UberCPM Review 2019

Once in a while, I try to test new CPM networks and post reviews regarding them. Some are positive, some are negative. Before reviewing, I would like to mention that most successful CPM networks which pay publishers good rates are not instantly approved. Like Tribal Fusion, Casale Media and others, they require you to have 500,000 or more page views a month. Also, the audience quality is a big factor. Most CPM networks monetize US, UK, Canadian and European traffic at good rates. The same is not possible for worldwide traffic. Take a look at my UberCPM review 2017 here.

UberCPM is a relatively new ad network. There has been some buzz about this ad network in popular webmaster forums, and as a result, I thought of checking them out. I am sharing my overall experience about UberCPM with a few queries which I think publishers should know before getting started with UberCPM.

UberCPM Review 2017



Minimum Traffic Requirement for UberCPM

UberCPM doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirement. Publishers can sign up to the platform, verify their email id and generate ad codes and insert the ad code to their site and serve impressions. Although no minimum traffic requirement can be seen a good site for new bloggers, it, however, makes it difficult for the network to encourage or rope in premium advertisers since they take brand safety seriously and are not willing to show their ads on new blogs.

Can I run UberCPM Ads along with AdSense?

Yes, you can run UberCPM ads along with AdSense. I read somewhere in the comments that UberCPM provides ADX as a backfill, however, I didn’t see their ads to be backfilled by AdX.

UberCPM rates,  UberCPM Earnings, and UberCPM Payment Proof

I haven’t tested UberCPM on my primary blog. I am using UberCPM ads on one of my low traffic blogs. I am sharing the earnings screenshot here. After running their ads, what I have found is

UberCPM ads take time to load. Sometimes, you need to wait quite a long for the ad to load. Since the ad tags are not asynchronous, you should not put their ad tag in the header or below the menu. Placing their ads on the sidebar can be an option that you may want to avail. On the other hand, it might be a temporary issue which I observed while placing UberCPM ads on my site. As you can see UberCPM earnings are very low, something unfortunate that has also been conveyed in the comments.


ubercpm earning reports

Most of my traffic comes from India, and the CPC tends to be around 7-8 cents for Indian traffic on AdSense. Earnings from UberCPM is worst. It’s nowhere near to what I can expect. This is huge because they may not have campaigns running for Indian traffic, so they must be using CPA offers to fill the ads which only pays on conversion. So, if you’re having Indian traffic and thinking of getting started with UberCPM, chuck it.

I haven’t been paid by UberCPM so I cannot share my experience here. You may consider checking DigitalPoints forum thread.

UberCPM Dashboard and Admin Panel

The navigation, publisher dashboard etc are quite standard. So, I wouldn’t complain about the overall look and feel of the dashboard

Publisher Referral Bonus

Yes, UberCPM does provide a generous referral bonus of 10% if anyone signs up under your referral code.

As you can see, the stats speak a lot louder than words. My overall earnings from Uber CPM is just 2 cents and I gave them 10 clicks. I shared one probable explanation of my case. However, this doesn’t really mean that UberCPM is a bad network. In fact, you can go ahead and test the network by your self. If you have good traffic, you can contact their support and ask for a customized ad setup with UberCPM.

It is only by testing multiple ad networks and campaigns, you can find out which ad network is appropriate for your website and can actually let you make good money. If you’re an existing publisher at UberCPM and was something to share, please comment! Thanks in advance! Do share this post if you’ve liked my UberCPM Review 2017.

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  1. Thanks, used uber and by far the best, excluding adsense, ubercpm gives me the best earnings

  2. Ubercpm really gives high CPM, not better than adsense but better than others

  3. UberCpm is a scam!

  4. No, not a single cent. They wrote the amount under -Total amount paid- but it
    wasn`t paid. It’s hanging already 4 months. Besides, i found no payment proof
    in the entire internet from UberCpm.

  5. Who else worked with them, please write

  6. rubbish network
    they offered 1 cent YES ONE CENT per thousand visitors
    not even a begger would accept that kind of money
    + my site receives tier 1 country traffic

  7. Uber Cpm and Advertise world are working together and Both are SCAM !!

    I got email from Uber CPM saying that “You are qualified for our Premium ad network” they gave me a link to Advertiseworld.com and I started getting good CPM but never got paid ..

    Read here my uploaded proofs Here you go for “AdvertiseWorld.com is a SCAM Proof” I have uploaded proof regarding them !!

  8. please tell me that uber accepts payoneer or not, being a citizen of Pakistan i’m unable to receive payment through paypal

  9. which ad network is best for running ads other than adsense? Because my adsense avg CPC is 0.02 dollar sometimes it may 0.01 or 0.12……but avg is 0.02 dollar….. so i wants to try another network also…. Can you suggest me?

    • Try Facebook Audience Network, Criteo and MGid. We have our own ad network in case you want to test. We accept sites doing more than 5k page views per day! Skype me: ronniedey

  10. It has horrible rates. I have almost 90,000 impressions but only paid 1.02…

  11. Are you kidding me?
    You are judging a network on the basis of just a few impressions ?
    Lol… I must say that you should wait for some days (atleast 3-7) so the best advertisers start bidding higher rates on your website….

  12. I am using this AD network.I personally do not like this.My other ad network on my website are better than this.

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