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NetSeer is a pioneer in contextual ad targeting and has always been keeping up with the times as advertisers keep changing their attention from placements to audiences. It is a premium in-image network. The 8 year own company has been performing pretty well since inception and its recent products are media buying services, contextual link ad network and predictive view-ability engine that benefits publishers by addressing their challenges of recent days.

About the Company- NetSeer

NetSeer Ad Targeting Company is a creator of concept targeting and serves its publishers and advertisers generate exceptional revenue through its patented Concept Graph Intent engine. Their advertising performances are not just targeted, but are device compatible across mobiles, desktop and tablet devices. Its inventory is being backed by accuracy, brand safety and relevance and it helps its advertisers maximize the value of their digital possessions. Its content monetization avenues through topical links and relevant search ads help publishers monetize their sites across market competitions. The company is based in Sunnywale, California and also operates in New York City.


The heart of NetSeer is its Content Graph, its proprietary intent engine. These algorithms are perceptive, think close to human minds and not as machines to fuel ad targeting via ‘Concepts’. It ensures that its ads create cognitive associations between content and ad ideas, which occur naturally as they happen in the human brain. It also helps advertisers tap into the mindset of consumers as it packs powerful performance punch and accurate targeting services. It guarantees exceptional campaign results for its publishers through new strategies and smarter ways to generate maximum premium from their programmatic inventory.

NetSeer is the brainchild of a team of Scholars and has achieved 52 million new Concepts recently and has created 2.3 Billion new relationships between concepts. It is able to achieve 500 Million Concept Link impressions on an average daily and about 5 billion exchange impressions are accessible through the network daily. Through this service publishers are able to reach 90% of all households online in the US.

How NetSeer Works

Its work revolves around its Content Graph. This intent engine unveils natural associations that are created between words and ideas as though happen in the human brain. It analysis data sources and surfaces the accurate intention formed in its audience minds. It’s Concept Graph has its roots engraved in statistical Physics and Genetics, when applied to ad targeting it translates into extreme online performance for both publishers and advertisers.

NetSeer Concept Based Intent Targeting

Ad targeting for Advertisers and Publishers is mediated through a concept based approach.

These concepts reveal a nuanced picture of the mindset of the audience.

These trigger algorithms that think that humans and not like machines.

Its concept graph reads through the lines and decodes signals of consumer intent

Offers clients a more precise and predictive targeting.

NetSeer offers relevant and brand safe advertising across mobile and desktop through slides and videos to monetize most of the ad campaigns and contents for publishers. NetSeer is unique from rest of the ad networks through its unique initiative of targeting by Concepts. Its content graph has been created by connecting data dots between online signals, encoding the content of trillions of webpages with careful analysis and by integrating proprietary signals from its Publisher network. It combines the element of human cognition and machine learning; its concepts reveal an accurate picture of audience affinities and create a strong mindset – message ratio, helping the targeting prospects of publishers. Its proprietary targeting methodology is an excellent decoder of the consumer mind set, it reads between the lines to leverage on consumer intent.

Advantages Publishers could enjoy with NetSeer

Publishers NetSeer

NetSeer has a number of Ad campaign products that could meet the unique needs of its Publishers and help them monetize their websites completely for abundant profits. It gets its Publishers covered irrespective of their motives- seeking brand awareness, monetizing website, directing the response straight from the campaigns or a blend of all of these. ‘NetSeer Brand’ is a service targeted towards brands seeking to fill the funnel and to generate brand lift and awareness. ‘NetSeer Response’ is a service targeted for publishers whose key drivers are ROI and Performance.

Products from NetSeer

  • In-Image Ads: These make use of the emotional power of pictures in content and add rich display search ads across a defined section of the image. Such ads are more attractive, viewable and are capable of generating higher clicks compared to ads placed on the periphery of the web pages. Advantages of in-image ads from NetSeer is that, it pops out ads based on the background content and not just based on the metadata of the image. Contextual misfires are removed and ads based on reader’s interest décor the webpage.
  • In-Slide Ads: These are the best solution for visual galleries as they combine relevant ads with gallery photos and place them in midstream positions. It delivers more page views, elongates page view time and monetizes sites on all screens.
  • In-View Ads: These are designated to the edge of the screen. These high impact adhesive units deliver responsive designs at an unobtrusive and persistent format to capture attention and drive user engagement and are compatible across all screens.
  • In-Video Ads: High performing ad units are added internally to the video content and perform in two ways. Instream configuration allows publishers to monetize video inventory along with banner ads in both pre-roll and post-roll positions. Overlay configuration runs at the bottom portion of the video, allowing publishers to monetize inventory with non-intrusive banner ad overlays.
  • In-Page Ads: These are premium in-content ad units that get dynamically embedded within the editorial content. Ads are popped out when the area is viewable to the user. These native content placements could run all forms of ad units such as banner ads, video ads, video content with ads and other search ads. When the user leaves the view zone, these ads, merge back into the page seamlessly.
  • Concept Links: These are high configurable ad units, deliver exceptional click through rates, 100% coverage across any vertical and would surface only when relevant search links pop up through social networks.

Publisher Traffic Requirement for NetSeer

NetSeer works with brand publishers and agencies and thus to be a publisher at Netseer you need to have a significant amount of traffic. I tried contacting Netseer for one of my blog and received the following message.

Thanks for contacting NetSeer. With the great success of our In-Image product, our sales and account managers are fully focused (and swamped) with large publishers for this product. Feel free to contact us in the future when your traffic reaches 5M page views per month.  Or we can reach back out when we have a self-serve option, and/or hire additional account managers to handle the volume.

So, if you have a wallpaper or image-rich site, you have consider Netseer as an option. You won’t find much info about the company since the number of publishers working with Netseer are very selective. I ran across Netseers ads which browsing WikiHow.

CPM Rates Offered by NetSeer

The CPM rates depends largely on the traffic quality and how quickly the ML algorithms understand the traffic of a website. I mailed a representative at NetSeer, however, I am yet to receive an update from them about the median CPM rates across the NetSeer network of publishers.


  • Offers relevant ads that could generate a massive reach across the web
  • Its ads are in the form of video and display ads and are compatible with mobiles, phones and tablets
  • Its Net Positive service offers real time intent based media with quality and brand safety promised
  • Its net-net approach applies human intelligence to machine learning.
  • Its patented algorithms screw down natural associations between content and ads.


NetSeer is a leader in video and imagery ad market. Publishers are in good company when they associate with NetSeer. Some of its top Publishers are Cassi, Warner Brothers, Internet Brands, WikiHow and a lot more. Its ads are capable of generating incremental revenue from all non-monetized web space and are capable of generating better results out of the banner blindness zone.

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