PopAds Review: Best Pop-under Ad Network for Publishers in 2020

Joining with Pop Ads could benefit publishers to divert quality traffic to their websites and monetize the same through high quality that appears on the website as propounders. Its services are fast, secure and highly efficient. The best part of Pop Ads, ad network is that, it requests payments daily for its publishers, a feature that is not available with any other ad network in the market.

A Brief about the Company:

Popads.net is a great pop under advertising network that allows publishers of all sizes to make revenue from their websites. Pop ads is a performance based network which specializes in pop under ads and offers excellent rates for all the rates. They are able to monetize ads from all countries in the world and pays its publishers daily once they reach their minimum payout of $5. It approves publishers instantly and offers tab ups, tab unders, pop ups, pop under ad formats. The Ad network is being owned by Tomksoft S.A, which is a joint stock company based in Costa Rica. Its Support office is situated  in Poland an its technical team is situated in US.


How do Pop Ads Ad network work?

Pop Ads seem to be a promising Ad monetizing portal for those publishers who have been rejected  and could not be approved by a majority of usual Ad networks. Websites that are being rejected or blocked by Adsense, web sites with gambling content, Adult websites are all approved by this ad network. Publishers who gain huge traffic from mobiles and who wish to monetize their blog right from day 1 could take advantage of Pop Ads network. Pop Ads is an excellent Adsense alternative, and is simple and user friendly to the core with an easy to maintain dashboard.

Websites that have just 20 visitors a day gets its approval and offers some of the best CPM rates in the industry. Its highly responsive support system, fast payments, liberal terms and quality ads driven by content attracts publishers towards the network and they are also able to realize high click conversion rates and higher profits. Pop Ads pay its publishers on the CPM model and offers them 100% Ad fill rates. Being a popular ad network, it is able to attract a number of advertisers from all over the world and place their ads on the websites of its publishers. Pop Ads offer its publishers the freedom to show ads of their choice and if they don’t wish to show a specific type of pop ads on their website, they could turn them off at any time and the network would replace those spaces with some other ads. Publishers are also free to set their pop-under ad frequents to match the interests of its visitors.

Requirements for publishers to join the network

Publishers gain instant approval from Pop Ads, ad network, within a few hours and the network accepts both adult and normal content websites. Their terms of use are liberal and the network constantly checks the performance of its ads by keeping track of the clicks, impressions and click through rates. It helps publishers to modify and manage a number of ads instantly, and they could edit their own ads as well. Through its dashboard it is possible to contact e administrator of the website directly for all ad-related issues. All of the ads are Geo-targeted and are completely responsive and are free to get scheduled by dates.

  • Simple steps to be followed by publishers to add a new website with the Pop Ads Ad Network
  • Login to the pop ads account with a Username and Password.
  • Once the dashboard opens, click on “Add new Website” from the left menu.
  • A new window opens with a form with fields to add a new website.
  • The fields included are Site Name, Site URL, description of the site in brief, keywords/tags about the blog, blog category.
  • Click on Add website to complete the process.
  • The website is added, and usually gets approved by the administrator within 24 hours.
  • If the website is approved, it gets displayed on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Click on the website and a new window opens.
  • Click on generate code or get code menu.
  • Once the code is generated, copy the same and login to the website builder, paste the code and save the template.
  • Check if the code works properly, log in with Pop Ads and click on trouble shooter.
  • Paste the URL of the site and click ‘Check’. The code is successfully installed with the blog.

Key Features of the network:

  1. The network accepts all types of websites irrespective of their niche, including money making, gambling and adult websites.
  2. Pop Ads is a worldwide network and accepts advertisers from all over the world. Publishers also join the network from all over the world and enjoy global audience.
  3. Its payment threshold is very low compared to other leading Ad networks. For example, the minimum payment threshold for Adsense is $200, whereas for Pop Ads it is just $10.
  4. Its support team comes to the rescue of publishers at all times and are highly responsive.
  5. Publishers gain complete control over the categories of ads they get on their blogs. Publishers could choose between pop under, automatic video ads, pop ads and so on, and could also stop gambling and porn ads from entering their website.
  6. Once publishers gain their minimum payment threshold, they could withdraw that money from their account.
  7. While other leading ad networks, approve their publishers in days, pop ads, approves them within hours and notifies them through E mail.

Popads.net CPM Rates 2016

Popads can provide a CPM rate of around $2 which is good for streaming, music, movies and download websites.

Disadvantages of the network:

  1. Pop up and pop under ads could be annoying for the site visitors.
  2. Ads need not be always relevant to the subject content of the website.
  3. The network does not approve websites from some countries.

Payment structure and payout

The minimum payment threshold fixed by Pop Ads Ad network is only $10, which is easy to earn through quality ads, that are driven by content and the highest CPM rates that the network offers. Payments are made through a number of channels such as PayPal, PAyoneer, Payza and Bank Wire transfers. The network processes its payments, almost daily and once publishers have reached their minimum payment, they could request for payout and would get paid within 24 hours. It is also possible by publishers to set their account on Auto Withdrawal mode   and get paid automatically once the minimum threshold is reached. The network also offers an excellent referral system, through which, when existing publishers refer new ones to join the Pop Ads network, then they gain 10% of rev share of the earnings of their referrals for a  lifetime. Also, when advertisers are referred to Pop Ads, then 10% commission is offered for every advertising purchase made by referrals.

Final words:

Thus, This is one of the  best Pop Ads network that exists, and they accept global traffic and pay on time. The network has a number of useful features that draw the attention of a number of publishers to join the network.

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