such repetitive tasks. Just pick categories which suit your site and it will automatically display the links of decent products just coming out from Amazon today. The links are tagged with your Amazon Associate ID. The plugin supports 10 Amazon locales and works even on JavaScript disabled browsers. Insert the ads as widget or place generated shortcode or PHP code where the links should appear. If you want to search a specific product, yes, you can do that too. If you are good at HTML and CSS coding and know a little about PHP, you can create your own template! That means you can design the layout. Display affiliate links along with your posts with this plugin to generate actual income with minimal efforts.

#22 Solve Media Captcha

CAPTCHA is a simple and popular method of securing forms from abuse. Solve Media has created a patent-pending technology that turns CAPTCHA into branded TYPE-INs™, allowing you to earn money while you secure your site. Every time a visitor to your site solves a CAPTCHA TYPE-IN™ ad, we share the revenue with you. Solve Media CAPTCHA TYPE-IN™ ads are easy to read and easy to complete. Our systems constantly monitor for various forms of abuse, insuring that an optimal amount of revenue and security is provided. For visually impaired users, the Solve Media CAPTCHA widget offers an audio CAPTCHA puzzle.

This would count as an additional source of revenue if you site receives quite several comments per day.

WordPress Monetization plugins for Native ads

The following are a list of WordPress plugins that can enable native advertising on your blog. However, first you need to sign-up with the respective Native ad partners and then integrate the plugin to display monetizable native ads on your blog.

#23 Taboola

Taboola recommends editorial and sponsored content across many of the world’s most highly-trafficked sites. It help publishers monetize their content, drive higher engagement and enable brands to surface their content to the right audience at-scale. And above all, Taboola help people discover content they may like yet never knew existed. The WordPress plugin allows you to setup Taboola ads below the main article content and the sidebar. Once you’re accepted on the Taboola network, you will receive a setup code or tags that you can put on the Taboola WordPress plugin and ads will automatically display on your site.  Taboola native ads is a good source of additional revenue.

#24 Disqus

Disqus pretty much approves new sites with original content. I ran Disqus for 2 days and was not impressed with the revenue that their native ads were generating. The ads were having 30% viewership on an average and the widget was reporting an RPM of $0.30. So if I have 10,000 pageviews and 30% of times the ads were visible and the widget RPM is $0.30, then I am making around USD 1 per day. However, it might work well for you, so testing is always recommended.

#25 Shareaholic

Shareaholic is a social sharing plugin, which has integrated native advertising and offers publishers a way to monetize their content. Shareaholic is the world’s leading all-in-one Content Amplification Platform, which includes related content recommendations, social sharing, following, social analytics and site monetization apps such as promoted content, native ads and affiliate links. This module makes it a snap for any website — big or small — to engage and grow their traffic, market their content, gain insights, and monetize their audience, all from one powerful but easy-to-use dashboard. All the Apps are designed to work well together, on any website.

#26 Content.ad

Content.ad is a popular content recommendation plugin that help publishers monetize their traffic through native advertising. Content.ad is one of the popular native ad networks and stands in a though competition with Taboola, Outbrain and RevContent. It works if you’ve a substantial traffic coming from tier 1 countries.

#27 AndroApp

AndroApp is not a money-making plugin. Instead, it converts your WordPress blog into a native android app which can help you make money. Once you install the plugin, you need to choose the theme colors, add a feature and icon image, the home screen image and prepare the build. You will then get an APK file which you would require to upload to the PlayStore. If you don’t have a playstore account, then you’d require to create a developer account by paying a one-time fee of $25. Once the account is created, you can go ahead with the upload and then add the relevant screenshots, detailed description and the name of your app. Also, to serve ads, you require an AdMob account. AndroApp comes with a yearly subscription of $60.

Hope this list of 27 WordPress monetization plugins will be instrumental in increasing your overall blog’s revenue. Obviously, there will be other money making WordPress plugins too! If you think we have missed any crucial WordPress monetization plugin, feel free to share your recommendation in the comments section. We will be more than happy to include it on the list here.

Spoutable- Premium Native Ad Network

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