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5 Best In-Image Advertising Networks for Publishers in 2020

Images carry a powerful emotional quality with them that mere words could not express; they tap into the curiosity of human psyche and emotions through an innovative platform. Human eyes and mind tends to focus on pictures, instantly and this quality is taken advantage of by brands to send them unique quotes on their business through these ad image networks.

Result- The birth of In-Image Advertising

In this post we will discuss some of the popular/premium in-image advertising networks and how publishers who have image content can leverage the use of these ad networks.

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Imonomy- In-Image Advertising Network

Imomomy is an advertising solution company based in Israel, and a pioneer in visual semantic tools and technologies that benefits publishers and online advertisers. They work by analyzing text from websites and match them with copyright free images sourced from its database and include them as in-image ads along the content. They are able to present contextually relevant ads by leveraging on programmatic advertising technologies and semantic analysis software and thus maintain high relevancy of ads. They are also able to drive rich user engagement on a web page and work on a freemium model that shares its revenue generated through ads with its publishers.

Traffic Requirement- 150k pageviews per day.


  • Targeted image ads: It’s highly intelligent system targets users and displays only the most relevant ad offers. Its contextual analysis of the webpage offers the most engaging and unique experience for end user as its ads are hand chosen, good looking and are highly effective.
  • Global Partners: Imonomy has direct relationships with some of the big brands in the world and these successful partnerships are the secret behind its large ad inventory, that improves publisher performance and help them achieve high CPM rates.
  • Defined experience: The advertising experiences that are offer are tailor designed for individual visitor based on geographic, demographic and behavioral parameters. This in-image ad service compliments images of a website to maximize visitor engagement and to fulfil profit potentials of publishers.
  • Creatives: Its best of class In-image ads are focused to attract visitors and to get the web page look and feel great. Its visual offers are aesthetically pleasing and would not fait to convert traffic into leads.
  • Personal attention: publishers are treated like family at Imonomy, a dedicated relationship manager is assigned with all needed tools to help publishers succeed and realize good revenue.

Media.net- High Paying Contextual Ad Network

Media.net is perfect for websites having US, UK and Canadian traffic. Enjoy high RPM close to AdSense.Use this link to get a bonus of 10% on top of your regular earnings for 3 months.

Fork Media- Native Advertising Network

Fork Media is the only Premium Ad network Brand based in India with the Philosophy to synergize between Brand and Content. Its in-house ideation cell merged with its content creation capabilities is the backbone behind its success and the company has a proven track record of delivering excellent value to largest publishers and brands across the globe. Though a young successor of ad networks business, its hybrid technology, termed as ‘Ant Farm’ has proven to be a great success with some of the leading Publishing brands such as The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Headlines today, Zee News, Live mint and so on.

Fork media benefit its publishers through two of its ad platforms, namely Brand Press and Impulse. Brand Press is the new advertising platform of the company and Impulse is its image monetization solution. Integrating with Fork Media is easy and a single step process for Publishers and the network approves its publishers pretty instantly, if they would follow its procedures and abide by its terms. The Biggest challenge for Advertisers is the lack of credible distribution channels for their branded content and eminent tools to measure the success of their advertising campaigns. Fork Media helps in prompt distribution of credible content across devices through cross publication tools with scale, relevancy and control. Thus, it offers the widest reach, deepest insight and great automation compared to other native ad solutions both for its publishers and advertisers.

Publishers could allow instant distribution of branded content directly at their content feed section along with the website’s editorial section through Brand press, as announced by its CEO Samar Verma.

And, the image recognition technology of Impulse helps in creating a conducive environment for advertisements, as ads get placed on images that are already being screened and approved. Fork Media offers its Publishers, content led marketing solutions through highly engaging ad Formats, publishers could access them across mobile, video and online platforms. Its technology is incubated by Ant Farm, an innovation Sandbox that is found by Rishi Khiani, former CEO of Times Internet Limited.

Advantages of partnering with Fork Media

  • Zero conflict with Operations: It helps in creating alternative revenue streams for its publishing partners that could run along other existing monetizing efforts.
  • Competent Pricing models: Its sales models ensure that it keeps breaking pricing benchmarks of its publishers and helps them in realizing the best return on investment at the right mode.
  • Focus on Audience: Fork Media puts the interests of its Audience before its inventory by following conventional monetization tools such as CPC, CPM and CPA.
  • Audience Segmentation: Fork Specializes in connecting premium advertisers with its premium Publishers, and in the matching of loyal audience with relevant advertisers. It helps its publishers to develop a clear understanding of their digital assets.
  • Best Sales team: Its sales team offers individual attention to its publishers and refrains from following a blanket approach in dealing their queries and issues.

NetSeer- In-Image Ad Network

NetSeer Ad Targeting Company is a creator of concept targeting and serves its publishers and advertisers generate exceptional revenue through its patented Concept Graph Intent engine. Their advertising performances are not just targeted, but are device compatible across mobiles, desktop and tablet devices. Its inventory is being backed by accuracy, brand safety and relevance and it helps its advertisers maximize the value of their digital possessions. Its content monetization avenues through topical links and relevant search ads help publishers monetize their sites across market competitions. The company is based in Sunnywale, California and also operates in New York City.

Products from NetSeer

  • In-Image Ads: These make use of the emotional power of pictures in content and add rich display search ads across a defined section of the image. Such ads are more attractive, viewable and are capable of generating higher clicks compared to ads placed on the periphery of the web pages. Advantages of in-image ads from NetSeer is that, it pops out ads based on the background content and not just based on the metadata of the image. Contextual misfires are removed and ads based on reader’s interest décor the webpage.
  • In-Slide Ads: These are the best solution for visual galleries as they combine relevant ads with gallery photos and place them in midstream positions. It delivers more page views, elongates page view time and monetizes sites on all screens.
  • In-View Ads: These are designated to the edge of the screen. These high impact adhesive units deliver responsive designs at an unobtrusive and persistent format to capture attention and drive user engagement and are compatible across all screens.
  • In-Video Ads: High performing ad units are added internally to the video content and perform in two ways. Instream configuration allows publishers to monetize video inventory along with banner ads in both pre-roll and post-roll positions. Overlay configuration runs at the bottom portion of the video, allowing publishers to monetize inventory with non-intrusive banner ad overlays.
  • In-Page Ads: These are premium in-content ad units that get dynamically embedded within the editorial content. Ads are popped out when the area is viewable to the user. These native content placements could run all forms of ad units such as banner ads, video ads, video content with ads and other search ads. When the user leaves the view zone, these ads, merge back into the page seamlessly.
  • Concept Links: These are high configurable ad units, deliver exceptional click through rates, 100% coverage across any vertical and would surface only when relevant search links pop up through social networks.

Publisher Traffic Requirement for NetSeer-  5 Million page views per month

Spoutable- Premium Native Ad Network

One of the top performing native ad network which can make you additional revenue. Earn high CPMs with Spoutable. Highly Recommended

Gumgum- In-Image Advertising Network

Gumgum taps the power of image recognition technology and unlocks the value of connected images to deliver highly effective ad campaigns and best insights to marketers. This image advertising technology first came to existence in the year 2008 and has since been leading the industry with prompt solutions that helps publishers monetize their images and offers relevant ways for advertisers to propagate their brand stories through pictures.

Requirements for Publishers to Join GumGum

The in-image advertising technology of Gumgum helps publishers convert their photos into profitable advertising inventory. Its patented technology offers some of the best ways to earn new revenue across every screen. It has achieved highly interesting and engaging experience for audience and higher CPMs for its publishing partners. Gumgum works with hundredths of premium web publishers and some of its best partners are shape.com, The Hollywood reporter, and the daily beast and so on. It maintains excellent brand relationships and maintains specific criteria in managing its publishing partnerships. Its publishers gain specific attention from its team and thus do not accept every integration request it receives.

It accepts and approves publishers applying for its revenue share program and partnerships, if they publish any news, content, media, informational or entertainment blog or site that accepts a minimum of 5,00,000 monthly page views. It approves websites written in English language and is only able to attract a large number of audiences based in US and UK.

Vibrant Media-

VibrantMedia is a leading name in advertising industry and has been around for years.They recently acquired ImageSpaceMedia which is an in image advertising network. VM provides in image ads in their product line along with other offerings. They can monetize international traffic, however, they skim through individual websites thoroughly to ensure that they have sufficient inventory for the site. The minimum payment threshold is $50.

Other in-image ad networks include,


Affinity offers In-Image ads as one of the products.This is still in beta stages and application are reviewed individually before approving them.After signing up Affinity you have default advertisement types enabled. You have to apply for In Image ads.They do reply with prompt whether your application is approved or not. source: https://udinra.com/blog/in-image-ads-make-money-images


Admedia offers in image ads.They also have lot of other monetization solutions.They do not have strict traffic requirement.It is easy to get approved. The minimum payment threshold is $100.They are not dedicated in image ads network.They have less variety than Luminate and GumGum. source: https://udinra.com/blog/in-image-ads-make-money-images

To Wrap Up

If you have good traffic, I suggest you try NetSeer since their product offering is robust and they seem to be a purely data-driven company. I would be recommend you to try ForkMedia if majority of your traffic is from India.

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