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No wonder sites and blog owners wish to make a good deal of money through their websites as a sense of appreciation for their hard written blogs. Display advertising is one of the top source of income for a number of blogs and websites and is also a practical monetization solution for any website. Though there are a number of Ad serve platforms available to transform the real estate space of a site into money,  there are  very few self serve ad platforms such as Qadabra which monetizes websites in the best way possible and makes the lives of publishers easier.

A brief about the company:

Qadabra was formerly known as Ads Gadget and is one of the very few reputed and reliable ad networks that exist for publishers of every size. Newbies and large website owners benefit from the network and it is completely a CPM based network, paying it publishers for every single impression that they gain for an ad. Getting registered with the network is pretty simple and ad tags and codes are easy to get integrated as well. Real time ads are served by the network so as to not slow down the site speed.


This self served Ad platform is a well known name among publishers as it offers Geo-targeted ads for better reach. Its professional team is capable of delivering prompt ads that match the demands of its advertisers with the web content of its publishers. The network also offers rich media ads for its publishers to improve their CTR and also revenue. The network offers some of the highest paying ads, approves its publishers instantly, low minimum payout and an excellent reporting and support system for its publishers.

Requirements for publishers to join the network

There are not much terms and restrictions laid for publishers to join with a Qadabra Ad network. There is no such maximum and minimum traffic requirements for websites to get enrolled with it. But websites that contain malware, spyware, adult content, profanity and violent content cannot be a part of the network. Publishers have to fill a simple registration form to sign up and they usually get instantly approved from the network. They could immediately log in to the account and start generating ad tags to be placed on their website. Premium publishers get rich ads served exclusively from the network, while other publishers get their ads from Leaderboard, Yahoo and To qualify as a premium publisher, it is required to attract 42,000 impressions every day.

How does it work?

Qadabra does not put its publishers under wait and they are ready to go live in just 15 seconds after the sign up process. Publishers are required to keep their tags ready so that they get published right away. Its algorithms ensures that the best fit ads get directed to its publisher’s websites so as to gain high eCPMs. Its support team is always ready to extend their help to its publishers and are ready to solve all sorts of problems that might arise. Even websites that does not enjoy very high traffic are able to benefit from the network. Its ad formats are innovative and includes pop up ads, banner ads and mobile ads. Its rich media ads are offered in the form of slider banner ads, light box ads and stay on ads. Its reporting system is excellent with different stats for different ad units such as impressions, CTR, clicks, eCPM and Ad income. Its reporting system updates itself every 3 hours and publishers could see their stats changing real time.


Its user interface is simple to use, easy to understand and straightforward to help its publishers have an effortless experience with the ad network. The network is intuitive and missions to help its publishers earn as much as possible while still enjoying complete freedom over the website.

Qadabra advantages:

  • There is no minimum payment threshold. Publishers could start withdrawing money as soon as they start earning.
  • There are no restrictions on the volume of traffic that visits the website and number of page views, all websites are free to join the network.
  • It pays its publishers so well and is based on their performance as well.
  • Integrating ad codes from Qadabra is pretty simple, publishers only have to copy code to paste it on their blog page.
  • Tracking is easy through its responsive dashboard to learn the performance of the ad units on the blogs perfectly.
  • The ad network offers an excellent support system with dedicated account managers to manage all queries of the publishers instantly.


  • The CPM rates offered by the network seem to be low compared with other Ad networks.
  • For publishers to realize good revenue it is important for them to attract more traffic.
  • It pays its publishers on a NET 45 basis and they have to wait for 45 days after completion of a billing cycle to realize payments.

Payment structure and payout

The minimum payout threshold offered by the Qadabra network is low compared with most other ad networks. It is possible for publishers to reach the minimum payment threshold of $1 with the help of their rich media ads. It pays its publishers once in 45 days on a NET 45 basis. Their automated payment system helps its publishers to realize prompt payments on time. Qudabra makes payment for its publishers through PayPal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer, however,these payment gateways might have their own might payment withdrawals and accordingly publishers may have to choose their payment methods.


Qadabra offers a straightforward promise for its publishers to monetize their websites irrespective of their site and traffic status.  It is possible for them to go live in less than a minute as the network keeps tags to be published ready, the second sign up is done.  Its cutting edge optimization algorithm directs only the best performing ads to the traffic so that its publishers enjoy high eCPM rates. Above all, its dedicated support team ensures its users are always kept updated and alert.

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