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Breeze Ads is one of the best Ad networks with up to date technology and 24/7 monitoring system. Its smart algorithm analyses every single click and impressions that are displayed so as to ensure tremendous volume of traffic being diverted from Publisher’s websites directly to the Ad campaigns of Advertisers.

About the Company

Breeze Ads is a Cost per click advertising network that is based in the united States.  The network shares 90% of its revenue with its publishers and its technology directs a high volume of traffic towards publisher’s blogs. Its PPC network benefits its advertisers as well and pays based on CPC. For instance, if a website attracts 1,00,000 impressions and no clicks, then the network does not pay the publisher.  It does not take a strenuous process for websites to get approved by the network and comes as a best alternative for Google AdSense. Breeze Ads stay as one of the favorite Ad networks for Publishers and its network offers the best and up to date solutions for website monetizing. Its complicate algorithms mix contextual targeting techniques with perfect ads to result in higher conversion rates than any other network.   The network is open to any website and blog owner who wish to monetize their website.


Requirements for Publishers to join the Network

Publisher’s program of Breeze ads accepts websites of any size and volume, even small website owners could apply for its monetizing program. Joining with the network is absolutely free and when visitors click on the ads on a website, publishers get paid. It is pretty simple to get its script installed, publishers only have to copy paste the HTML code offered by the network and their ads would appear immediately on their website. Advertisers are made to bid for real estate space on the websites of publishers and only the ads of highest bids would appear on the website space, where publishers have installed the HTML script code. Thus, the network assures that only the best websites get the most quality advertising options.

It does not allow websites that violate any law, regulation, ordinance and statute. Sites that contain content related to the sale of steroids, narcotics, drugs.  Sites with content that promotes or supports Illegal activity, violence, racial intolerance, hate etc, adult content and services etc are strictly not approved by the network. The network approves its publishers between 1-4 weeks and in order to get approved, they need to have a Breeze Ads code implemented on their website, if the codes are not present during verification, then applications might get rejected. For those publishers who have their own social platform or web of version 2.0 could edit and integrate HTML codes from Breeze Ads. They could publish the ads on as many websites they wish as far as they are compatible with the terms of service of Breeze Ads.

How Does the Ad network Work?

Ads of advertisers who pay the highest bid are always placed on the websites of the publishers. Bidders are thus made to pay for quality websites only from organized publishers who put in all their efforts in developing their websites to monetize it in the best way, longer the publishers are associated with the Ad network, greater are their earnings. Once,publishers copy their Ad codes, their Ads appear instantly.

Create the account

Login to the panel

Choose ‘Ad code Wizard” from the left menu

Leave the field filler contents URL empty to generate Ad codes in HTML

Copy the HTML code that is generated and paste in the website at any place where ads need to be shown

These codes would convert into ads on the website automatically and would appear immediately on publisher’s websites. It is important for websites to accommodate javascript and HTML codes for Breeze Ad codes to work on the site. Its algorithm detects proper  content on the website and if needed updates it for Ads to get published. Its algorithm has been designed to offer 3 ad blocks per page on the publisher’s site. Publisher’s are free to include other ad networks as well on their websites. But, monetizing the site and gaining profits would significantly be lower if there are too many ads on the page. Visitors generally do not stay on a website that is clumsy. The network offers email and chat support round the clock on the contact us page of our website. It welcomes its publishers to raise any problems and questions and is ready to solve them24/7.  Its algorithm filters all invalid or fraudulent clicks diverted by fake traffic though its contextual checking, IP Geo location tracking secure solutions.

Payment structure and payout

The Breeze Ads Ad network pays its publishers on a NET 30 Basis. That is, they make payments after 30 days of the previous billing cycle. Payments are generally sent on 25th -30th of every month. It pays its publishers through a number of payment gateways such as Money Bookers, PayPal, Wire Transfer and AlertPay. It keeps its minimum payout threshold very low at $10. Its transaction costs are low and if publisher’s have less than $10 in their account, their revenue gets carried over to the next billing cycle.


Advantages of Breeze Ads

  • It is one of the most genuine Ad networks that pays its publishers on CPC model, every month
  • It makes timely payments by the end of every month with a dedicated customer support team to sort out all queries
  • Its cost per click rates are nominal compared to other ad networks and surely delights publishers.
  • Its real time reporting system helps publishers track the performance of ads on their sites instantly.


  • The network takes more than a week’s time to approve publisher’s websites
  • The network does not approve websites that are hosted on free hosting platforms such as Blogspot
  • Transaction fees with payment portals such as PayPal are levied on the Publishers.


BreezeAds is one the best and highest performing PPC ad network that shares 90% of its profits to its publishers. Its sensible algorithm mix contextual targeting ads at perfect locations to result in better conversion rates. Above all, its publisher’s program accepts all publishers, be it smaller blogs or higher traffic attracting websites.

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