How I Increased my Revenue by 30% using AdNow along with AdSense?

Native advertising is a type of advertising, usually online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. In many cases, it manifests as either an article or video, produced by an advertiser with the specific intent to promote a product, while matching the form and style which would otherwise be seen in the work of the platform’s editorial staff. The word “native” refers to this coherence of the content with the other media that appears on the platform.

The interest of ‘Native ads’ over time is increasing and in fact a lot of publishers are using native ads to tell stories that revolve around their brand and have seen much better results. See how the interest over time is increasing for ‘native ads’.

native ads

How Publishers can make Money from Native Ads

For instance, increasing the number of banner ads on your site from 4 to 5 can actually result in a lowering of over all earning because of ad dilution. The increased ad unit dilutes the CPC of the other ad units and also tends to divide the ad unit CTR. Thus you wont be able to see marked increase on your overall earnings. However, native ads are tailored to blend in naturally within your content and it gives a content like experience, thereby increasing the CTR of native ads. A native ad unit widget gets  a CTR of 1% and above where as the average CTR of a banner ad is 0.30%.

Choosing the Right Native Ad Network for Publishers

It is extremely crucial to ensure that you choose the right native ad network. I have reviewed and used more than half-a-dozen of native ad networks can I believe Adnow is the most optimal ad network for small to medium sizes publishers (Publishers who get a daily traffic of 500 to 1,00,000 page views)

  • Outbrain accepts sites which have more than 10 million monthly page views
  • Taboola accepts sites with more than 1 million monthly page views. However, they have a detailed payment structure where you need to send invoice every month along with details of your social security number/PAN for taxation purpose.
  • Disqus, Ayboll, Mgid pays really less and to be eligible for RevContent, you need to have more than 3 million page views.

The most optimal option at hand is Adnow which pays as high as Taboola and they have a 15 days payment cycle and transfers funds through Paypal. Also, they accept small to moderation publishers with the traffic volume listed above. Here I am listing my experience with Adnow

Spoutable- Premium Native Ad Network

One of the top performing native ad network which can make you additional revenue. Earn high CPMs with Spoutable. Highly Recommended

My Experience with Adnow with Earnings Reports

I am sharing a screenshot of my AdNow earnings on one of my blog.  As you can see the eCPM is close to 0.4$. So, you can almost each $1 RPM from Adnow if you run two of your widgets on your site ( most of my traffic comes from India). Since these are native ads, they gets consumed as content and if you manage to have good CTR, you are set to have a good source of side income through AdNow.

AdNow earnings and CPM rates

Payment Structure and Payout

The best advantage of enrolling with AdNow advertising platform is that it offers detailed statistics reporting system to its publishers. These stats reporting system shows number of clicks, views, clicks from different sources, income earned, eCPMs and CTR on a daily basis. Clicks on ads made by visitors on a daily basis get represented daily at AdNow. It is possible to generate reports from different time zones from these stats reporting system using a number of widgets such as clicks, impression, income and so on.

Stats are shown in real time with its reporting time (stats refresh every hour) and the minimum payout is $20. Publishers could realize their payments on a weekly basis. AdNow offers two different payment options to its publishers, through PayPal and Bank Wire money transfers.

AdNow calculates earnings based on impressions and makes payment on a Net 14 day basis or weekly basis

Adnow Payment Proof

Adnow has been paying me consistently and pretty much on time! Here is the payment proof along with the paypal payment which I received from Adnow! The parent company which sends the payment is ActionPlay Advertising Network!

Adnow Payment Proof

Here is the Paypal payment details for the amount due for May-June period.

Paypal payment proof Adnow The Best Pop-Under Network

The most reliable and best performing pop-under ad network for global traffic with daily payouts.

Well, That’s not the End

I earned $747 from Adnow referral by referring 55 publishers till date (although the majority of the revenue came from a few publishers only). I cannot share the graph because the publishers have their ads shared in the graph and if I share the graph, one can indirectly estimate how much revenue that id is generating without the approval of the publisher. I can, however, share a screenshot of the referral earnings and that follows here..


You continue to earn 5% of your referral’s earning for lifetime. However, whats more interesting is, I joined they summer referral contest (got informed quite late about the contest) but managed to get an iPhone mini.

They won Adnow Referral Contest results dey.abhishek99 Gmail

Adnow runs contests to ensure good work is always rewarded and what I liked about them is the constant transparency. I will update this section with the images of the gift once I receive it.

Wrapping Up- What next?

It’s time to hurry, and signup with Adnow and get started earning. Also, currently the have a contest running. I won’t share anything about it. Go and check it out yourself. Signup with Adnow.

Have any queries? I would love to hear them.

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