Impact Radius Review: Best Affiliate Network for Publishers in 2020

Impact Radius affiliate marketing program helps in significant improvement of global advertising cost that has been spent over brands and services. The network is featured with an excellent suite of highly functional products meant for Media attribution, Tag management, Mobile Analytics and Performance marketing. The network works by offering a single lineated view on consumer journey, tracks marketing efforts across channels and delivers data insights for affiliates to help them with their revenue growth.

A Brief about Impact Radius

Impact Radius is the Brain Child of some of the best affiliate marketers in the industry and tech experts of biggest marketing firms. It was started in the year 2008 by such experts who have in the past found and Commission junction. The motto behind creating Impact radius is to change the way advertisers and merchants manage media partnerships. The network doesn’t focus merely on its merchants, but on the technology and platform as well, so as to help its merchants manage their own advertising programs. After the demise of Affiliate Network from Google in the year 2013, Impact Radius stepped into the field immediately to become the third big name in the field of affiliate marketing.


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Requirements for Publishers to Join Impact Radius

It is very easy to be a part of the Publisher’s network at Impact Radius. Publishers have to fill in a simple online registration form with their contact information, website and company information and payment preference. Unlike other affiliate marketing networks, Impact Radius takes its own time to approve its publisher requests. It performs phone verification before approving its affiliates. After filling in the verification form, its IR representative makes a phone call and verify all provided information and also try to learn a bit about its applicants. It also inquires on their plans with respect to their network.

One Easy way to be a part of the Impact Radius network is to browse and choose a market place and apply to all the advertisers and merchant program that publishers wish to. Some Merchants also allow direct sign up and private programs for its affiliates for whom applications are located on a different location within the website and publishers have to sign up specifically with these merchants.

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Choice is left with the merchants to accept or reject affiliates who are thus recommended to go through all requirements of the insertion order carefully. Some famous grounds under which, affiliates gets rejected by a merchant are, carrying adult content, laws pertaining to Nexus taxes, website containing deals and coupons and so on. Once rejected affiliates could contact the affiliate manager to learn the reason and on procedures of re-application. Affiliates are offered with contact information of the Merchant at their campaign links, just browse through My campaigns – Contact Tab.

Being a Global Affiliate and digital marketing solutions, it has acquired 5IQ platform to recruit and identify affiliates promptly. As there are more than 800000 publishers all over the world, 5IQ makes it possible for merchants to filter their publishers and find the best fit candidate for new partnerships. The tool makes it easy for Global companies to find prompt publishers, 80% of whom live outside the US.

How does Impact Radius Work?

Brands today constantly face the challenge of finding new distribution channels and marketing opportunities to witness a high return on investments. The 5IQ technology of Impact Radius helps advertisers and agency partners to gain unparalleled access to an ocean of new publishers with growth opportunities all over the world.

Affiliates also find it easy to Pull their ads through their network, they only have to click on the links available on the left side of their dashboard and then click on the ‘search ads’ icon that appears below. Publishers could find a huge list of different types of ads such as text links, banners and a lot more, for all the advertisers to whom they have signed up for. Publishers could also filter their results based on Ad type, language, Promotion type etc.

To isolate all ad links pertaining to one merchant or a campaign, they have to

  1. Click on the ‘campaigns link’ on the left side
  2. Choose from ‘select’ dropdown available at the end of each merchant row
  3. Select ‘ view ads’ to gain access to the Ads zone
  4. Click on text link or banners to choose appropriate ads.
  5. Once the ad is chosen,  click on ‘Get code’ link available on the right side
  6. A Pop up opens with a number of code options, such as HTML links, single tracking link or iframe link.
  7. Copy the desired link and add it on to the website.

Features offered by Impact Radius Digital Marketing Network

  • Partner Manager: Publishers are free to automate their strategic partner and affiliate marketing programs through this feature and are thus able to decrease their transaction cost and boost ROI which concurrently enhancing analytic insights, scalability and control.
  • Tag Manager: This feature helps affiliates to tag their relationship managers and tap their help across all channels, through mobile and Email.
  • Media Manager: This serves as a centralized data hub to streamline the reporting process and to measure return on Ad spend accurately.
  • Mobile tracker: Publishers are able to track all mobile installs and in-app events from all merchants just by integrating a simple SDK.
  • Inbound call tracker: Through this feature it is possible to track clicks on a platform, automate workflows and even manage payments.
  • Impact Radius Market Place: This feature helps to find and connect publishers with affiliates through its specific search algorithm.

Advantages of Impact Radius:

  • By automating critical marketing process and through real time delivery of visual reporting insights, the network is able to drive in revenue for a number of global companies such as Shutterstock, American Airlines, Wayfair and so on.
  • It helps its marketers to manage their Ad tags by themselves, without IT involvement and thus streamline workflow and decreases cost.
  • Its marketing team does a lot of campaign testing and optimization functionalities, thereby unlocking new revenue opportunities.
  • Its ad tags does not affect page load times and thus offers high conversion rates and better page load time. Its Tag management system also locates tags that impair site performance and those that does not comply with site requirements.
  • Publishers are able to manage all tags through their intuitive interface which includes chat, re-targeting, analytics, multivariate tag testing, JS queries etc.
  • Its ad tags are functional and compatible with mobile websites as well.

Payment Structure and Payout

The Network pays through three different payment channels such as ACH (no processing cost), International Bank Transfers (the cost of which varies on the destination country and through Check with a $5 fee for payment processing. Publishers are free to choose their own payment threshold, which could be anything between $25 to $5000. A Minimum threshold varies on payment modes as well, for ACH minimum threshold is $25, for Bank Transfer, it is $100 and for checks it is $50. Publishers are also free to choose, when they wish to get paid, it could either be the 1st or 15th of every month.

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  1. Don’t trust this affiliate marketing platform. I referred a website owner to buy a plan in MaxCDN and I earned commission that is payable in 3 months. I completed all the required forms by MaxCDN’s affiliate marketing platform Impact Radius 3 months before the payment is due. I budgeted my earnings to pay my bills. After 3 months when the payment should be made, their finance team raised issue that my routing number is invalid. Why this routing number issue has not been addressed 3 months ago where the delay in payment could have been prevented? Why raised that issue when I expect the money that I earned to pay my bills badly? This is clearly a defect/negligence in the part of Impact Radius system. I had 2 weeks argument with their customer support, suggested them to use different methods that known to be working for my account and it came to a point where I contacted the heads of Impact Radius and never got reply from them. I also made contact directly to the MaxCDN and their head to ask for their help as I have already exhausted all the options I have with Impact Radius, I already lost my trust in them and dealing with them just give me more stress. I never got help from MaxCDN. With all these efforts, I just lost time and gave me so much stress. And I lost money because of the penalties in late payment of bills. My mistake was I trusted them that they will pay.

  2. Hi Roland,

    I understand how frustrating it is for affiliates to drive all the energy for a sale and not get paid for the dues. Also, the NET 90 days payment policy sometimes become too heavy on affiliates and publishers. There are other affiliate networks, and I hope you will be successful with them.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience!

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