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CodeFuel is an engagement and monetization suite helping content publishers create new revenue streams and advertisers hit targeted audiences- all while increasing site performance. CodeFuel enhances user experience by delivering relevant content and optimizing conversion for both advertisers and publishers.

We keep users focused and on-site for longer through targeted search results while building the perfect native ad experience.

CodeFuels Monetization Suite

CodeFuel provides the following monetization solutions that keeps in mind a swift user experience and higher retention period.



The in-tag solution from CodeFuel shows relevant tags within the content and when a user clicks on the tag, it shows native stories and ads which are related to the in-tag solution. This enables monetization and also keeps the user within the website.


If you’ve a site with huge volume of content, then some of the evergreen articles might be useful to visitors and can be referred. Machine learning is incorporated to analyse such content and draw revenue streams.


Video ads works well when a user is engaged with the content stream. CodeFuel’s technology shows relevant videos while a user scrolls through the content and engages at particular points.


In-image ads are similar to in-video ad formats. It is slowly growing as one of the preferred ad formats for brands to help them increase their ROI and let publishers increase their overall revenue stream.


In-feed ads are common and one of the additional monetization streams offered by CodeFuel.

These ads provide a native experience and blend well with the content of your site to make them look unobtrusive. The CodeFuel platform is designed to place ads on desktop, tablet, mobile without a glitch and compromise on the user experience.

Also, the integration with CodeFuel is pretty easy. You simply need to paste your code into the header section of your homepage and start optimizing immediately.

CodeFuels Engagement Suite


CodeFuel helps engage users by positioning targeted content in multiple formats with a strong focus on UX. Our solutions allow users to stay on and in-site for longer, explore more pages and increase incremental revenue. Their technology uses deep machine learning to understand patterns across pages, and user interaction, thereby analysing the data to retain users on the site.

About CodeFuel

The company is backed by Perion, and aims to create a complete digital advertising powerhouse along with GrowMobile and Powerhouse. CodeFuel has offices across 4 major locations: Tel Aviv, New York, San Francisco & Melbourne.

Monetization Formats

CodeFuel uses multiple formats, to bring better brand awareness and to increase CTR/ RPM. They serve video ads, native ads, display banners and recommended content.

CodeFuel is for Premium Publishers

CodeFuel provides new channels of monetization keeping in mind the UX, viewability and engagement. Publisher websites having huge volume of content can monetize their evergreen content with CodeFuel’s in-tag recommendation, search functionality and more. If you’ve more than 10 million views a month, I suggest you implement CodeFuel’s technology on your site. Although there hasn’t been any mention about the minimum traffic requirement, the technology is specifically designed to support premium publishers having highly trafficked sites.

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Overall Review: Good

Gain access to high impact ad formats from Codefuel.

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