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ComboTag is the leading one tag solution, allowing web and mobile publishers to add and control all of their banners, content recommendation and native widgets, in image and in text advertising and more, using a single ad tag. Once the tag is placed on the site, you will be able to control, modify, add and change all advertising spots on your site using ComboTag’s mega simple WYSIWYG visual editor. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel and was founded in 2014. 

With adblock usage skyrocketing and ad rates plummeting, publishers need to wake up. Rethink your monetisation strategy, improve your UX, and reduce user churn. In other words, you need to find a way to be able to display as little ads as possible, while increasing your CPMs enough to make sure your revenues are not hurt as a result.

Updated: A part of the section below is updated on 29.09.2016 after receiving a reply from ComboTag.

I thought of trying Combotag on one of my sites and contacted them. Now, I am in touch with one of their account managers, and I will update you more I get rolling with ComboTag. As of now, I am sharing some of the info which might be useful.

Payment Terms: NET 60 days

Model: One tag solution. You only need to add one single tag on your site to get started with ComboTag.

Options for Publishers to Choose:

1. Serving 100%, without CPM floor. This is how we normally start for a couple of weeks, and then decide on your CPM.
2. Serving only when we reach the floor price (Placement on demand).

Revenue share: 70% to Publishers ( guess this is negotiable and depends on the volume)

Ad Types: Standard banners, Interstitial, pop, overlay

Video platform: yes

My account manager says, “We operate a video player and streaming tech’, and we can create a promotion video for your websites (which will be the video content) and this way the CPM we reach is normally higher.”

Seems the promotional video of my site which they will create is going to host overlay or in-stream, pre-roll, mid-roll ads, etc. This is something interesting which I am looking forward to since most of the publishers find it difficult to stream their videos by themselves.

Layouts: Separate for Desktop and Mobile

I will come up with more info once I get started with ComboTag.

News: Combotag has partnered with Adblock Plus to enable publishers show relevant ads to the ad block users. However, the partnership end up being handy for Combotag since both Google and Appnexus has confirmed that they are going to end their partnership with ComboTag since they were not ready to work with Adblock Plus. (Adblock Plus introduced a new ad network named acceptableads and have partnered with ComboTag to fill up their demand side.

We tried signing up with both ComboTag and Acceptable Ads, however, we are awaiting a reply for both of them. If you need to learn more about Combotag, do check out their website here. [update: Received a reply from ComboTag, and working on to get started with ComboTag]


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