TOK Media- Ad Network Review

A lot of unique monetization solutions are coming up which are focused on increasing engagement on site. Take the example of two such products we reviewed earlier: Carambola and CodeFuel. Both of them are designed to keep in mind UX and Engagement, and the monetization comes as a bonus. In today’s post, we are going to discuss about a similar network which tries to monetize publisher sites via social interaction. Yes, we are here talking about TOK Media, an innovative ad format which support monetization for your US traffic.

TOK is a unique, new social opinion platform offering networked polls and discussions originating on the TOK discussion site and distributed across the web. Publishers, advertisers and users all benefit from its engaging products.


TOK’s Products

Desktop/Mobile Video Poll– A social opinion platform that brings monetized, automated video polls to your site. The video widget adds relevant automated polls and videos to your site with 100% fill rate and premium CPMs.

Tok Zone Network- TOK Zone discussions will soon be available for publishers, seamlessly integrating with sites in a variety of native formats. Interactive discussions, articles and videos networked across pages, properties and platforms create a highly engaging experience for users and additional revenue opportunities for publishers.


  1. On which verticals doesTok-Mediaperform best – success is not due to vertical but due to advertiser demand, and this is very “campaign” oriented and dependent on whether the site is in demand in general.
  2. How the performance metrics are measure – we send reports where you can see the eCPM you earned.
  3. What is the median CPV across your network – very difficult to say – depends on site and whether there is the right profile and ad demand.  Can be almost nothing if it’s just a click farm and several dollars if there is high demand.
  4. Do you provide good targeting to any Geo location apart from US.  We can try the tag open and see what the results are.  Or you could put it in DFP (gives us more flexibility) – we work fine either way.

Minimum Traffic Requirement for Tok Media

As stated above, TOK can mostly fill your US inventory and one of the condition to be eligible for a publisher is a significant volume of US traffic. It is better if you have 2,00,000 US page views or more to get started with. On an average, you can expect to have a million views and plus.

CPM Rates and Earnings from TOK Media

CPM rates varies greatly based on the site, niche etc. I haven’t tried TOK Media yet, however, I am willing to give them a start. I shall update this section once I get my CPM reports. Well, you don’t need to wait for my review, you can get started with TOK immediately if you have good US traffic. Additionally, lifestyle, news and entertainment vertical seems to perform better with TOK Media.

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7.5 Total Score
Overall Review: Good

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