AdBlock Plus Launches Acceptable Ads Program

Adblock plus, a popular ad-blocking software company recently launched its new ad network and termed it as acceptable ads program. Acceptable Ads help publishers, networks and advertisers generate more viable sources of revenue, which keeps online content free and delivers less intrusive ads that provide a more positive user experience.

Around 5-10% of the internet users use Adblocking technology to limit showing ads when browsing. This has seriously affected the internet giants like Google and Facebook whose technology is based on ad-serving. Now, ad block plus will show ads to its publishers based on what they call as ‘acceptable ads’.

John Hall, a contributor at Forbes quotes

For example, think about how Adblock Plus users must feel when the tool they use to block ads tells them that now some will be deemed acceptable, but those users won’t have a say in what “acceptable” looks like. Without a lot of context or even a basic understanding of the decision, people are left to think that Adblock Plus is creating a corrupt system and leaving its users high and dry.

The acceptable ads platform (beta) says, 

Ads don’t have to be annoying. Even if you’re pushing for increased engagement, viewability and yield. Millions of users have installed ad blockers in what could be the greatest consumer revolt of all time; there is a way to win those picky users back with nonintrusive ads.

Adblock Plus has been getting these users back with the Acceptable Ads initiative. The secret of the initiative is trust: users don’t have to take part, but because it’s on their own terms, most do. And yet, during the last 5 years, it was still a labor-intensive process for publishers and advertisers to join.

Not anymore. Adblock Plus teamed with ComboTag to create the first real-time open platform for Acceptable Ads. This allows publishers to drag and drop ads pre-approved by the Acceptable Ads initiative directly onto their site. In seconds.

The Story Behind

ComboTag has partnered with Appnexus and Google for its demand side. However, the teaming up of ComboTag with Eyeo (the company behind AdBlock Plus) turned out to be heavy for them since both Google and Appnexus made it clear that they don’t want to work with Eyeo and are going to end partnership the ComboTag. This will lead Adblock Plus to search for other demand sources or have tie-ups with direct advertisers. Also, the deciding factor for ‘acceptable ads’ can be questioned. What is ‘acceptable for you’ may not be ‘acceptable for me’. As a publisher, we can wait to see how the battle goes on and when Acceptable ads program is globally launched.

Incase, you wish to sign up with the ‘Acceptable ads program’, here is the link.

About Eyeo: Eyeo was founded in 2011, when Till Faida met Wladimir Palant; and the two decided to take Palant’s sometimes hobby, Adblock Plus, and try and change a billion-dollar industry with it. Adblock Plus has more than 300 million downloads till date.

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