Developers Media Ad Network Review

A brief about the company

Developer Media ad network, channels, marketing programs and ad distributions with a thorough focus on mobile, web and software developers. The network serves more than 400 influential websites, blogs, online communities and a lot of app and software development companies in the world. It is the renowned network of more than 23+ million Ad developers who visit developer Media every quarter. It works in close association with its publishers and ensures that the products and services of its advertisers would reach the right audience at the most appropriate time. It constantly offers latest information and news covering some of the best industry majors such as Google, Intel, Microsoft and Apple Inc.

It is easy for publishers to get started with the network and help. It helps its publishers owning a developer focused product to connect with the apt software developer community. It also helps them to choose and connect with other app developers and help them initiate their  marketing and strategic advertising requirements.  For those publishers who require tasteful, high quality and on-topic advertising from some of the biggest IT companies in the world, it connects them with thousands of existing businesses that focus on software development and who are looking forward to talking with site visitors. It helps its advertisers publish ads that their audience would trust and help it to remain as a strong feature and not a mere site disturbance.

How Does Developer’s Media ad network work?

Developer’s media behave as a bridge to gap the distance between brand marketers and advertisers with the entire engineering community, through advertising creative that would appeal best to engineers. All of its ads celebrate the field of engineering and praise the contribution that engineers make to the society and the entire process is being processed to be engaging and fun filled. Its team of creative and technical Ad developers builds ads incorporating scopes of technical marketing, creative and technology to excel in all the ads they create.

Software engineers and developers are considered to be immune to advertising. There is also considerable hesitation from the part of engineers to embrace marketing approaches. Even if they have to accept it, they tend to find fault with the material of advertising. Developers on the other hand, are totally different; their way of looking at things and at the world is totally different. The Developer’s media serve as a network bridging these two worlds, honoring the differences and finding every opportunity possible in all the pitfalls, ensuring right creative would get well received by the audience.

Requirements for publishers to join Developers Media

Developer media offer the most targeted and relevant ads for its publishers from its network of quality advertisers. So as to ensure the success of its campaigns, the network maintains certain safety standards and it is important for them to meet these acceptance requirements to get qualified as its publishers, and this is how Developers media accepts new publishers into its network.

The network deserves all the rights to make all final decisions where or not to accept a new website. To get qualified into its network, publisher’s website much contains relevant and high quality content for software developers. The website should possess a minimum of 1, 00,000 page views a month and it could be strictly in English. The design of the website and its content should be of professional grade. It is required for the website to generate more than 50% of the US traffic.

Websites that require to get qualified by the Developers media ad network should fall into one of the following categories, Developer ops, mobile development and web development (Java, Ruby on rails and so on). It is required to register with Developer Media if publishers need access to its content provider panel. Publishers have to complete the registration process with the most current, accurate and complete demographic ND personal information and keep them updated. Upon registration, the network offers a Site ID and a password to carry all activities on the site under this Id.

What Publishers gain by partnering with the Developers media network?

The entire focus of the network is on its developers. The network feels that the software developers section is under served and helps people to reach them better.  As an independent and privately held company, its focus is on its developers and not on another form of investors. It is able to reach its developers through thousands of trusted blogs, websites and projects and showcases its developer’s messages through credible content. It couples such information with the best of the art advertising technology to enhance the reach of the messages. Its experience in working with developers from different perspectives helps them to work out the best advertising strategies for its developers/publishers. Its reach is tremendous and attracts more than 23 million unique developers visiting its websites every quarter. The network reaches its developers present all over the world and extends into different markets, both emerging and established.

Advantages of partnering with developer media

Targeted advertisers: the network extends its focus completely on the technology market and thus is able to attract a huge subset of advertisers who specifically focus on reaching its developers. Thus, publishers are able to receive highly relevant ads both for its website and the audience it serves.

Technology: Its industry leading DFP ad serving platform served by Google, combined with a large number of customized scripts ensures that ads get targeted to specific audiences and match their needs.

Team: Its team of dedicated experts is always available to assist the publishers. It supports its publisher network with best resource guides, newsletters, publisher portal on its website etc.


Developers media serve as a platform that connects millions of software and app developers. It is one of the leading digital marketing solutions company that servers technology focused advertisers and connect them with prospective developers. Its array of solutions includes content marketing, lead generation, email blasts, display advertising and community engagement.

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