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MadAdsMedia – The Ad network claims to be mad about making you money, an alternative to Google AdSense. Though it is new to the business and was started in the year 2011, it has grown to be the most sought after CPM based Ad network for publishers initially, and there was a huge buzz in 2013 about Madadsmedia. Its algorithm feeds website with the most relevant ads across an array of ad exchanges with the highest CPM and deliver it to a site, thereby increasing its revenue.

Mad Ads Media is a Cost Per Mile Ad network that works with a number of ad networks, RTB advertisers and Ad exchanges and demands its publishers to have a credible website that drives decent traffic. The network was started in 2011 and is based in New Jersey.


Requirements for publishers to join the network:

It is quite simple to be a part of the Mad Ads Media network.

Publishers only have to visit the website,

Click on the Apply no link found on the website

Fill in the simple registration form

Click on Submit.

The network demands three types of publishers, app developers, website owners and Tumblr bloggers. Bloggers working on the WordPress and Blogspot platform have to choose the website option. Once the form is submitted, the website gives a status that the application is being reviewed and publishers are informed about their approval status within one or two business days. Publishers who are approved, gain instant access to their dashboard.


Click on Login and fill required fields

Head to the Ad code session by clicking on the link

Select Ad size and click on Get Ad code link

The website offers a code snippet

Visit the widget section of the blog and add a plain text item

Paste the ad code here and save it

Blog would start showing Ad banners from Mad Ads media, usually within two days.

The ad network does not approve or connect to websites that is based on illegal content, adult content, illegal sites that stream movies, PTC sites, sites that contain adult content, torrents and warez. The network is very particular about the quality of its publishers and thus reviews each of the applications manually

How does Madadsmedia Work?

Mad Ads Media is an Excellent CPM based ad network that works by aligning hundredths of Ad exchanges, ad networks and RTB advertisers to monetize the inventory of its publishers. Ad optimization technology used by the network assures its publishers, highest CPMs and helps them make he most out of their impressions. It offers its publishers, access to Ad campaigns from best brand advertisers available on the internet and mediates its ad campaigns through a number of Ad formats such as CPC,CPM,CPL and CPA. Mad Ads Media is able to offer high fill rates for all ads and its enormous amount of advertisers ensures that maximum ad impressions on publisher’s websites gets filled. It does not require high traffic requirements from its publisher’s websites and sites with 10,000 page views a day fit in their category to get served with high quality ads.

Ads for publisher’s websites are offered in three different formats, namely banner ads, video ads and banner cum video ads. Above all, the network assigns dedicated account managers to each of the publishers to help them in their campaigns.The network is very much active on social media, posting a number of useful and informative articles for its publishers. Mad Ads Media is absolutely compatible with a number of Ad networks, Bloggers could run other networks such as Chitika, AdSense, Infolinks etc parallel. But they need to take care that they don’t ruin their website by ad stuffing and make it clumsy.

Revenue Calculator:

Revenue calculator is one of the best features of mad Ads Media which is generally not found with other Ad networks. This calculator would give bloggers the approximate amount of how much they could earn. Publishers have to feed their daily impressions and the percentage of impressions on their target country and the generator would give their approximate earnings on a daily and monthly basis.

Advantages of partnering with Mad Ads Media ad network:

  • Its optimization technology helps publishers drive the maximum yield for their published ads.
  • It offers its advertisers more than 100 publisher options who would compete for their inventory.
  • It offers four different ad campaigns for its publisher partners, and these are CPM, CPC, CPA and CPL.
  • Mad Ads Media is mad about making money through ads and thus partners with only some of the top brands.
  • Its Ad campaigns enjoy a % fill rate and none of its impressions go unsold.
  • Its team of ad optimization professionals helps publishers to gain maximum out of their website real estate space.
  • Manual approval of Publisher’s applications.
  • Revenue generator gives an approximate value of Publisher’s earnings.
  • Websites that drive traffic from USA and UK could find that their revenue booms to an alarming extent.
  • It pays its publishers very well and its CPC rates are high compared to other Ad networks.

Payment options and payout

Publishers are free to fix their minimum payout level with Mad Ads Media. But the minimum payout should not be less than $25. This way, the network helps its partners to withdraw money when they are in immediate need. It pays publishers through three different payment options, namely, Check, PayPal and ACH(Automated Clearing House), which is an electronic network for financial transactions based in the United States. Payment is made on a NET 45 basis, 45 days after the previous billing cycle.

Madadsmedia CPM Rates

I tried Madadsmedia back in 2013 and was using one of their ad unit on the sidebar. Yes, I agree that the position wasn’t great to generate much clicks, however, I disliked the kind of ads they showed on my website. Still as an experiment, I kept on running their ads for a few days. I just logged in to my account so that I can share the performance reports and statistics.


The last tab is the earnings and the one prior to the last tab is the eCPM. As you can see the eCPM never went more than 20 cents. With AdSense, back that time, I was doing more then $2 per page. However, there were publishers who were earning a eCPM of 60 cents and more. report

Over the last 3 years, I don’t see there is too much going on with this ad network. No update on the UI and not much buzz, not even any improvisation on the tech side! So our suggestion would be to better watch out other ad networks instead of


Mad Ads Media Ad Network is one of the best paying Adsense Alternative available for publishers. It paves the best way to monetize the websites of bloggers. Its excellent support system and client management executives comes to the needs of publishers whenever required. But for publishers to realize excellent earnings, they are required to work on their web content and SEO  so as to improve website traffic and improve ad impressions and click and thus enjoy good commission.

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7.5 Total Score
Overall Review: Average

Madsadsmedia was once an emerging CPM network which has not lost track of its innovation and doesn't offer superior monetization opportunities for publishers.

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  1. Hi,

    I have used it but its the most silly ads network that don’t pay. I have made $50 but they haven’t sent me the money and they also don’t response to the emails so i strongly recommend not to use this network!


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