Skimlinks Review: Best Commerce Content Monetization Platform

Skimlinks is an amazing ad network that leverages best insights about content performance, reports the editorial strategy and helps publishers to inspire content creation.

A brief about the company

Skimlinks is an amazing ad network that eases off all the effort that are usually associated with affiliate marketing. The network works behind the scenes and helps publishers gain good commission through valuable links that are included in the posts. Its years of experience in working with different types of blogs and its patented technology converts all product links in the content into affiliate links that are capable of earning good revenues.


Skimlinks remains as one of the best options for affiliate marketers to monetize their websites. Once publishers are joined into its affiliate networks, they get accepted in the program instantly, and get signed up automatically with over 17,000 merchants. Thus, publishers start making money as soon as they sign up with the network. He moment existing product links are converted into affiliate links, publishers get paid, for payment is not just made for sales but also for the clicks made on those links. Skimlinks has so far served more an 1.5 million news and editorial websites, forums, blogs, mobile app and content networks.

How publishers could be a part of skimlinks and how the network benefits its publishers:

It is a simple process to join the SkimLinks network and it is free to be a part of the network. Publishers have to visit the website, fill their personal information and affiliate website information. The Application would be verified for fulfilling certain criteria such as,

The Website should either be a blog, web app, forum or a content site. The Site should have a significant amount of traffic that originates from Europe, Australia or North America. The Website should have unique content and should be product focuses. The website should be well established and have dedicated and quality traffic specific to the website. If these criteria are followed, the network approves websites within 2 or 3 days.

The network helps its publishers to build a transparent and a healthy ecosystem, digitally. The network shares all revenues from its audience data services with its publishers and expand their revenue generating potential, it also rewards them considerably for their quality and content driven websites that enhance purchase intent. All existing publishers in its network get rewarded for their data contributions and benefit from Skimlinds audience insights and monetize their links better.

Publishers generally earn through their contrbutiosn that are sold to the audience segments, their intent signals are collected through skimlinks code that are placed on the website automatically. Publishers operate within the publisher hub and track control settings and revenues through their dashboard. Shopping signals initiated by the users are reported to the publishers to help them identify growth opportunities.

How does the network work?

The Skimlinks Editor tool is a browser extension aimed at editors and bloggers to help create monetizable content on the fly. It also allows you to easily shorten and share affiliate links directly from your browser, and where possible, suggests alternative purchasing options for the products you’re writing about. Skimlinks editors appear as an icon on the browser. Clicking on the icon brings in information about retailer’s pay for the referrals, list of referred partners and about merchants who pay publishers above their average commission rates. The tool helps publishers to share affiliates URLs on their browsers directly and would automatically affiliate it. The URL could be shortened to be used in social media networks.

The Editor browser extension helps the publishers to monetize their content by providing all need tools and information for prompt content creation. It also intimates publishers when someone clicks on the link of a merchant in the skimlinks network and intimates merchants payment for their referrals.

The Tools offered by SkimLinks

Content performance: The network offers detailed information on how publisher’s content relevant content is performing and how much revenue it is generating. It also helps them understand their best performing pages as well.

Audience: Skimlinks helps its publishers learn exactly the interests of its audience, the products they like and the retailers they buy from and which sites they visit after leaving publisher’s sites.

Helps content creation: The clicks, conversion and impression data available with the performance reports of skimlinks helps in creating relevant content that better captivates audience. The Editorial team of the network also helps in creating better content on specific topics that interest audience.

Monetizing out of the website: publisher’s could earn out of their product and brand related content by using URL shortener, it makes money from links posted in email, social and at places outside the website.

Analytical Reports offered by SkimLinks for its Publishers:

Skimlinks offers its publishers a variety of tools that they could use to measure their success on its System. Some of its reports are listed here,

  • Daily Analytics Report: This report helps publishers to track their earnings for the day. It offers information on the number of clicks, conversion rate and number of sales the publishers have made.
  • Website Analytics Report: The tool helps to track the performance of the website, from where traffic is being generated and the keyword that ranks high. It works similarly to google analytics tool.
  • Unaffiliated clicks report: this tool helps publishers to ascertain how much money they could possibly make. It details the number of affiliate links that are not performing so well and helps publishers to swap them out and replace links that perform much better.
  • Product report tool: This tool helps publishers to see the products that have been purchased from the merchants they have partnered with.
  • Page report tool: It identified the pages of the website that helps in converting referrals into sales. This tool helps publishers in identifying pages of a site that are not performing so well.

Advantages of Skimlinks:

  • The network supports its publishers so well, publishers gain instant access to its audience services and they do not require any further complex updates and additional installations.
  • It is easy to get installed, publishers have to simply add the Skimlinks plug in and start to monetize untapped links on their blog.
  • Integration of the link with skimwords helps publishers to take control of all its products they use on their interface.
  • It helps publishers to earn from their RSS feeds as it converts external links to the RSS feed into affiliate links.
  • The network works with more than 18,000 merchants and is capable of converting links on the content into affiliate links to help them earn more commission.
  • Its links are converted into affiliate links only when users click on them, and thus does not look suspicious for the audience.

Network downfalls:

  • It is not easy for websites to get approved by the network, it approves websites that are at least one year old, and attracts decent traffic popping from both search engine search and advertisements. This is not a network for newbies.
  • It works best for websites on certain niches such as beauty, lifestyle, fashion, automotive, electronics and consumer technology.
  • The network takes commissions from the publisher’s payout, as high as 25% with some merchants.
  • Its javascript code might slow down the system.

Payment structure and payout:

Skimlinks pays its publishers on a NET 30 basis. It offers payment through direct bank deposits or through PayPal for Publishers in the US and UK. For publishers outside US and UK, payment is through PayPal. US Check is also used to pay publishers based in USA. The network works on a revenue share model, it retains 25% of the commissions and pays remaining 75% to its publishers. The minimum payment threshold is $10 or €8 or £7.

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