CPIMobi Review: Best CPI Mobile Ad Network for App Installs

The mobile advertising eco-space is growing rapidly and many mobile ad networks are trying to caputure the market and compete with the existing giants like Admob, Facebook, inMobi etc. In this article I will talk about a mobile ad network called CPIMobi and a recent incident which prompted me to write a review about this ad network. After I published my first Android app on playstore, I got a few outreach mails from mobile ad networks out of which I thought of trying CPIMobi. The outreach mail looked like something

Hi there, dear Android Developers!
My name is Nick and I am willing to talk to you about your Android Apps.
Are you searching for methods to promote your apps and get more installs daily?
CPIMobi.com – gives a perfect solution to boost your Android App’s ranking in the Google Play Market by providing Android Installs from real users and devices on a CPI basis.
Our services are trusted by 50,000 app owners whose ROI increased due to our partnership.
Our Advantages:
– $0.09 – the lowest price for Android Install
– No SDK required
– Start your campaign in 5 minutes
– Powerful dashboard and statistics
I thought of giving this network a try, particularly, since it boasts of 50 free installs and a good cost per install. So I went ahead a created an account with CPIMobi. The account creation was almost easy and I was able to access the dashboard. I created a free campaign which promised me 50 app installs. The campaign was easily created since I only had to suggest the name of the app. The campaign was waiting a moderator approval which was done almost instantly. Following which, it only took the system 5-10 minutes to get all the installs and the campaign was executed.
However, what seemed interesting was the conversion rate- 53%
No where in the ad industry, this could be possible unless the installs are incentivized.  After doing a little googling, I found a post on Quora which says that CPIMobi gives incentives for app installs. This type of ad networks only end up draining money from the pocket of the advertisers without any significant ROI. Also, what I found, all the users who installed the app uninstalled them immediately.
The number of app uninstalls is a Playstore ranking factor and this can affect your app’s ranking, bringing it significantly down.
This actually happened with one of the advertiser who drove installs via CPIMobi. So I would recommend you guys not to use CPIMobi for your advertising campaigns. You will end up making loss all the way. While this is mentioned on their website, in the FAQ section that the installs are incentive oriented in nature, they claim that this will result in higher organic downloads, but that’s not true in most of the cases.
Is CPIMobi a scam ad network?
Any business which doesn’t have a strong business model and is dependent on short term money making tricks can be termed as a scam. I cannot comment on whether it is a scam or not, but I centainly had a bad experience with CPIMobi. Peroid.
If you had any similar experience with any mobile ad network, do let us know. Also feel free to share your good experience with any mobile advertising network too.

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