Sonobi Ad Network Review

The Sonobi Ad network is an impression based advertising firm that offers ads from a number of ad networks either through partnerships or from its real time bidding marketplace. It is one of the best sourcing and planning platform that helps industries build better and smarter businesses through relevant media deal channels. It serves as a platform where, brands, publishers and agencies work efficiently together to leverage on multiple data sources and create the right opportunities for real quality customers through quality media across platforms, devices, browsers and channels.


The company was found in he year 2012 by  former publishers and in based in New York. Sonobi Inc. lays a technology platform that enables its clients to connect with its buyers on demand side platforms, advertising exchanges, advertising networks, advertising trading and so on. It allows its publishers to market and position their advertising opportunities and helps its advertisers to source and plan marketing opportunities for its publishers. Its buy and sell tools helps its customers to deliver, identify and manage advertising opportunities. Its premium publishing inventory and publishing partners are Internarkets, Reader’s Digest, Hearst Digital, Scripps, The Daily Mail etc., Its follow CPC and CPM pricing models an channel its ads through Online video, Online display and Mobile ads. It targets its audience through demographic and semantic demographic tools.

Advantages for publishers in partnering with Sonobi:

Publishers will have to face a lot of challenges in today’s complex and competitive media market. Sonobi helps its publishers leverage on Jet Stream protocol to gain better control of its ad products and audience, so as to deliver maximum value to their clients and  realize best value for their brands. It benefits its publishers in the following ways,

Sonobi team helps integrating websites of its publishers with JetStream, and offer them day to day contact to help them realize maximum value from the stream. The team works in close association with its publishers to help them optimize its inventories, audiences along with featured training on its tools and modules. It helps its publishing team enhance their demand and yield by prompt planning and keen execution of their strategies. To help them realize the complete potential of the Jetstream technology, Sonobi gives them constant training through its knowledge sharing center.

Through the network publishers are able to connect with top advertisers and demand partners and reach their target audience promptly. Two way data syncing, data forecasting and tools for data planning and negotiation from Sonobi ensures that Ad mea gets delivered promptly and achieves tremendous frequency and viewability across all browsers, platforms and devices. In  short, the ad network helps its businesses to sell smarter,face real time competition, and boost confidence and control of its publisher over their brands.

Requirements for publishers to join the Sonobi Ad network:

It is easy to join the Sonobi network with a simple registration process. But to qualify to be in their publisher’s base, it is required for websites to have more than 1,00,000 page visitors a month. Websites on all domains are approved with special focus on websites under sport, entertainment, hobbies, arts and science niche. It does not approve websites with adult content. Average skills and efforts are enough to set up the network and to optimize ad campaigns. Though the network renders global coverage, websites from Europe and North America are given additional focus. Dedicated account managers are assigned for every publisher to support and troubleshoot when needed. The network serves more than 500 publishers from Latin America, US and Canada sand its optimization algorithms and proprietary technology are also produced by its in-house engineering teams.

How does this Ad network work?

Large advertisers have been purchasing media for different reasons, and these reasons keep changing at all times. A number of brands and agencies bring in their programmatic buying strategies and publishers prepare themselves to capture these dollars in the most efficient way possible. Advertisers look for the most effective and direct way to reach their audience and the traditional ad serving platform publishers are not able to connect the two parties in an efficient and transparent way. An agnostic technology that offers multiple buyers the best access to their target audience is the most guaranteed solution in building business and Sonobi defines this programmatic execution.

The Sanobi  ad optimization platform enables its publishers to connect with all the buyers in all existing ad networks, ad exchanges, ad trading desks and DSPs and others who lie on the demand side. It helps them serve only quality impressions at the best price, and publishers gain access to demand and data through dashboard like control to ensure quality impressions gets served at the price publishers want. The RTB Sonobi platform decreases the cost of direct sales and its technology looks better because of its lower revenues and rates. This automated platform features a number of comprehensive analytical tools that helps publishers choose their desired ad partners and filter out the rest. A dedicated account manager also supports publishers in developing ad optimization strategies and profiting ad partner relationships.

Advantages of partnering with Sonobi:

It offers audience centric planning and buying schedules by identifying consumer engagement with different brands, across devices and browsers. It leverages on the right network by capitalizing on the API framework. The Jetstream technology customizable with any platform to enhance the value of data strategies offered to clients. It automatically delivers highest paying CPM campaigns from programmatic buyers and 3rd party vendors. It helps in prioritizing direct campaigns with the ease to use management interface promptly.

Payment structure and payout:

Sanobi Ad network pays its publishers on the Cost per Click and Cost per million impressions basis.  It pays them on a Net 60 basis, once every 60 days and the minimum threshold payment amount is stipulated to be $50. It makes payment through Wire transfer, Check and PayPal.


Sonobi ad network leverages on the expert publisher team and creates the most valuable connections between the renowned media brands. It helps its publishers understand all existing media opportunities based on data that is most required for any ad campaign. The Sonobi team is able to bring in tremendous success to publishers by leveraging on its JetStream technology. It adds value to client relationships by mediating the best planning an buying practices through effective ad campaign strategy.

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