Imonomy Review- In-Image Advertising Network for Publishers

In-image advertising platforms have proven to add value to the user experience while generating rich revenue for its publishers. One such lucrative platform is Imomomy whose in-image monetizing model has been integrated into thousands of websites so far starting from start-ups to internationally recognized brands. Its services have made building and maintaining a website an easy job for millions of bloggers and publishers out there.

Some detail from our new offices in Tel Aviv

Some detail from our new offices in Tel Aviv

About Imonomy in-image Ad Network

Imomomy is an advertising solution company based in Israel, and a pioneer in visual semantic tools and technologies that benefits publishers and online advertisers. They work by analyzing text from websites and match them with copyright free images sourced from its database and include them as in-image ads along the content. They are able to present contextually relevant ads by leveraging on programmatic advertising technologies and semantic analysis software and thus maintain high relevancy of ads. They are also able to drive rich user engagement on a web page and work on a freemium model that shares its revenue generated through ads with its publishers.

In in-image advertising solutions paves good opportunity for both its publishers and advertisers and its unique technology is able to scan text from web pages and match them with relevant and visually engaging in-images( ad images within formal images), without affecting user experience.

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Requirements for Publishers to join Imonomy in-image ad network

The monetization solutions of Imonomy are being recognized as the most profitable and effective service available for online publishers. Its in-image ads along with competent content recognition technology ensure that publishers gain the most relevant offers for their content. Publishers are able to benefit from high conversion rates and simultaneously offer the best user experience for their visitors.

Imonomy has made it simple and easy for interested publishers to join its service. The ‘get started’ icon available at its home page directs interested publishers into a short registration and setup process. After choosing its products and services, the website generates a unique JavaScript code that publishers have to implement on their website. It works best across all major web platforms and its support team representatives are open round the clock to help publishers with a quick tutorial.

The headers and footer plugin is to be installed in the blog and add the JS code to be incorporated in the head section of the plugin for publishers running sites on WordPress platform. For publishers, integrated with Blogger, they have to include the Imonomy code to the blogger dashboard and scroll down the add gadget button until they see the HTML/JS and add the code there. For publishers running on classic HTML self-hosted platform, the code has to be pasted above the tag in the HTML template. Publisher’s hosting websites on other platforms need to check, the integration tutorial of the network or contact its support team for easy integration.

Minimum Publisher Traffic Requirement to Join Imonomy

I applied for one of my blog to test their product offering. However, it seems they have a high traffic/page views requirement.

We review each application carefully and assess each on its merits. Unfortunately we are not able to confirm your registration at this time.

When assessing whether we are a good fit for a publisher, we consider a number of factors including traffic volume and quality as well as the content on the website which must meet our internal editorial guidelines.

Regrettably your website does not currently satisfy our traffic volume criteria, at the moment our threshold for accepting new partners is set to minimum 150K daily page views

We have your details and we will contact you again should our criteria change. Please feel free to contact me sooner if your site’s traffic increases to mentioned threshold.

How does Imonomy Work?

The idea behind the working physiology of Imonomy is to get content heavy websites look attractive visually while simultaneously monetize it. Through its premium in-image ads, it is able to save time and effort of the publisher and incorporate quality ads that compliment texts on every page with no hassle. Its automated process saves time and is able to generate incremental revenue and its visual semantic engine is able to analyze texts on the site and display relevant ads from its database. It gifts its publishers an automated tool, that allows them to display copyright free and high quality images on web pages to get them visually appealing and generate good profits. Its database contains millions of premium ads that cover almost any topic on Earth, and these are informative and relevant as well.

Secret behind the success of Imonomy is its free API that expands its functionality and system’s abilities through which it is Able to generate high user engagement and increased revenues. A number of active websites, well known brands and blogs are successfully monetizing their images through Imonomy. It eliminates the cost of images, increases time spent by visitors on a website, decrease bounce rates and generate the highest CPMS available for in-image advertising. Its programmatic advertising technology delivers high click through rates of In-image ads and places tailor designed ads on the most engaging spaces of the site. The network offers complete integration support for more than 13,000 publishers across the world and serves more than 22 billion impressions on an average.


  • Targeted image ads: It’s highly intelligent system targets users and displays only the most relevant ad offers. Its contextual analysis of the webpage offers the most engaging and unique experience for end user as its ads are hand chosen, good looking and are highly effective.
  • Global Partners: Imonomy has direct relationships with some of the big brands in the world and these successful partnerships are the secret behind its large ad inventory, that improves publisher performance and help them achieve high CPM rates.
  • Defined experience: The advertising experiences that are offer are tailor designed for individual visitor based on geographic, demographic and behavioral parameters. This in-image ad service compliments images of a website to maximize visitor engagement and to fulfil profit potentials of publishers.
  • Creatives: Its best of class In-image ads are focused to attract visitors and to get the web page look and feel great. Its visual offers are aesthetically pleasing and would not fait to convert traffic into leads.
  • Personal attention: publishers are treated like family at Imonomy, a dedicated relationship manager is assigned with all needed tools to help publishers succeed and realize good revenue.


  • Though getting started with the ad network is easy and quick, the code that is received from them is not customized for the website.
  • The network does not offer customizations to their system such as color changes on the widget, that allows the network better suit the website. All these changes have to be manually set by their account manager.


StudioPress- Premium WordPress Themes

Used by more than 50,000 WordPress users. StudioPress is know for its customization and fast mobile loading and solid coding

This in-image advertising network creates a graphical balance between the text and the user and offers publishers an excellent opportunity to interact with their audience at a more visual level. Imonomy is a pioneer at in-image advertising. Its smart technology and wealth of industry experience and premier image monetization strategy helps its publishers gain higher CTR rates and lucrative CPMs with easy integration and constant support.

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