AdEngage Review : Best Ad Network for Publishers 2020

A brief about the company

AdEngage has served more than 1.2 Trillion Ads since its inception in the year 2004. Through this self serve ad network advertisers are able to set up their ad campaign easily and are able to  test more than ten thousand ad combinations in less than a minute. Advertisers gain complete control on the bidding and its publishers are able to sell direct ads to monetize their web pages and to maximize their profits. The ad network offers 100% fill rate and it is possible to gain 100% profit through direct sales.  The network accepts publishers from all over the world and they only need to generate decent traffic and do not break its rules and terms of services. It is an excellent alternative to AdSense and its publishers are able to drive excellent profits through the network.


The entire working mechanism is simple, advertisers purchase ad space on the website’s of publishers and publishers rent space on their websites. Advertisers are able to expose their businesses effectively, and publishers are able to gain a steady income when traffic click and view these ads. Three different types are streamed for advertisers to purchase, these are pho-text ads (ads with photos and pictures), text ads and square button ads. These are offered in different packages for advertisers to purchase such as weekly ads, ads displayed on particular websites, cost per click ads, where advertisers decide the payout. It is important for websites to be well designed, popular and attracts steady traffic. When ads get displayed on the websites, they earn 75% of the revenue paid for the ads.

Requirements for publishers to join AdEngage

It is important for publisher’s website to be unique and hold fresh content. The network accepts and approves websites with more than 1,000,000 page views. Non-English websites are not approved and it is important for sites to be functional and does not hold any broken links and errors. It accepts sites with adult content as well, except for sites with child and animal related adult content. Websites with appropriate traffic are well appreciated.

The network does not approve websites with auto-generated content and should possess original and unique content. Websites needed to update themselves periodically and must attract adequate traffic through quality content.  Incomplete, redirected and clumsy websites are sure to get rejected by AdEngage. Its publisher’s websites should not engage themselves with autosurf and paid to click programs. Otherwise, publishers are part of this network with just few registration steps and code confirmation process.

How does AdEngage work?

The AdEngage online Ad network offers a platform for its publishers to sell their real estate ad space on their websites for good prices, directly to their advertisers. The network has so far served at least 1.2 trillion ads and play an excellent platform for newbie publishers and advertisers as well, to help them monetize their web space. Both advertisers and publishers enjoy complete freedom with the  network, which only requests its publishers to rate their websites based on its category. Categorizing helps advertisers choose the best website for their ads, and the authority of choice vests with both the parties.

AdEngage offers two types of ads for its publishers and these are;

Private ads are direct ads that are shown on the ad space on a publisher site, sold to the advertisers. These ads are shown on the big publisher’s site with quality traffic and these ads are open for customization by advertisers as and when they require.

On the other hand Public ads are advertisements that are streamed by AdEngage on websites for small and medium publishers and whose ad spaces are not directly bought by advertisers, but still they would be able to generate good income through these ads. The network has an excellent technical support team that supports its publishers at all times. Publishers are able to track their results instantly through its highly responsive website

Advantages of partnering with AdEngage

  • Publishers from every part of the world could be a part of AdEngage
  • Its ads are highly responsive and are highly compatible with all browsers and gadgets.
  • Real time reporting for publishers with accurate web statistics.
  • Publishers have complete control over their inventory and could customize them based on their preferences.
  • Its publishers are able to enjoy a 100% fill rate on the websites
  • Its referral program helps its publishers boost their income further.
  • It pays its publishers on time and serves them high quality advertisements.


  • It does not promote websites that are not in English
  • Newbie publishers could find it difficult to compete with its experienced counterparts as they have to update their content periodically.

Payment structure and Payout

The network helps its publishers gain the best out of their website and pay them on a NET 30 basis. Its minimum payout  is $50 and pays publishers through a number of different payment methods, such as Adengage account credit, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Western Union and Check. It pays publishers on a CPC and Auction model. Payout made through AdEngage credit fund could in turn be used to drive traffic to the website by buying ads.

The minimum payout is $50 when paid through PayPal and Moneybookers/Paxum.  And if payment is made through Wire Transfer, minimum payment is $1000. For international publishers minimum payout is $250, when payment is made by Check.


AdEngage is an online ad network that displays trillions of ads on millions of websites that are operating all over the world. The website behaves as a real time ad exchange between advertisers and publishers. It benefits its advertisers by offering them the ability to target their audience through banner ads and relevant text ads. Its detailed reporting helps its advertisers and publishers learn where ads are published, their CPC rates, its costs, earnings and profits. It is a boon in disguise for newbie publishers who could benefit from one of the highest ad payouts in the field. Its fast payments, dedicated account team and unrivaled support are an additional advantage for its publishers.

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