Zhakkas Review 2016

Zhakkas is an online market where advertisers sell their ads to the publishers and the later divert traffic towards the products and services of the advertisers. The Zhakkas Ad network is open for publishers of all sizes and requires its advertisers to just submit their ads and mention their target audience and budget. Ad codes would be generated by publishers of different dimension using the shakes publishers account and its highly sophisticated platform would handle traffic exchange and Ad selling parameters automatically.

A Brief about the Company

Zhakkas is one of the highest paying Ad networks that works on the CPM and CPC model. The company was founded in the year 2012 and is based in India. This Ad platform gathers publisher’s inventory and categories it based on Geo, Keyword, Devices etc and sells portions of it to agencies and advertisers. The network behaves as a marketplace between sellers (advertisers) and buyers (Publishers). The network serves ads on desktop computers, tablets and even mobile phones. Its premium publishers are served with different Ad types such as Text Ads, Display Ads, Pop Up and Pop Under ads, video ads and mobile ads.


Its Publishers: It helps its publishers to monetize their website traffic by placing Ad codes directly from its publisher account. For every click on the website ads, publishers get paid. Its system ensures that some of the highest bidders are diverted to the website so as to assure maximum revenue possible.

Its Advertisers: Zhakkas Ad network creates cost per Mile and Cost Per CLick banner ads to generate top quality ads to the websites. Ads of the advertisers get served in its publisher network and ensure widespread reach of their online business.

Requirements for publishers to join the network

Publishers are required to create and place Ad Codes in order to monetize their website traffic. Publishers get money for all valid click they gain from their websites and Zhakkas ad network ensures only highest bidders are diverted to publishers’ websites. Ad Codes would help to identify the most relevant keywords in the website and generate the most matching ads for the same. Ad codes generated by the Ad network help to filter out ads of the competitors from getting displayed on the website.  There are just three simple steps for publishers to incorporate themselves with the network.

Register as a publisher —–> create Ad code for the website—->Generate income from Clicks.

The Zhakkas Ad network does not approve websites with objectionable content such as adult, hacking and spamming content. This Ad network does not accept autosurf and PTC websites. Publishers should not hold multiple account to be its part and they should not have an existing account while applying for a fresh account. The network considered sending fake traffic towards a website as a serious offense. There are possibilities for account to get banned and earning withheld for offenders. The network offers a number of Ad formats such as Video Ads, Display Ads, Text and Mobile Ads in a number of dimensions such as 468×80, 300×250, 728×90, and 160×600. Publishers could include up to four ads on their web page.

How does it work?

As said above, Zhakkas is one of the highest paying AD networks that pays its publishers for every valid click on their websites. Its Ad Codes are a one line HTML code to display text ads, banner ads, pop ads and mobile ads. The network supports all standard banner dimensions and its ad codes identify most relevant keywords in the website and generate best ads that match those keywords. Publishers are free to customize these codes by modifying its style attributes, to match the website design. Filters could be configured in the ad codes to restrict ads from competitors on the single website.

Publishers could track the performance of their ad codes and their earnings through advanced reports that are offered by the system, from time to time. Its dashboard offers real time statistics on clicks, impressions, CTR and earning of the ad codes. These reports help publishers to identify top ad codes as well. It pays its publishers through a number of payout options. Publishers could request payouts through PAyoneer, PayPal, Neteller and Wire Transfers. It is also possible to transfer funds from its publisher account to advertiser account. History of all payments could be tracked from the dashboard directly. Registration is 100% free with Zhakkas account. It takes only a few minutes to get registered and the ad codes are customizable to match the website design. The network offers 100% Ad fill rate in all GEO locations

Pros of Zhakkas advertising network

  • The Zhakkas is one of the leading CPC/CPM Ad Network with high payouts.
  • Publishers enjoy complete control over their ads  and these ads are customizable in terms of size and color.
  • Publishers are free to filter out unwanted ads.
  • NET 10 payment schedule, with an excellent payment system.
  • It offers banner ads, Mobile Ads, Pop Ads and Video Ads, all under one Umbrella.

Cons of Zhakkas advertising network

  • The Ad network performs poorly for Asian Traffic.
  • The Minimum payment threshold is $100.
  • Publishers who have been banned by the network could not create a account again. It bans publishers for a lifetime.

Payment structure and Payout:

Publishers are paid on a NET10 basis, that is they get paid once every ten days. It pays its publishers through a number of payment options such as Wire Transfer, Neteller and PAyoneer. The Minimum payment threshold is $100 and Indian Publishers get paid through direct bank transfer.

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The Zhakkas Ad Network is a recently added Ad server, which helps publishers gain huge profits by placing Zhakkas ads in their websites and blogs. It is based in India and this ad server helps publishers gain a good deal of money from their blogs by incorporating different Ad formats. It is a CPM and CPC based ad network that allows four ads a page  in different formats such as image, text, pop up and video.

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7.5 Total Score
Overall Review: Good

One of the promising CPM ad network which can run alongside AdSense.

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