Monetizing Traffic with AdNow- Fast Growing Native Ad Network

Native ad networks have become one of the primary source of monetizing websites along with AdSense. In fact, there are a lot of website niches which earn more from native ads as compared to AdSense.

Native advertising is a form of advertising which blends with the content so as to give the ads a native feel.  A lot of premium native advertising platforms are growing. Taboola, RevContent, Outbrain etc, focus on native stories and products which are promoted across their network of publisher sites. On the other hand, there are other native ad networks like (native video advertising network), Kiosked (native in-read ad network) and more.


Today, we’re going to discuss about AdNow, a fast growing native ad network which can monetize publisher websites.

Adnow is the native advertising company. We work with the high end advertising technologies like RTB, big data and artificial intelligence to serve the most relevant and interesting ads. Our platform is best at monetizing female audience.


  • 2 billion impressions per month
  • 900 million users per month
  • CPM varies from $0.1 to $2, depending on the country
  • More than 140 thousand websites throughout the world
  • 107 countries reach

Official site of Adnow is

Adnow works with Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China and other countries.

Benefits of Adnow over other Native Advertising Network

  • You can request payments twice a month upon reaching the minimum threshold of $20.
  • Easy approval of new websites.
  • Simple and uncomplicated CPC rates
  • Works well for even regional languages like Hindi which are very hard to monetize through AdSense

You can find more advantages for publisher here.

My Experience with Adnow

I continuous test various ad networks, and I am quite happy and satisfied with the overall response of Adnow. The account managers are quite prompt and reply on time if there is any issue related to widget setup, code implementation etc. They can be contacted via skype and support ticket as well. Also, the earnings are decent enough, and in fact, much more than Infolinks and chitika. I tested Infolinks, Disqus, Mgid and Taboola native ads and found Adnow to be more paying. However, Adnow needs to improve on the quality of its advertisers and I had a conversation with Alexandra from Adnow who told me that they are working on improving the advertiser base.

A List of Frequently Asked Questions Related to Adnow

How Much Can I except from Adnow

Revenue depends hugely on your traffic, advertiser conversions and more. Typically, Asian traffic CPC starts at 1 cent and US traffic CPC starts are 4 cents. These are the lowest rates, so based on your traffic mix, your CPC will fluctuate anywhere around 1 cent to 4 cents per click. If you have quality traffic, generating conversions, CPC might be higher as well.

Can I Run Adnow along with AdSense

Yes, like any other native ad network, you can run Adnow ads along with AdSense. Both are completely compatible. However, you should check “don’t show erotic ads” option while customizing the widget, otherwise, you might see erotic ads served by Adnow.

Adnow Approval Time

All applications received are manually monitored, reviewed and then approved. As a result, depending on the volume of applications, publisher sites will be approved in a span of 3 hours to 3 days. You will be receiving a mail from AdNow team with the site approval message. Meanwhile, you can implement the widget on your site.

Does Adnow Approve Adult Sites

As of now, Adnow doesn’t approve adult sites to ensure the interest of the advertisers.

Why AdNow CPC is low

I have used Taboola, Mgid and Adnow. If I compare these three ad networks, the quality of ads from Taboola is no doubt better, but in terms of CPC, both Taboola and Adnow was paying me almost same rates when compared. Although, Taboola pays a slightly better CPC, you have a lot of restrictions with Taboola. Firstly, you cannot use any other native ad network if you’re running Taboola ads. Also, they payment procedure via Payoneer requires you to submit an invoice and social security number and the entire process is a hassle. Mgid ads

Best Ways to Improve Earnings from AdNow

Adnow runs on a CPC model. Every time, a visitor clicks on an ad and goes to the advertiser’s site, you will be paid. Unlike AdSense, you can use interstitial ads or pop-ups which show full screen AdNow ads. These formats are likely to be clicked by a visitor, and your overall revenue from Adnow will substantially increase. If you’ve 10,000- 20,000 page views per day on your site, you can easily make $10-$20 from Adnow ads if you serve overlay ads. I am using the premium version of WP Advanced ads plugin to serve Adnow ads like, it costs around $100, but since you’ll be earning about $5 extra per day through this technique, you can easily break-even the cost of the plugin in 20 days. (I am assuming that you have 10,000 page views a month and substantial Asian traffic)

Payment Methods Supported by AdNow

Adnow pays its publishers twice a month with a minimum payout of $20. If you don’t reach the payout, your earnings will be accrued and you will be paid on the next payout date. Adnow supports paypal and payoneer as payment options. I have been paid consistently with Adnow.

Is AdNow a Scam?

Adnow operates across more than 107 countries with a good publisher and advertiser base. The publisher who introduced me to Adnow was making more than $3000 per month, and it’s almost a year back. I am using Adnow, since then and they have never missed a payment. Sometimes, there are delay in paypal payments, which when inquired are notified via tickets.

Niches which work well with Adnow

If you take a look at the advertisements from Adnow, you can see most of them are related to health and weight loss industry. So, if you have a site which is relevant to health, you can earn good revenue from Adnow. Also, viral sites tend of perform better with Adnow. Infact, WittyFeed, the World’s second largest viral site is running Adnow ads as one of the native ad networks.

Does AdNow CPC vary with Country?

Yes, AdNow’s CPC varies with geographies and audience quality. The CPC is a dynamic factor and varies with the traffic and advertiser demand. Generally, CPC for counties like India starts at less than 1 cents, where are CPC for US, UK and tier one countries start at 4-5 cents. However, the CPC is completely dynamic. Based on the quality of your site, you may get varying CPC rates.

Adnow Setup guide for Blogger and WordPress

Although the setup guide for Adnow is relatively easier for WordPress, ad setup on blogger takes a little time and effort. So, I have compiled two tutorials that can assist you with Adnow setup on both WordPress and Blogger.

Will Adnow ban my account?

Adnow doesn’t ban publisher accounts unless the publisher is involved in fraudulent activities like sending fake clicks etc. If you send genuine clicks, there isn’t a reason for Adnow to ban your account and absorb the money. However, if you’re purchasing traffic, it is up to you to understand the authenticity of the traffic.

There are quite a number of reviews which you can check before you start monetizing your website with Adnow. I also suggest you check this Digital Points Forum thread to read the experience of the various publishers who are using Adnow to monetize their traffic.

Getting Started with Adnow

  • If you’re convinced to get started with Adnow, go ahead and signup with Adnow.
  • Confirm your email address and add a site
  • Prepare a widget, customize the look and feel to give it a native blend
  • Add the widget codes on your site and get started with Adnow
  • Wait for the site approval mail from Adnow

If you find any difficult in widget setup, feel free to contact Adnow support via widget or skype. Also, do check the widget installation tutorials which I wrote for blogger and wordpress sites here, those can be helpful.

Adnow- Native Ad Network

Adnow will help you make additional revenue from your existing traffic by simply putting an ad widget anywhere on your content. Suitable for mid sized publishers and bloggers.

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Spoutable- Premium Native Ad Network

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