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Fork Media is an excellent advertising medium that leverages on mobile, online and video platforms to create the most innovative solutions for both its publishers and advertisers. Secrets behind its highly successful ad campaign are its ability to create focused content, use real time data to match the audience with brands and craft effective and innovative ad engagements for profit generation and realization. It helps its publishers unlock a number of revenue streams and simultaneously create long term engagement with target customers. Its Ads are perfectly customized and channeled through a strong network of publishers, so as to allow content reach global consumers.


About the company

Fork Media is the only Premium Ad network Brand based in India with the Philosophy to synergize between Brand and Content. Its in-house ideation cell merged with its content creation capabilities is the backbone behind its success and the company has a proven track record of delivering excellent value to largest publishers and brands across the globe. Though a young successor of ad networks business, its hybrid technology, termed as ‘Ant Farm’ has proven to be a great success with some of the leading Publishing brands such as The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Headlines today, Zee News, Live mint and so on.

The company has worked with some of the leading brands in the Country such as Lufthansa, ICICI Lombard, IDBI Bank and so on. This Ad network agency has been incorporated on 16th March, 2013 and has been classified as one of the best Non-governmental company of the country. It is registered under the Registrar of Companies, Mumbai and is directed by Samar Om Prakash Verma, Upen Roop Rai and Rishi Arjan Khiani. The company is based in India and is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Advantages for Publishers

Fork media benefit its publishers through two of its ad platforms, namely Brand Press and Impulse. Brand Press is the new advertising platform of the company and Impulse is its image monetization solution. Integrating with Fork Media is easy and a single step process for Publishers and the network approves its publishers pretty instantly, if they would follow its procedures and abide by its terms. The Biggest challenge for Advertisers is the lack of credible distribution channels for their branded content and eminent tools to measure the success of their advertising campaigns. Fork Media helps in prompt distribution of credible content across devices through cross publication tools with scale, relevancy and control. Thus, it offers the widest reach, deepest insight and great automation compared to other native ad solutions both for its publishers and advertisers.

Publishers could allow instant distribution of branded content directly at their content feed section along with the website’s editorial section through Brand press, as announced by its CEO Samar Verma.

And, the image recognition technology of Impulse helps in creating a conducive environment for advertisements, as ads get placed on images that are already being screened and approved. Fork Media offers its Publishers, content led marketing solutions through highly engaging ad Formats, publishers could access them across mobile, video and online platforms. Its technology is incubated by Ant Farm, an innovation Sandbox that is found by Rishi Khiani, former CEO of Times Internet Limited.

How Does Fork Media Work

Fork media is a renowned Ad platform that offers end to end native advertising solutions for its publishers so as to enable them activate deploy and manage placements of native ads across different media properties. The backbone behind the network is its image monetization solution and its images does not fail to delight, inspire and provoke its visitors. It works by placing provoking images to trigger the hidden emotions of its audience, which mere text could not perform. Fork media help its advertisers with intrusive banner ads so as to capture the mindshare of its audience and its publishers with rich text and video content to monetize their websites.

Its deep understanding of images helps it in contextually pairing rich media ads with content so as to engage users actively. Its superior advertising performance delivers engagement rates that are 10 times higher than traditional banner ads and offer a proven lift to important brand metrics. Its mediates its ad solutions through Impulse, which has proven to enhance time spent by a user on a particular ad by extra 8 seconds and thus gets the internet more engaging and productive.

Its research Cell follows the best ad serving technology and constantly hunts for scalable opportunities to help its publishers monetize their sites. This also helps in screening images better so as to offer a brand safe online environment for the end user. Its brand philosophy encompasses three core philosophies namely, visibility, engagement and Audience. Depending on the objective of the ad campaign, it architects the perfect media plan for its publishing partners.

Products from Fork Media

  • Native Ads: Fork Media through its native ads, create short content and incorporate message from the brand into the content plug. This serves as an engaging and trustworthy alternative for ad conversion. It also helps advertisers with prompt distribution of ad content.
  • Brand Press: Its Think Tank concept identifies the target audience and their passion points to create content solutions around their interest areas in the long terms. This also helps to kick start conversations and building a sustainable brand presence.
  • Ad Gizmos: Ads and rich media content are offered in different forms. All of its patented and interactive sales models and formats helps to maximize brand visibility and in sharing the brand message to the target audience at large.
  • Impulse: video is the first best trick tapped by advertisers often to enhance brand image, but images are also equally engaging in terms of vying user engagement. Impulse helps to pair relevant content with rich media ads to enhance user engagement.

Advantages of partnering with Fork Media

  • Zero conflict with Operations: It helps in creating alternative revenue streams for its publishing partners that could run along other existing monetizing efforts.
  • Competent Pricing models: Its sales models ensure that it keeps breaking pricing benchmarks of its publishers and helps them in realizing the best return on investment at the right mode.
  • Focus on Audience: Fork Media puts the interests of its Audience before its inventory by following conventional monetization tools such as CPC, CPM and CPA.
  • Audience Segmentation: Fork Specializes in connecting premium advertisers with its premium Publishers, and in the matching of loyal audience with relevant advertisers. It helps its publishers to develop a clear understanding of their digital assets.
  • Best Sales team: Its sales team offers individual attention to its publishers and refrains from following a blanket approach in dealing their queries and issues.


Fork Media follows the philosophy, ‘Content builds Brands’ strictly and leverages the best media ads according to the engagement level of the end audience.  It Crafts ad solutions that are complimentary to the content in use by making use of scientific principles of Antstein.  It is compatible with multiple browsers and devices and creates a brand safe environment for easy incorporation.

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In-image ad network that drives additional revenue for Indian publishers. They run campaign based offers, however, the rates are lower.

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