Vertoz Review- Best Programmatic Ad Network for Publishers

Vertoz is a complete Ad monetization suite and a one stop destination that drives the best return on investments for the ad campaigns of its publishers. The current advertising network is demanding and competitive with changing technology. Vertoz gets innovative in the field of monetization and implement solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of clients. This ingenious ad network adopts a systematic approach to offer advanced monetizing and advertising solutions for its clients.

A Brief about the Company

Vertoz was founded in the year 2012 by two brothers, Ashish and Hiren Shah their team of talented and experienced account executives and AdOps professional create the most innovative revenue creating solutions for their publishers all over the world. Its headquarters is located in New York and is based on CPC and CPM ad networks.

Vertoz is a leading ingenious ad network that offers advanced advertising and monetizing solutions for its publishers. It monetizes traffic from all geographies and verticals and arrives at minimum, monthly impressions of 30,000. Deriving premium quality traffic, real time tracking, precise targeting and detailed analytics are their best traits. Their experienced account specialists and Ad monetizing team implement advanced monetizing solutes that are being tailor deigned for every client. Their holistic optimization engine conducts real time bidding across m multiple demand screens and sources and targets ads on the basis of impressions. Their optimization specialists deliver highest yielding ad options for clients, resulting in superior performance. Their algorithm offers publishers access to a large pool of high paying advertisers and verticals for a 100%fill rate. Ads are offered in the form of displays, text, video and XML feeds.

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Requirements for a Publisher to Join the Network

Publisher’s websites should follow certain guidelines to be a part of the Vertoz ad network; they should not host illegitimate content such as hacking, spam, adult or gambling content. The site should not hold broken copyright laws and should be complete, incomplete sites are not approved here. Sites should not carry advertising focus, but have rich content that adds value to the readers.

Publishers should not use more than 5 ad units on a single page and should not encourage others to generate more clicks. Publishers caught guilty in indulging in illicit practices would lose both their earnings and accounts. Publishers have access to a number of ad formats and ad sizes. Its dashboard is clean and intuitive and users could manage their account, finances and ads easily.

Many Publishers turn towards Vertoz for its effectiveness in website monetization, and its indigenous programmatic plex is effective in converting digital advertising into a personal know how. Vertoz is a small network with a personal touch, it approves its publishers instantly and maintains them and nurture them as long as they don’t violate its guidelines. It only requires its publishers to offer their visitors legitimate and useful content, they are also required to attract a minimum of 50 unique visitors a day. Vertoz limits its publishers to five ad units a page, publishers should also not click on their own ads nor encourage others to click on their ads.

How does it Work

Revenue is a concern for most publishers, vertoz generates revenue similar to Adsense and shares a large percentage of revenue generated with its publishers. They have one of the best and largest digital advertising networks in the world and their revenue generating models are mainly CPM and CPC (cost per million impressions and cost per click). The heart of the system is its ‘ingenious plex’ which accelerates large media trails with the combination of RTB enabled technology and proprietary customer data. This technology helps publishers to identify trends quickly and to react to the demands of changing audience much effectively. Apart from advertising partners, Vertoz has also partnered with top fraud detection companies so as to reduce losses and damage to the reputation of the publisher and help them achieve better planning, larger revenue and accurate targeting. Specific products and services would be placed in targeted verticals and ads displayed on the website would be interesting for the visitors of the website. Targeted ads are the secret behind revenue generated by publishers through Vertoz, more engaging the ads, more the clicks and more the revenue generated.

Vertoz offers precise ad targeting through its real time bidding technology, direct advertisers from top exchanges are made to compete with each other for impressions on publisher’s websites and such auction format leads to competitive results and helps in maximizing the revenue of the website. Vertoz has the best presence at top ad exchanges and deals with large partners in the domain of online advertising, it offers its publishers a number of tools to optimize their results, its algorithm finds the best connection between publisher and advertiser and helps publishers optimize their websites manually through a responsive dashboard.  Publishers realize higher ad fill rates with Vertoz and its premium ads hold eCPM fro publisher’s inventory. Premium traffic quality, real time tracking, precision targeting and detailed analytics combine to drive revenue to the website of publishers.


  • Its entire team is committed to customer service; it identified the right audience for its publishers to enhance their revenue.
  • Their dashboard makes real time tracking and analysis easy and its multi-platform allows different types of ads. Ads from Vertoz are different as they are customized in terms of size, style and format, the audience is interested in.
  • Its open and transparent platform allows page impressions to be directly sold to RTB and other network demand sources offering a versatile and flexible earning platform for its publishers.
  • Its unique and dependable platform fits into different business verticals and offers a 100% fill rate for all of them.
  • Its competitive CPM rates and high quality inventory are an additional advantage.


  • It does not accept and approve websites that are hosted on a free hosting platform
  • It takes 45 days to make payment for publishers.
  • They have a 70/30 revenue share which is more than the industry standard unless the system can highly increase the CPM.

Payment Structure and Payout

Publishers are paid on a Net 45 basis and payments are initiated through PayPal or Wire Transfer. The minimum payment threshold in $25 if payment is made through PayPal and minimum threshold is $1000, for payments through Wire Transfer. Payments are made based on CPM and CPC basis and money transfers are made quickly, as it is a US company.

Earning rates depend on the potential of individual publishers and a number of other factors such as demographic and geographic location of visitors, total page views, overall traffic levels, etc. Earning depends on pricing for individual ad campaign and the number of campaigns one chooses to fill their ad inventory.


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Vertoz constantly makes use of creative ideas to create remarkably strong relationships with its publishers, advertisers and partners. This online ad network helps monetizing its publisher’s websites through footer ads, page ads and text ads across different platforms and devices.

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