Undertone Review 2016– Most Creative Ad Network

As a digital advertising company, undertone sits perfectly at the intersection of media, technology and creative. The network is known for its high impact display and video ads that helps bands to engage audience beyond the scope of traditional banner or pop-out ads. They have just a hand picked portfolio of publisher partners to whom hey deliver such ads across devices and screens through their highly technical platforms.

A brief about the company

The Undertone ad network was formulated in the year 2002 by Micheal Cassidy with the intent to cater to the advertising needs of demanding marketers, agencies, publishers and media companies in the world. The company is headquartered in the New York City, US and has been regarded as one of the most independent ads serving platforms in the year 2009.  The network is known among its advertisers, publishers and employees for its creativity, innovation and unbound impact it creates with its ads. They keep manipulating their company protocols to work better for the betterment of its customers and strive  to attain flawless execution of display ads at all times. Since inception, undertone has gained at least a thought clients and helps them achieve all of their marketing goals. Its highly dedicated team constantly collaborates with their publishers in creating the most effective advertising strategy, so as to eminently meet their objectives.


They make it a point to realize all goals and objectives of their clients, before framing the ad schedule and customize campaigns for different clients. They constantly analyze and monitor performance data, optimize campaigns, identify emerging trends and transform ad campaigns accordingly to help their publishers achieve maximum results.

Requirements for publishers to join the network

The diverse array of ad formats by undertone, offers high value solutions to the digital properties of publishers and helps them drive tremendous revenue at every screen. It offers its publishers consistent ad delivery and high CPM rates with easy ad implementation process. It has worked with top brands in every vertical and expects the best from its publishers. To be a part of its publishing team, it is required to meet its stringent criteria and a rigorous certification cum approval process. In return, its global sales force, works on behalf of its publishers, in tying up some of the best deals with the best advertising agencies across the world. Publishers are required to have minimum website traffic of 500,000 a month to be a part of Undertone; it does not accept websites that contain gambling content.

Undertone believes in ease of integration and offers a very simple and easy implementation process for its publishing partners. Its formats are designed in HTML through responsive designs and are compatible with desktop and mobile browsers. Strategic and technical support is offered to publishers at all steps to ensure their success. Its plans and chooses its publishers based on the quality of their content and audience so as to ensure that its advertisers take better positions in engaging their consumers.

Targeting: The ad network helps its publishers target their audience specifically and engage them appropriately. Targets are based on demographics, geographic, behavioral and 20+ content channels.

Types of ad units: Undertone ad network features a comprehensive suite of effective ad solutions as to engage website traffic better and convert them into sales or leads. Types of ad units offered by the network include display ads, in-banner video ads, pre-roll videos, and rich ad media videos.

How does it work?

The network chooses inventory from the top best publishers in the web and re-buys these inventory to assure the ads of its advertisers a premium placement. It does not include any social networking, or user generated content as part of its network as most of its clients are included in the fortune 500 companies, with a keen focus on protecting their brands. Its main focus is to gather premium inventory along with professionally published content that engages its audience and portrays quality, value and trust about a company.

It carefully chooses its media partners as well, so as to ensure that ad messages appear only with high quality content that is capable of captivating and engaging the right user at the prompt environment. It does not adapt inventory from ad exchanges to ensure its advertiser brands are well represented and well protected. Its focus on quality publishers and advertisers get it to serve only best quality ads and excellent on-site experience for site victors.

Undertone is the forerunner of interactive marketing. It constantly develops new products and makes it a point to improve existing ones to ensure that its ad campaigns are engaging, of high impact and relevance to the consumer experiencing them. Its highly innovative team ensures that its publishers attain the best combination of ad units, which includes rich media and videos. This topped with precise targeting, helps ad to reach audiences across the horizons. In short, it is accountable to its media partners and its clients and constantly committed to innovation and quality.


Advantages of partnering with Undertone

  • Its team of account coordinators monitors ad delivery and performance levels closely and make it a point to monetize every single impression served.
  • Its commitment with high quality advertisers ensures that only best ads get served through site rotation and maintains the site clean and aesthetic.
  • The network is accountable to manage the revenue of the website and offers good site viewing experience for the audience.
  • It is committed to the quality of ads and advertisers to which the audience would be exposed to and ensures that these ads would correspond with the content published.
  • It helps its publishers to evaluate and develop new ways of monetizing content on their websites.

Payment structure and payout

The Undertone ad network pays its publishers on the CPM, CPC and CPA basis. There is not much information available on minimum payment threshold and its payment schedule. IT makes all its payments to its publishers through Check, Wire transfers and PayPal. The average CPM rates for sites based in the US is $0.25- $0.78, and average international CPM rates are $0.14- $0.59.


Thus, Undertone is a specialized ad network that offers several high-impact ad formats and video formats for its publishers so as to improve their user engagement. It uses the ad inventory of its publishers in different ways to ensure there is no cannibalization of current ad products. It is capable of offering CPMs as high as 100% -1500% for right publishers which are way ahead compared with other ad networks.

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8.5 Total Score
Overall Review: Very Good

If you're looking for video and other high impact ad formats, then Undertone should be your choice. Make sure to analyze the fills since they don't have a 100% fill rate.

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