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5 WordPress Plugins that Can Help Increase your Ad Revenue

There are a lot of WordPress plugins that can help increase your ad revenue. In fact many! Choosing the right plugins can be a pain, especially the testing and trial process. There are similar articles with 10, 20, 30 plugin recommendations. However, I have narrowed down the list to 5 plugins which can help you increase your adsense revenue, affiliate revenue and revenue from native ads. I have tested each of these plugins and I recommend them to my publisher friends. For every plugin, I’ll explain you, how and when to use them.

1. AdPushup- Increase Your AdSense Revenue

AdPushup helps publisher increase their existing ad revenue through continuous optimization, machine learning and constant monitoring. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will take care your account.


AdPushup uses industry’s first patent pending in-content ad placement technology that allows publishers to wrap up their premium content area (like the entire article body) and let the system automatically places ads. You can set the maximum number of ads that can be placed within the content. The maximum allowed is 5, provided you have good quality content and requires an approval from Google which is taken care by AdPushup. AdPushup is the most preferred choice if you have a good CPC, since their technology is robust enough to predict placements, ad sizes, ad styles which can increase the CTR by almost 70-100% and increase the AdSense revenue by 50%-75%.

You need to have about $800 in ad revenue or 10,000- 15,000 page views a day to get started with AdPushup’s technology. If you have less traffic, you can also apply for an AdX approval through them. Give AdPushup a try!

2. Taboola- Native Ad Network

Taboola WordPress widget allows you to add native ads on your blog. You can place the Taboola ad widget anywhere in the sidebar or after the content. Publishers earn around 2 cents to 10 cents per click depending upon the traffic quality and can expect an RPM of $1 to $3 for their traffic. This comes as an additional source of advertising revenue and is recommended for all small to mid sized publishers.


Taboola accepts publishers having a minimum of 1 million page views a month. Alternatively, you can use AdNow, which accept publishers at relatively low traffic volume and RPM rates are almost similar to that of Taboola.

3. Viglink- Increase Affiliate Revenue


Viglink powers content driven commerce. If you run a lifestyle, food, shopping, personal blog, its difficult to find products that match with your blog’s content. By identifying commercial products mentioned within a publisher’s content, VigLink automatically invigorates those terms by transforming them into revenue generating hyperlinks whose destinations are determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions. If you’re already running a few affiliate ads and doing good, I suggest you to integrate Viglink to supplement your affiliate earnings. Viglink has a global range of advertisers which include Amazon, Ebay, Verizon, Udemy, Tripadvisor, Booking.com, Groupon etc.

Viglink- Monetize your content

Viglink offers additional source of monetization for your blog. Add the Viglink anywhere code and your keywords will turn to affiliate links

4. AmpedSense

Increase your AdSense earnings, or your money back! The AmpedSense WordPress plugin will help you split test to discover the optimum type, position, and size of ads your visitors respond to most.


Optimize Ad Placement- Do you know if it’s better to place your ads above or below your content? In the sidebar? What about embedded within your articles? Test various standard positions as well as custom positions with our widget.

Optimize Ad Size- There are 18 different ad sizes (that’s a lot!). Does bigger get you more revenue?

Optimize Ad Type- Display ads vs text ads vs link units? Which give you the most earnings?

Optimize Ad Colors- Stick with Google’s default, or try to match the color scheme of your own site?

Test Custom Ad Snippets- Want to test other ad networks compared to AdSense? You can paste any custom HTML or Javascript snippet and test head to head.

Optimize Ad Quality- Will you get more earnings if you place multiple ads on your page? Test one ad vs many ads to see if it’s more profitable, or just more annoying to your visitors.

5. Advanced Ads Pro Bundle

Advanced Ads Pro is an Ad placement plugin. You can use this plugin in addition to AdPushup or if you’re using AdX ads. The basic Advanced Ads lets you place ads in a number of ways and has tons of customization available. However, you need to go through the tutorials to get started with Advanced ads. The Advanced Ads Pro Bundle lets you have access to


Advanced Ads Pro-

Advanced Ads Pro helps professional and large websites to optimize their ad setup with highly advanced features. It comes up with the following robust features

More Placements

  • pick any position for the ad in your frontend
  • inject ad between posts on posts lists, e.g. home, archive, category
  • inject ads based on images, tables, containers and any headline level in the content
  • ads on random positions in posts (fighting ad blindness)
  • ads above the main post headline
  • ads in the middle of a post
  • set a mimimum content length before content injections are happending

Advanced Visitor Conditions:

  • Display ads based on the previous visited url (referrer)
  • Display ads based on the user agent (browser or device)
  • Display ads based on url parameters (request uri)
  • Display ads based on user capability
  • Display ads based on the browser language
  • Display ads based on number of previous page impressions
  • Display ads based on number of ad impressions per period
  • Display ads to new or recurring visitors only
  • Display ads based on a set cookie

Ad Tracking-

Whether you are selling ads directly, want to control ad impressions and clicks or are just interested in how often specific ads are displayed, you might like the Advanced Ads Tracking add-on.

The WordPress plugin counts the ad impressions and clicks, and provides beautiful graphs to show them for a given period.

Geo Tracking-

Display ads based on the geo location of the visitor, e.g. continent, country, or city. Or hide ads for visitors from these locations.

Popup and Layer Ads-

The PopUp and Layer Ads add-on allows you to display content in layers and popups. This content doesn’t have to be an actual ad, but can be a simple information, a subscription form or other content you want people to see (and react on).  This is highly effective if you have want to run successful affiliate campaigns.

Responsive Ads-

The Responsive add-on allows you to display ads based on the size of your visitor’s browser. Delivering ads that “fit” is the biggest problem when optimizing ad income on responsive websites. A large 728 pixels wide Leaderboard just doesn’t fit on a smartphone and only confuses visitors. Hower, using small banners on large screens reduces your income unnecessarily.

The Responsive add-on allows you to set a range of browser sizes your ad is being shown to. Since the add-on doesn’t need the browser or operating system, it works well on a vast range or browsers and systems.


The Slider add-on creates a simple slider from your ads. You only have to create a new ad group with the “slider” group type, use the ad weight to set the order of the ads and the delay for which each slide is displayed. After that you can use the group shortcode, function, a widget or placement to display the slider wherever you want. Again the slider ads are perfect if you want to show multiple affiliate ads.

Sticky Ads

Provides sticky and anchor ad functionalities in WordPress. Since AdX allows you to run sticky ads, you can use this plugin to implement sticky AdX ads without a single line of code.

Advanced Ads- Must have WordPress Plugin

Use Advanced ads WordPress plugin to increase your ad revenue by showing interstitial ads, floating ads, affiliate ads, sticky ads and target specific locations etc

Summing up Your Monetization Strategy

In order to make maximum revenue from your website, I suggest you the following monetization strategy. The entire implementation process will take you less than 2 days. (Almost instant for Viglink, Advanced Ads Pro and it should take a day for AdPushup, Taboola, Adnow)

  • Increase AdSense Revenue- I recommend you use AdPushup. You may use their AdX service of their technology to increase the CTR. If you have a monthly revenue of less than $100 with most of your traffic coming from Asian countries, you will make more revenue via AdX.
  • Native Ads- You should try native ads to increase your overall ad revenue. Taboola is a good choice. If your application is denied, you can use AdNow as an alternative.
  • Get started with affiliates- There is no time better than now. If you’ve not ventured into affiliate marketing, I suggest you do it now. Affiliate marketing requires in-focus display ads (which you can create and control by Advanced Ads WordPress plugin). The main objective for affiliate marketing is to ensure you’re able to redirect your traffic to affiliate advertiser’s site and also make sure the audience you’re redirecting are niche driven. You can use Viglink or Skimlinks for monetizing the remnant traffic by content driven commerce. This adds to an additional income as well. If you’ve a strong niche, you can make 10x from affiliate income than what you make from AdSense. Feel free to start a new blog if you’ve particular interest in any niche.

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