A Step-wise Guide to Implement Adnow Ads on Blogger

AdNow is an advertising network that offers widget based native ads, to be used by publishers on their website. This premium Ad network has more than 1, 50,000 publishers as of now. Adnow accepts publishers who are otherwise turned down by Taboola, RevContent and Outbrain. Adnow can be run along with AdSense.  In this post, we will go through a step-wise how to guide to implement adnow ads on Blogger along with Widget element customization.

A. A Step-wise Guide to Adnow’s Widget Element Customization

Click on the drop down menu “Widgets” located in your dashboard.


To add widgets, click on the button:


Next, you will see the interface for the creation and customization of the widget:


On the left, you will see a sidebar menu; on the right will be the preview area. To reveal the menu, press the “+” button located on the right of each menu item.






Click “Save”.

In order to get the code to paste into the html of the page, click “HTML” to switch the preview area to display mode code.


In the first block is the code for the ad widget. Copy this code and paste it in the location you want the html markup of the page. In the bottom box is the code that loads the content of the advertising widgets. Copy this code and paste it in the end markup of the page where your advertising widgets are located. You can also place both the ad codes together in the place where you want the advertisement to be shown.

For proper operation of the advertising widgets, you must install both codes. Now when you select main menu item “Widgets” you can see the list of widgets placed on the platform:


B. A Step-wise Guide to Implement Adnow Ads on Blogger

Previously, Adnow required an authentication from webmasters before placing their ad widget. The first screenshot corresponds to the above steps. Kindly skip if not required.






I hope the following screen-shots will help in with implementation of Adnow widget on your blogger site. Since I have received a few queries from web publishers on how they can implement adnow on blogger, I thought of writing this tutorial. The attached screenshots, which does much of the working is provided by Adnow publisher team. If you have any queries, feel free to comment here.


Adnow- Native Ad Network

Adnow will help you make additional revenue from your existing traffic by simply putting an ad widget anywhere on your content. Suitable for mid sized publishers and bloggers.

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  1. Good post, I really understand follow the way in this Blog. But why does not Adnow ad appear?

  2. A fraudulent company and stealing publisher’s money

  3. It is a fraud company, stopped my account . They increased ctr self and said that I have clicked invalid clicks.

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