Best Ad Networks for Bollywood Niche Sites

Monetizing a Bollywood site with AdSense will typically result in low revenue since the clicks from most bollywood sites doesn’t end up in quality conversions and thus the CPC remains low to protect the advertiser’s interest. In this article we have come-up with best ad networks for Bollywood sites which can run in parallel with AdSense.



Smart pricing is designed to help advertisers confidently bid the maximum they’re willing to pay for their ads, which will increase publisher revenue over time. If a click is determined to be less likely to lead to a business result like a purchase or a newsletter sign-up, an advertiser’s maximum bid may be reduced.

Google introduced smart pricing on 2004 and it continues to be one of the most crucial account level features that determine the CPC of your ad units. Since, for Bollywood sites, there isn’t much we can do for the content, it all comes down to choosing the right set of ad networks to run in parallel with AdSense to increase your advertising traffic.

A few Tips to Increase AdSense Page RPM for Bollywood Sites

Use large sized ad units for desktop that blend well with the overall content and web layout. You can use an ad optimization tool like AdPushup to enable ad unit and placement testing to increase your CTR.

Majority of your traffic will be coming from mobile (more than 80%) and you should focus on this segment of your audience more than your desktop. Ensure your site loads faster. Avoid the 300×600 sidebar ad unit on mobile. You can even do this with AdPushup since the tool allows you to set different ad layouts for mobile, tablet and desktop. Advanced ads is our recommended plugin if you don’t wish to use an ad optimization tool.

Use 336×280 ad unit size instead of 300×250. Using the 336×280 increases the CPC as more advertisers bid for 336×280 compared to 300×250 ad unit.

Tips to Increase Overall Website Revenue for Bollywood Sites

Native ads perform well with Bollywood sites. I will recommend using both Taboola and Spoutable. Spoutable ads are triggered on exit intent and can make you some additional revenue. Their exit ads widget can get you a RPM of $0.30 to $0.50. On the other hand, you can use Taboola for showing ads after content and on sidebar.

Use in-stream image ad networks like Forkmedia. This ad network has a good number of Indian advertisers and works on in-image advertising domain. Since, most Bollywood sites will have images around the content, in-stream ads are a great source of monetizing Bollywood websites.

Apart from Forkmedia, you can also try ads from Kiosked, Imonomy, Netseer etc (but do remember you need to have more than 5 Million views per month to be accepted by these networks).

Criteo is an ad network which provides high CPM rates, and in fact 2-3 times higher than Adsense on a number of instances. This is possible because their engine churns on data and use re-targeting to deliver higher ROI for advertisers. Criteo will take typically 10%-15% of your impressions while the rest can be passed back to AdSense. I would recommend you to try Criteo if you have a traffic of more than 50,000 views a day! This can be one of your top earning CPM ad networks for Bollywood sites if you have good traffic.

Mobile interstitial ads are a great source of monetization for Bollywood sites. Most Bollywood sites have social and search traffic and not much of direct traffic. Targeting appropriate app installs (niche: gaming, e-commerce, utility, education) can not only engage users but also help publishers make good revenue. Interstitial ads are one of the highest paid ad unit formats in the industry and working with the right networks can help you make good money. You can check out Mobicow as an option.

Pop-under advertising typically works well with Bollywood, Music and Streaming sites. However, as a publisher, you need to be extra cautious while choosing a pop-under network since a lot of pop-under networks employ methods like browser hijacking to increase clicks. Some of the pop-under ad networks which you can try are

  1. Revenuehits– They have quite a number of ad formats including pop-unders, shadow box, interstitials etc. Revenuehits is a well know network and has a number of publishers who earn good rates from them. Also, they are one of the best pop-under ad networks in the market which have somewhat controlled ads in terms of malware, ad quality and hijacking.
  2.– is a decade old ad network with specialty in serving demographic specific pop-unders. They do have a very minimum payout rate and can provide industry leading CPM rates.
  3. Edomz has grown to be a reliable pop-under advertising network over the years. It has a good reach of global advertisers and publishers with roots in India. Edomz is particularly very good for Indian traffic and you can start testing their pop-unders.

Typically, Bollywood sites have 10,000 to 1,00,000 views a day and some sites have much more traffic. To better monetize your Bollywood traffic and earn high RPM rates on Bollywood traffic, it is recommended that you use different ad network types and don’t stick to only one particular ad network.

In addition to the following ad networks, you can also use in-text ad networks for monetization. I would recommend adding Viglink (for non-Indian traffic) and Cuelinks for Indian traffic to monetize the Bollywood site’s content through in-text ads.

In addition to the ones mentioned here, you can also try monetizing your video content if you’ve have any. Playwire and Sulvo are two recommendations which you can try. Sulvo uses their in-house patent pending price prediction algorithm to determine the highest paying ads while Playwire provides a guaranteed 100% fill rate and high CPMs because of its multiple demand sources.

The objective of this post is to ensure that publishers are not relied on only one ad network and the take out the time and effort to experiment with myriad of ad networks. Since choosing among 100s of ad networks is a task which is both daunting and time consuming, we come-up with the most appropriate solutions that can help publisher see a significant revenue uplift in a day or so! We hope the suggestions to increase overall earning on Bollywood sites will enable publishers reach their expected earning threshold and we appreciate if you share your personal experiences with us.

To wrap up, here are our recommend ad networks to help increase you revenue from Bollywood sites

Adnow- Native Ad Network

Adnow will help you make additional revenue from your existing traffic by simply putting an ad widget anywhere on your content. Suitable for mid sized publishers and bloggers.

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