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Marketing tools like pop-ups, notifications, surveys, banners, etc are becoming extremely important to target message to the audience and in fact, very crucial from ROI point of view. I remembered getting started with WebEngage a few years back only to realize lately that the company which once focused on small to mid-sized business is now targeting brands with more product sophistication and a much higher pricing. As a result I started to hunt for alternatives and lucking, came to the require. is pretty much a WebEngage alternative with a pack of features that are sufficient for small to mid sized startups, bloggers and other industry owners.


Connecto is being regarded as a revolution in the world of digital marketing. It helps businesses understand the intents of its customers and their buying behavior and helps them to engage its customers in a more customized and focused manner. The network helps its merchants in increasing its sales and to increase Return On Investment, as proved by increase in %sales through digital marketing. The money invested in the network to improve sales and ROI for a business is comparatively less taking into consideration the advertising cost with popular social media platforms.

They offer a 21 days No Credit Card required trial to leverage the use of their product and after using them, I must say, it’s good. Their pricing is reasonable and they offer a freemium version for starters upto 30,000 notification views a month. Also the startup plan with $10 per month upto 100,000 notifications is quite reasonable pricing. Before we delve into, lets know a bit more about the company.

A Brief About the Company

The Company was founded by Jagmal Singh and Saurabh Mathur, the company is based in Noida, India. has been recently acquired by Girnar Soft on April 28, 2016. works best for all E-Commerce companies that look forward to improve sales and Customer Base, or a not for profit company/NGO wanting to reach a number of people. Other websites that benefit from the services of Connecto are, Real Estate companies wanting to generate more leads, Travel websites wanting to engage customers in a better way and improve conversion rates and Blogging websites that intents to interact with its readers and clientele constantly.

Connecto is indeed a tool that offers real time personalized messaging services to engage users, who visit a website. Messages pertain to the services and products of affiliate merchants. The tool also notifies readers about new changes in the website or application. It creates a deeper integration with all site visitors and creates profiles for every visitor who reach a website, information on the profile would be used to send personalized message for each individual visitor. The network tracks all user actions as well and when some criteria is met, relevant notification in the form of personalized messages is delivered to these users. Thus, Connecto helps to improve conversions.


Up and Running with

It is very easy for publishers to sign up with Connecto, they only have to follow the below given step by step instructions.

Step 1: Open in the web browser.

  1. Click on the Sign up button and securely fill the Sign up form. The registration forms require simple information such as Website Name, Email, Phone Number, Username and Password.
  2. After Registration, users would receive an email with JavaScript Snippet of Connecto and a video that explains how to launch the widget of Connecto on the Website.
  3. By incorporating the Snippet, Publishers would be able to Integrate Connecto on their Website.
  4. For WordPress Users, Connecto features a WP Plugin and to other Websites, it needs to integrate the JS Snippet at the bottom of every page of the website.
  5. The next step is to Login to Connecto account at www. After logging in, users would et redirected to the dashboard where they have to click on the ‘create’ button on the left side.
  6. Choose a suitable template and launch the same on the website. Affiliates could also customize the template and apply certain targeting rules to launch the template on the website. Customizing it helps in improving user engagement and conversion rates.
  7. For those who find difficulties with the registration process, they could reach the network at [email protected].

As stated, Connecto also offers its publishers free trial of the product that lasts for 21 days. Once the JS snippet it integrated and custom notification created and launched, these notifications would appear on all the pages of the website. Notification specific JS code to be pasted on the individual web pages are not offered by Connecto.

How does Connecto work? construct tools that help product managers and marketers communicate with their website visitors better. It holds some of the most powerful targeting tools which helps its publishers communicate the products of its merchants better. Some of its products are,

Connecto Leads – This tool helps affiliates with lead generation for their website.

Messaging – Connecto messaging improves website engagement through intelligent messaging based on the browsing behavior of the user.

Connecto Mobile – essential sections of the website gets easy to be discovered by the user.

Connecto Social – This tool helps to extend social connections for a business.

  1. Register with the network
  2. Check the email for JS integration and for demo video
  3. Any help or query, Connecto prefers to resolve through its support team
  4. Integrate Connecto into the website, copy the JS code in the footer or body of the website, similar to Google Analytics.
  5. Start creating widgets by choosing from 80+ templates for banners, bars and widgets
  6. Customize templates by altering its look and feel, position and messages
  7. Advanced options are available to customize templates further
  8. Target the widget to URLs, specific user actions, user attributes such as location, device and other custom variables.
  9. Rename the widget to create something sensible and make all needed changes before its launch.
  10. Finally, check on the dashboard for stats on user engagement.

Advantages of using

  • Connecto helps to generate quality leads for a business/service by setting up personalized forms to be shown at the right time and at the right place.
  • It has a huge number of widgets to show personalized messages based on user behavior that are also customizable
  • It improves website leads by 30% through increased relevance.
  • Specific forms with the right message are sent to different users through advanced targeting.
  • It’s smart and dynamic banners improves visibility of the best deals from a business to its customers
  • Website engagement is improved through exit intent widgets, A/B testing to boost sales and referral targeting.
  • It also monetizes embedded forms and videos to improve sales.

My Experience with Connecto

I ran an educational blog and recently I created an Android app that caters to only Indian audience. As such, I used the notification widgets from connecto to promote my app  to only Indian audience and the overall experience was good. I was getting a 3%-5% CTR with their popups which can be truly customized according to the need to the user. I am also amazed to see the number of features they offer and the forever free by 10,000 notification views is a strong commitment from the company with the objective of helping starters create a business association with Connecto.

Fees and Payments 

Its paid services are available for yearly and monthly subscription plans. Subscription gets renewed at the end of every subscription period automatically until consent is given to not renew the subscription, seven days prior to the renewal date. The fee for subscription would be charged to the credit card that has been last used by the user to pay the subscription fee. When subscription is terminated, the subscription amount for the unused portion of the subscription period would be refunded. The plans start at $10 per month with the most popular plan at $50 per month.

Conclusion offer an array of service for website conversion and to improve leads. Such services are lead generation forms, personalized messages, feedback forms and customer management applications. Such services are of immense help to take a business to an array of new customers and boosts its sales.

Using or similar products? We would love to hear you back….Do you believe is a WebEngage alternative?

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